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Adam Lambert Retweeted: @chattyman "All I Want For Christmas Is...@adamlambert On #chattyman Christmas Day" PLUS VIEWING INFO & More

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Posted at : Sunday, December 24, 2017

Adam Lambert Retweeted

@chattyman "All I Want For Christmas Is...@adamlambert On #chattyman Christmas Day" 


VIDEO (below) from @chattygram: 
"Squeeee! Who’s EXCITED for TOMORROW!??? Sam x #chattyman #adamlambert #christianslater #noelgallagher #dualipa #alancarr #kasabian #gogglebox #lorrainekelly #robbeckett"

Adam Lambert retweeted:

VIEWING INFO: World Clock, Streams etc.. 
via @Angel_nDisguise & Adam Lambert Media (click on the links in the tweet below)

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Marielle Linthorst said...

Oops ...

Nanbert said...


Nanbert said...

I see Adam is wearing that plaid shirt with the weird tail/s that hang down way below his coat. Oh my! That is SO unattractive!...especially with that red sports jacket, IMO!

Nanbert said...

Just for fun......Now that I've seen that amusing interview a couple of times....I'm beginning to wonder if that "time machine" situation wasn't a set up...for entertainment purposes.

Notice that chattyman himself led into that by asking Adam when he was going home...which he probably shouldn't have done since they were trying to "pretend" the interview was on Xmas day.

He blamed Adam for the amusing mix-up, but he was the actual cause of it. And, he was too quick with the "time machine" remark to not have planned that in advance, IMO.

Any ideas, anyone?