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Queen + Adam Lambert Concert HQ PHOTOS (Slide Show) Bologna, Italy 11-10-17

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, November 11, 2017

Posted at : Saturday, November 11, 2017

Queen + Adam Lambert Concert HQ PHOTOS (Slide Show) Bologna, Italy 11-10-17

High Quality Photos from the concert, photographed & uploaded to You Tube by Paolo Giorgio 

NOTE: The PHOTOS are from the QAL concert, the backing track "We Are The Champions" is from a QUEEN concert in Montreal in 1981 with Freddie Mercury's vocals. A nice melding QUEEN, past and present! 

We posted VIDEOS from this Queen + Adam Lambert concert here on the Adam Lambert 24/7 News earlier today. They are great quality vids from the same photographer/videographer (Paolo Giorgio) who posted the above photo montage. Click on the link below to view!

Queen + Adam Lambert Concert VIDEOS: Unipol - Bologna, Italy 11-10-17 STL, BR, IWIA, DSMN, LOML

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Splendid photos....but I'm not so enamoured of that 1981 soundtrack of Freddie's voice over those gorgeous photos of Adam.
It's very misleading, and the casual observer will not understand that the voice is not that of the singer in the photographs.
I had the same objections to the earlier video "trailers" advertising the coming QAL concerts....showing/playing Freddie all the way through....and only adding Adam photos at the end. I believe they've improved some finally.

I don't believe it's necessary to use Freddie to "sell" QAL concerts any longer. After 5 years plus, Adam has stood the test of time, and more than earned/proved his right to be considered Queen's FRONTMAN NOW!

I don't believe Freddie's voice should be used with Adam's photos....nor should Adam's voice be used with Freddie's photos. They are NOT INTERCHANGABLE!

Kathy said...

Nanbert, totally agree.

glitzylady said...

Although I agree that it would have been wonderful to use the QAL (with Adam) version of "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS", I also SO appreciate the photographer for sharing his excellent photos of Queen + Adam Lambert. I was momentarily put off a tiny bit when I first heard the background music accompanying the photo montage but also instantly realized it was Freddie on vocals but felt it was still very well worth posting here on the blog, regardless of who was singing. Excellent photos!

Paolo Giorgio graciously shared his excellent videos from the Bologna concert linked here in this thread (link to a separate Adam Lambert 24/7 News post) and I personally will not criticize him for his decision to use Freddie's version. I understand the comments above but still offer up massive thank you's to the photographer/videographer for posting his work for us to enjoy.

As a side note, it seems that Mr. Giorgio may not have recorded the WATC performance from Bologna and perhaps wished to have the backing track be that particular song in honor of Queen, with Freddie. Who knows really, but I'm okay with what we have.

glitzylady said...

And I also forgot to mention in my comment above that Mr. Giorgio was very clear in his description on the video that it was Freddie, not Adam singing...

And lastly, I thanked him (in a comment on the You Tube video) for the great photos, and he kindly responded with his own thanks... All in all, a good man to share them with us.

Dee R Gee said...

Welcome back, glitzy! I agree with you about the photo of Adam and Freddie's voice. While I'm always greedy for Adam's voice in any way possible, I understand your thinking about why it was done that way.

And Nanbert, I always feel charged up when I hear you voice your passion about Adam. I am right there with you! He makes my heart race and my wildest imagination run wild. Just love that guy!

Nanbert said...

No question, the photos were superb. The photographer seems to be a perfectionist. My original thought was that he just made an error using Freddie's voice instead of Adam's.

I am even more flummoxed now on discovering that he knew the voice and photos did not match. Evidently he did not consider that important?

I wonder how he would like someone else's name used as credit on his photos? I suspect he is not so careless with his OWN artistic integrity.

BTW... glitzylady...I'm not faulting you. You were instrumental in getting us those lovely photos....thank you so much for that!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Well ... here I go with my 2 cents ... at first I must admit that I was a bit taken by surprise when the background voice wasn't ADAM's .. dumb me .. I thought it was the replay of the 2009 finale with Kris Allen & ADAM ... when I realized it was Freddie then I thought it was a mash up of Freddie & ADAM ... finally I read the captioning under the video!!

Perhaps Mr. Giorgio meant to show how ADAM came to become the front man for Queen .. and in showing his evolvement from AI to QAL he thought it would be nice to have Freddie as the backup as a sort of "passing the baton" from him to ADAM!! I kinda felt like it was ... like a "and here's ADAM LAMBERT" sort of thing!! Is that a dumb way to see it?? I like to think there was no slight intended on Mr. Giorgio's behalf ... at least .. I hope there wasn't!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

The point is that the photographer HAD music from that concert already .... since you can see he had already contributed to Youtube at least 6 other splendid videos of songs performed then...i.e., DSMN, STL, IWIA, Bo-Rap, LOML, KQ ...all, of course, with Adam singing them in real time....great sound, too.

That's why it seems so strange that he would CHOOSE to do a medley of his photos from then, accompanied by a 1981 recording of a DIFFERENT artist...even though it was Freddie.... when he already had recordings from the SAME concert his photos came from.

Nanbert said...

One last thought on the above....imagine what would happen if a medley of 1981 Freddie with Queen photos were shown.... with a 2017 background recording of Adam singing "We are the Champions"!

I think the S--T would hit the fan... and rightly so! You can't do a "Mix and Match" like that. As I said above.....Adam and Freddie are NOT interchangable...just because it's all Queen music.