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Mi Re La said...

Brian May Press Junket Lithuania interview Edvardas Zickus 26092017

Mi Re La said...

Very interesting in this interview that when asked if Adam is the new Freddie, Brian replies that he is the new Elvis. I think Adam is Adam and when he wants it may be Elvis, Freddie, George Michael, David Bowie, etc

Dee R Gee said...

Love this interviewing. Brian's respect for Adam is huge! And yes, Adam is a kind of Elvis incarnate, with a little bowie and GM thrown. It's a perfect stew of talent.

broddybounce said...

Oh I am so happy Adam is back to black! Suits him the best -- so handsome! And I love the new red leather!!

Nanbert said...

Mirela....I think Brian is being diplomatic...and a bit "commercial" too. Everyone with Queen...including Adam...have been careful to not claim Adam as a "replacement" for Freddie. They are always sensitive to Freddie's staunch fans... and always include Freddie, his memory, and bits and pieces of Freddie into their performances. After all, Freddie was a friend,co-worker, writer, front man, and a huge part of Queen's earliest success. All Queen's recorded work is with Freddie, and is still selling nicely.

I think that arrangement is agreed upon by all of them. It may partly explain Adam's "I'm a fan, too" remarks during their performances.... which helps soften the loss to Freddie's fans, and keep them from resenting and resisting Adam. This way, the fans can feel that they are keeping Freddie's memory alive, and paying homage to his/Queen's music.

So Brian instead gives Adam the STATURE he deserves, but uses Elvis... instead of Freddie.. as a comparison. He does not want a "conflict/comparision" between Freddie and Adam. We have no idea what his personal opinion may actually be....possibly just that!

Brian and Roger regularly give copious compliments to Adam. Seeing them give control over his performances to him speaks volumes about their appreciation of his talent and multi-faceted ability. You may hear Brian say that Adam can sing higher than Freddie... or that Adam's voice has more stamina over a long tour... but I doubt if you'll ever hear Brian or Roger say which one they prefer... or even that Adam is a Freddie "replacement".

I doubt if we'll ever know what their actual feelings are re: Freddie vs. Adam. They exist/existed during two completely different time periods and sets of's like comparing apples and oranges!

Freddie is a dead icon.... Adam is a living one. Both are incomparable!

Dee R Gee said...

Nicely said, Nanbert. I think that's pretty much the strategy for achieving full acceptance of Adam. Brian says it very well. It looks like all the most stubborn Queen fans have realized that Adam is not a threat to Freddie's legacy. Adam rejoices in it and shares his joy every night.

Nanbert said...

Exactly, Dee R Gee, I believe, as you say, that was/is the goal...that Freddie's fans do not see Adam as a threat to Freddie's legacy....but as a vehicle to continue it...all good.

Then those Freddie fans won't feel like "traitors" when they attend and enjoy 21st century Queen and Adam Lambert! And we Glamberts get to benefit from the great reception QAL is getting wherever they perform!

And Adam gets to SHINE in an extraordinary position that no one else could hope to fill!