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Adam Lambert’s Instagram story 10-17-17

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Posted at : Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Lam-My said...

你好吗... (ni hao ma / how are you) How is my other great companion, you know, the stoic one.

So what happened at the praying-mantis party? Did the stoic one give any trouble?

Oh no, the stoic one was in tip-top behaviour but I had to stop his urges when he grrrrrrr at those myriad tiny cute mantises hatching from their cocoons. I like their triangular faces, alert big eyes. And those legs when outstretched are twice the length of its body.

Where was the mantis colony?

You have seen the place before...the one where Pharaoh stopped to examine the bush and grrrrrr...Runyon hill, close-by my home.

You must be living in your new residence it's humongous; well, you'll probably let us in a bit later; actually, Adam, you can take your time, your safety comes first; times are changing, hanging in the balance.
爱你的歌声 (ai ni der ger sherng ... love your singing)

爱 ai / love .. 你的 ni der / your .. 歌声 ger sherng / singing