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Adam Lambert On Instagram: PHOTO "Xmas Eve Sunset Malibu :)"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, December 24, 2017

Posted at : Sunday, December 24, 2017

Adam Lambert On Instagram: PHOTO 

@adamlambert "Xmas Eve Sunset Malibu :)" 

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Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Mi Re La said...

So beautiful and romantic. I'm starting to regret that I did not go on a Christmas holiday to my vacation home on the Black Sea. Happy holidays Adam!

Allysa Mentor said...

Enjoying the simple things in life 💙❤️✌️😍 it’s the best.

Dee R Gee said...

Got a white Christmas here in Chicago. Very COLD, too! We're lucky to have a fireplace. Got it blazing!

Nanbert said...

Snowed last night. Just barely white here in more than 2 inches....but cold enough to last a while...20 degrees outside at 1:33 PM. Pretty, but not inconvenient.


creamtangerine said...

North Dakota it is so cold the tires deflated, and the battery froze up. -23 below last night. What a way to start a day. Burr, need hand warmers, and feet warmers.

Nanbert said...

Creamtangerine....Wow! Cold! Don't you have electric "warmers" to put under the hoods of the cars to keep the batteries from I've seen photos of in Alaska --- even attachments from parking meters there.

Otherwise, what do you do to un-freeze a battery?...and can you inflate the tires when it gets so cold, or do you run the risk of them exploding when the weather warms up?

I can imagine living with that kind of cold requires an entirely different mind-set and paying attention. It can quickly become a life and death situation, I'm sure. Lots more than simply inconvenient! Golly! I don't envy you that kind of weather!

creamtangerine said...

We do have head bald heaters, but every car is not set up that way. Or your apartment having a plug in for your use. You just try to put air in your tires again. Hoping no damage. A frozen battery you can warm it up in a building, but sometimes it does not work after that.

Nanbert said...

Oh my! What a hassle that all must be! You have my sympathy...cold has always been my nemesis....and I've never experienced anything as bitter as the temperatures you're experiencing....and their attendent problems! Brrrrr!