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Posted at : Monday, October 02, 2017

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Dee R Gee said...

No words for this tragedy. Will it ever stop? Something must be done about allowing non-military people to own military assault weapons that can kill hundreds of people in just moments. It's absurd. I realize that "bad people" can obtain them illegally somehow. But the average citizen with a gun license has no legitimate reason to own a weapon like this. That is not what the Second Amendment is all about. JMO.

LTA said...

No words!:(((((

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Just what my hubby & I were talking about today ... the Second Amendment was written BEFORE there were such weapons as assault weapons!! It was written when the only weapons that were available to the average citizen were muskets that only availed the shooter ONE shot at a time & you needed to reload after every shot!! What is needed is a sweeping rewrite of the Second Amendment that would prohibit a private citizen from owning such a monstrous killing machine!! It's one thing to have the right to protect yourself & your property against invaders & another to wantonly open fire on INNOCENT people at an outdoor/indoor gathering who are there ONLY to have a good time or just a get-together for friends, etc. If the NRA wants us to maintain our right to bear arms ... then there DESPERATELY needs to be a REVISION of this ARCHAIC Amendment!! Too many INNOCENT lives are being wasted by the crazies of this world!! I only PRAY that something is done BEFORE there are any more of these types of HORRORS!! These are unanswered crimes .. the perpetrator does his damage for whatever unknown reason & then turns the gun on himself to end his misery without any payment for this atrocity!! The ONLY ones that are left to pay are the INNOCENT VICTIMS whose lives will NEVER be the same!! THIS MUST STOP!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

My deepest condolences to the 59
Who literally dropped and died
Bullets rained down from hell
At a Las Vegas country music festival
Life is precious, you know
Taking people's satisfy one's own
Is sacrilege! to the highest degree
Who gave you the right to do that?
'My God my God why hast thou forsaken me'
Jesus uttered these words and surrendered his spirit
To touch the face of God

MINNIE said...

All life has validity and meaning. I resent that people ignore the outrageous death rates in the inner cities, because it's all caused by the guns. Whether illegal or legitimately purchased, these instruments of death and suffering are being wielded by those who have no idea of the sanctity of life. Sooner or later, a mass massacre occurs because people are getting lulled into complacency by the failure to recognize that there are those among us who for some reason or another, decide to wreck havoc.

If you really must kill someone and can't prevent yourself from doing so, I personally have no issue whatsoever if you kill YOURSELF first.

Nanbert said...

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has a strangle hold on politicians, especially the Republican Party... with LOTS of money for their campaign funds. We should have long ago had a sensible set of gun laws to make it impossible for anyone to kill people on such a huge scale with those automatic weapons that are no more "sporting" guns than a cannon!

But the slightest mention of cutting back on those "people-killing" guns, sends the NRA into a huge campaign to make gun owners think their second amendment rights are being taken away...and their guns will be next. Big lie...but many gun-owners are so brainwashed about their "rights", that they will not even entertain the concept of keeping automatic weapons out of non-military hands.

Even honest hunters and gun-owners should be able to see the sense and fairness... if they can be brought to understand their guns won't be taken away or become illegal. Nothing wrong with hunting and skeet-shooting guns....or even a pistol....all registered legally.

Obama tried...I doubt Trump will bother....and Congress is in the pocket of the NRA.... so it is up to us...American get some controls into the gun laws...and automatic weapons confined to the military.

We have to be aware, and make our voices constantly heard, to make SUCH a fuss that our lawmakers HAVE to listen to us ...or be voted out of matter how much campaign money the NRA gives or takes away from them!

It's become increasingly important for American citizens to get more involved in our government. We've become so complacent and involved in our own lives, that we've let our lawmakers pander to whoever best "lines their nest".... unfortunately, there's not many true "statesmen" around anymore!

Lam-My said...

Today 3 Oct 2017... I just heard CNN/ Hannah Vaughan Jones report: President Trump said rebuilding Puerto Rico will be a *herculean effort.

Well well, Helloo President Trump...I got a high profile Fan in you! Oooh-la-la! and your Writer too. Yes, the Puerto Ricans require all the help you can give them to overhaul the entire infrastructure. They are so brave! amid the devastation unbelievable. Wishing you success in all your endeavours.

I used *herculean (rarely used) in a poem for Joseph Schooling:

Joseph swims the 100m Butterfly
Looking more like a dolphin
Up and down his body undulates
And when he surfaces
His outstretched arms rotate
Likened to water ballet
Reminiscent of the killer-whale’s tail
Splashing above the ocean
Hot on his heels...3 Olympic Butterfly Champions
In particular the all-time Michael Phelps
Joseph just got to accelerate, no two ways about it
He was trained as a child to chase his comrades
Coach gave the other kids a head-start
If not he’d always be ahead body-length apart
This tactic effloresced at the Rio Olympics
They chased, he pulled ahead
By golly, he clinches the Butterfly Gold!
Looking quite dazed on the podium
Joseph pulled off a feat *herculean for Singaporeans

