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Brian May IG: Tonight in Budapest. Adam and Bri are done for the day !!! Thanks Laura May @drivenbybrianmay . And thanks @hmsharry . And thanks Hungary. Bri

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Posted at : Sunday, November 05, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Celebrating a job well always!

Anonymous said...

Brotherly love of the best kind.

Nanbert said...
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Nanbert said...

What unique friendships they must have!...Superb artists combining their skills to create a common work of art....each enhancing, enabling and encouraging the other to produce their best work.... the result being even more than the sum of their parts.

When it's working right, it must be such JOY for them!

funbunn40 said...

It always warms my heart to see the genuine affection & esteem between these two very special men who are like family. I feel like a proud mother when great people are drawn to Adam & recognize his outstanding talent & endearing personality.