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Adam Lambert on Instagram: #halloween memories w Dad

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, October 30, 2017

Posted at : Monday, October 30, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Cute... "Old West Prospector" Adam looks older than "Back to the Future" Dad.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

What a couple of wonderful fun-loving goof balls ... gotta love those LAMBERTS!! lol

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

Now this fisherman with long white plaits now has a name given by me...Homer! based on my story the old man who lived by the sea and got reunited with his long-lost son whom he thought had been killed by a shark. Actually Homer is one of my favourite Adam Halloween dressups, especially the makeup, the bewildered look. Wonder if I could twist another yarn on Homer. lol!

Nanbert said...

Adam is dressed as the ghost of an "Old West Prospector" ... as he described himself at that time.

Unknown said...

If Adam ever wants to travel incognito it shouldn't be too hard.

Mi Re La said...

This year I only saw her mother at the Halloween party. It would have been interesting for his father to dress in Gomez or Uncle Fester of the Addams family if Leila had dressed in Morticia

Lam-My said...

Homer is out at sea day and night
What's he waiting for?
A big haul of fish...
Alas, none came, only tiny ones
So Homer rested in his cabin
Hoping for a better catch in the interim
Soon the swishing sounds of waves and warm winds
Lulled him to sleep
Knock! Knock!
Who is there? Homer shone his torch
No one was in sight
He decided to throw his net back into the sea
Waited... and then all of a sudden
The net shifted and his boat wobbled
Homer, a very experienced fisherman
Wound the net up using a crank and wheel
It's so heavy...I have to use all my strength, he murmured
A slippery creature with a big head
Popped up...tossing and turning
Homer shone his torch at it...lo and behold
A Giant Squid! with 2-metre long tentacles
Its huge eyes staring at Homer
Set me free...a voice seemed to beg for mercy
Homer thought this would be a huge treat for the villagers
The Squid continued begging
Let me'll catch a bigger haul
Homer, a benevolent fisherman eventually set it free
As promised by the ghostly Giant Squid
Homer brought home a great haul of fish, breaking at the rim
Enough to feed everybody
And so they celebrated Halloween...with a gigantic feast of fresh fish lwl!


Mi Re La said...

Lam-My last post I made it almost simultaneously Ha! Ha!

Lam-My said...

Mirela... I didn't notice that. Bingo! lol!

Nanbert said...

Adam's "Prospector" is the ghost of a "Forty-Niner" from the famous 1849 California Gold Rush Era....i.e. a dead gold miner.

Note his American Indian "Dreamcatcher" necklace, and the bone hairpipe bead tribal breastplate Adam is wearing to authenticate the "Old West" effect.

Nanbert said...

Mirela...FYI...Adam's parents are divorced, so I would think it highly unlikely that they would want to coordinate their costumes.