Lam-My Permalink
August 31, 2017 4:18 am

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Oh!! but Lam-My .. Trump can't be trusted to carry out this effort for the USA!! He's already tweeting the night away in defense of his non-action in response to Puerto Rico's cries for HELP!! He calls it "FAKE NEWS" & points out all the GOOD things that are being done for them!! Not true!! There are those who have relatives living there who are tweeting that everything he says is being done isn't enough ... there are relief packages there but no one to deliver them to the ones who can't help themselves & he's "bad-mouthing" all the leaders there saying they are being ungrateful & ungracious toward the USA!! So he's giving them some trophy ... WTH does that mean?? They don't need a freakin' trophy ... they need FOOD .. Medical Supplies .. WATER ... and most of all PEOPLE from the USA to distribute these & get down on their knees in the mud & HELP these poor unfortunate VICTIMS!! Young able-bodied Americans who are willing to Donate their time & give them the comfort & solace they so desperately need!! AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT ... there are thousands of Americans there who don't have ANYONE who can help them!! TRUMP talks the TALK .. but isn't well known for WALKING the WALK!! I'm not holding my breath while I wait for this to become a "done deal" ... Heaven Help them ALL!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...


It was Head of FEMA who said rebuilding Puerto Rico would take a *herculean CNN / 3 Oct 2017.
Hang in there Puerto Rico! Yes, very extreme indeed.

Unknown said...

Tess well written . I am here in NZ where we have the odd tradgedy but not just anyone can own a fire arm. They are reasonably hard to come by . Even our police are not openly armed . I feel for America. Your comment made a lot of sense.

Unknown said...

Well said.

Nanbert said...

The Democrats are trying to get some legislation addressed in Congress making tighter controls on guns.. better background checks on purchases, required detailed registration on all gun sales, no "private" gun sales, and making illegal the semi- and automatic types which should only be for military purposes...and also the "kits" people can buy that converts the semis to fully automatic ones that can shoot 400 rounds per minute!

Imagine! 400 rounds per minute! If those guns were used for hunting, you'd end up with groundmeat instead of steaks! So much for the "sport" aspect of those guns!

The Republicans have "locked" arms and declared that this is "not the time" to discuss such legislation. However, (I heard on MSNBC last night) it's ironic that they had a bill ready to bring up for a vote---legalizing gun silencers!!!!...which they quickly withdrew (temporarily, of course) after the Vegas massacre.

One of the rationals behind needing gun silencers is that they are HEALTHIER!!! i.e... not as damaging to the ears...of the shooter! Can you believe that?

Are we sane voters going to let the Republicans and the NRA get away with this S--T again? The NRA is EVIL!...EVIL!... it only cares about selling guns, ammunition and accessories...the bottom about lives! The Republicans only care about the NRA support and money to get re-elected.....forget about lives!

If not now...WHEN? Call your Congressmen!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Nanbert ... if any one of those congressmen came face to face with this type of tragedy ... if any of their loved ones were hit full on by something as heinous as this .. you can be sure the NRA wouldn't have such a hold on them!! This is all happening to the 'other guy' ... so without the personal pain .. they don't give ... TWO *** ... best song title ever!!

Did you watch the news clips of Trump's "visit?" to Puerto Rico?? Why was he tossing paper towels around the room like some idiot?? It's not 'play-time' ... it's time for him to act like our "ahem .. leader? ... not some comic relief sent in to entertain the troops!! And the Congressman from Puerto Rico said ... they are NOT doing well as Trump is telling everyone ... yes ... they have the trucks & yes they may have drivers but NO GAS!! Try as you may you just CAN'T get them to run without GAS!! And Trump said they no longer need flashlights?? WRONG!! They have no power & communication is limited from there!! Where is he getting his "info"?? All Trump is doing is appeasing his supporters by telling them what they need to hear!! That island is devastated ... badly broken & in desperate need of major repairs ... but #NOTMYPOTUS is casually tossing around paper towels & incorrect "FAKE" info!!

I need to stop here!! Gotta ask GOD to forgive me for what I'm thinking!! It makes me no better than #NOTMYPRESIDENT!! So I'll catch up with all of you on the next thread!! Everyone keep Praying for Puerto Rico .. all the VICTIMS these past few months & most of all ... PRAY for better days to come!! PRAY HARD!!
Light .. Love .. Peace 'n Prayers >>>

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert forgot!...the congressmen WERE attacked by a gunman during a June 14 congressional baseball practice. Remember?... House Republican Whip Steve Scalise was seriously injured, almost died, and just returned back to the house two days ago. A couple of Capitol police officers were wounded then, too....but if they hadn't been there, to kill the gunman, many more would have been killed or wounded.

But that STILL didn't give them enough incentive to say "NO" to the NRA....the most powerful...and richest....Lobby in the U.S.A.!

Dee R Gee said...

I can't believe that some politicians are saying that "this isn't the time" to discuss gun control. What? What better time is there? When the horror and despair has faded away once again? No, the time is NOW. I realize that "bad guys" will always find a way to get guns illegally. That's a sad fact. But if you make military-style assault weapons illegal, at least you have the legal tools to prosecute someone who does something illegal with them or even owns them. The law is a tool that gives law enforcement some teeth. And I also think that their should be a limit on how many guns one person can own. The Las Vegas shooter had bought guns over time from various sources. There is no way to track this nation-wide. He was amassing an arsenal of death. He wasn't just a gun collector. There needs to be a national data base that tracks this. There will always be crazy people with guns. But we can at least pass legislation that will, some degree, limit ownership and potential murder.