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‪Queen Offical IG: Queen + Adam Lambert: On the road again...Munich load out. (Photo: Justine Ellis) #QAL

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Posted at : Saturday, November 04, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Exciting to see those huge trucks with their names on the sides! When I attended the QAL concert this summer at the Wells Fargo in Philadelphia, we parked in the parking lot near a whole "herd" of trucks with "Queen and Adam Lambert" in bold letters on the side. They gave me a thrill, I'll admit.

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Nanbert I hope you took a photo of trucks.

Nanbert said...

I didn't... I know I should have...but we were too anxious to get into the venue. I wish I had.

Lam-My said...

These trucks are like moving homes, for the tour, look tip-top condition; Brian and Roger are task masters so everything got to be perfect just like their performances.

Truck and Roll across Europe
Roll along, roll along... sing a song
Not so conducive to sleeping
While the wheels are spinning
But it's fun initially
To arrive at another city and another
Adam has found a family
The precocious son of Brian and Roger
They bring home the beef on a silver platter
To share with the world over
I admire their thinking and philosophy
Pure and straight forward, no personal agenda
Queen and Adam...a great fraternity forever-er-er...
That particular note soars higher and higher

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Well, well, well...Truck N Roll is back again, moving along singing their song.

Version 2 Truck N Roll

QAL convoy rumbles and trundles
All ready to entertain thousands in world arenas
Not only do they bring love and peace
Watching Super Frontman is the ultimate treat
His uplifting tenor transcends all creeds
Takes you wherever you need
Uphill or downhill, any way the wind blows
Truck N Roll, their itinerary home
A fraternity so brave and close
A little nomadic, like cowboys they roam
With preparations meticulous to the bone
Taking them across counties, time zones
Wheels of fortune, milestone after milestone
Far from home...Hi Pharaoh!
Who Wants To Live Forever
The Show Must Go On
I Want To Break Free, my favourite piece
Radio Ga Ga, clap clap camaraderie
With latest addition, humanoid Frank conducting
This, Freddie will never see
At times Brian is brought to tears
Roger is all eyes and ears
Watching out for Adam's hand
Up it goes... down Roger bangs!
His drum-rolls rumbling to the end
Brian, Roger, Adam...3 roving Masters
Dream their impossible dream


Lam-My said...

Queen + Adam Lambert: I Want To Break Free - Live in Budapest, 2017 November 4.

Levente Kovács
Published Nov 4, 2017

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

ll respect for those who mount, dismount and carry the equipment at each show and make everything perfect. I'm impressed how well it correlates and does not forget anything. I'm stressed when I go on vacation and I only have a suitcase. I always forget something.
Nanbert tells me what emotions you had before the show. I went 5 hours before, and I was still afraid not to delay I quickly took 2 glasses of water and I did not move anymore until the show started. Now I regret that I did not look for a better place or did not go to the stands where souvenirs were sold and bought something. I stood on the left side of the stage because we knew from other shows that Adam at Radio Ga Ga descends from the stage there. Surprise ... was the only show when he came down to the right. Obviously I did not manage to touch him as I stretched my hand.

Nanbert said...

Oh, Mirela, I'm so sorry for your disappointment....I can imagine how much you were looking forward to that "touch"! I hope you'll get another chance someday.