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INFO Queen + Adam Lambert London, UK @ O2 Arena #1 12-12-17: Poster, World Clock, Streams

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Posted at : Tuesday, December 12, 2017

INFO Queen + Adam Lambert concert 
London, UK 
O2 Arena #1 12-12-17 

Unofficial Poster, 
World Clock

Event time 8PM London
See World Clock link in the tweet below for more time zones

Unofficial poster LONDON 12.12.17 
 PHOTOS: by @HMSHarry of  @adamlambert @DrBrianMay @OfficialRMT 

PLUS! The individual poster designs below!

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anne Marie said...

Tour almost over, they have been fabulous at every arena.

Nanbert said...

Sound almost non-existent....a little bit here, a little bit there! Periscope is off and on. Too frustrating to fight with any longer. Hope we get some GOOD videos! Oh my!

Nanbert said...

Very handsome photos/posters above... but unfortunately the rest of the band was completely ommitted...all important elements. None of the three posters include everyone... each gives the impression that only two people are performing... and actually one is dead!

IMO Freddie's photo is too prominent, possibly not even a good idea, since he's not actually a participant.... very misleading for the uninitiated.

Adam's name is too small and lightly written, considering how essential he is to the whole tour!

Last, but not least....Is "Crative" in CreativeSharka spelled wrong at the bottom...or is that a new/preferred spelling?

Again... excellent artisty, as usual, by CreativeSharka...but not indicative of what is actually being advertised. Posters need to tell you what you're really getting, and give credit where credit is due, IMO.

Anonymous said...

More GREAT fan art from CreativeSharka. <3

The main poster is EXCELLENT though unfortunately, it doesn't include all the band members. It takes all 6 band members to make these concerts so special.

The individual posters are FABULOUS too.

Anonymous said...

"CrativeSharka" is a typo because her Twitter & Instagram pages indicate the spelling is "CreativeSharka".

Nanbert said...

fluttsp...I'm not convinced that the "Main Poster" is, or should be, a SINGLE item. It just appears that the three posters were sort of "stitched" together as an afterthought... or just laid side by side.

The main reason I think that is because each poster is "complete" in that each has identical complete lettering and credits, and each has a large photo of Freddie. Therefore, they look awkward and strangely repetitious when set side by side.

What do you think?

Mind you, I'm not finding fault with CS's artwork. As usual, her posters are splendid...I'm a big fan of them...and have copied many of them for my Adam memorabilia. In fact, I have copied this one of Adam. But none of these actually "work" properly as "Queen and Adam Lambert POSTERS", IMO.

I've noticed that you and I seem to think much alike on the subject of including ALL members of the band on any tour posters presented here, to give credit where credit is due.

Unknown said...

They left out Frank.

Nanbert said...

Yep, Marielle....him too!

Adam fan # gazillion said...

I like the posters. They make a nice set. Perhaps one more could be added that shows all the band members together.

Anonymous said...

Creative Sharka's poster has been changed on this blog but remains the same on her Instagram page.

It'd be great if all the band members were included in future posters, whichever artist creates them.