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DJ Byron Cooke @byroncooke On Twitter: "..Adam Lambert Is Calling Into The @fififevandbyron @FoxFM Next Week..""

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, February 08, 2018

From radio DJ Byron Cooke @byroncooke (and long term Adam Lambert fan!) On Twitter: "..Adam Lambert Is Calling Into The @fififevandbyron @FoxFM Next Week.."

@byroncooke: "Just found out that @adamlambert is calling into the show next week 🤘 Excited to catch up... it's been a while! @fififevandbyron @FoxFM"

The show originates in Melbourne, Australia. This is a quick heads up: more info about date & time later!

Adam & Byron have had some interesting AND hilarious interviews, beginning in Dec. 2010, in Los Angeles, CA at the time of Adam's final Glam Nation Tour concert at Club Nokia. The photo below is from that day...

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Anonymous said...

Great! Adam & Byron's interviews are always a hoot!!!

Glitzylady, what do you mean by 'The show originates in Melbourne, Australia.'? The first concert in Australia this year is in Sydney on February 21.

Dee R Gee said...

Such great news! Byron and Adam have been buddies for a long time now. Byron jokes about wanting to be Adam's boyfriend. LOL.

fluttsp, I'm assuming the interview will be on the phone, so doesn't matter about the tour schedule. But it sure would be fun to see Adam do a live, in-person interview wit Byron sometime.

glitzylady said...

The radio show Byron Cooke is on originates in Melbourne. Sorry that statement was perhaps confusing. The tweet is about the upcoming phone in interview, which will undoubtedly include chat about the Queen + Adam Lambert concerts in Australia and New Zealand 😊

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanation, glitzylady. :-)

I know it's a phone interview, not a live interview & I'm looking forward to hearing it. :-)

Nanbert said...

I remember that first live interview with Byron. He was definitely "hitting on Adam" back then. Adam rebuffed him by telling Byron he was too "rough and scratchy", or something like that (re: his beard, I guess)...and therefore not his (Adam's) type.

I think Byron mentioned something about just coming out of a divorce, and indicated that Adam appealed so much to him that he wanted to date him.

Anyway, it was a good while ago, and I was never sure how serious Byron was, but Adam seemed a bit taken aback and reluctant to hurt Byron's feelings...but was quite definite about turning him down.

Byron has always been a big fan of Adam's since that first interview, and every time since then their banter has been amusing.

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Adam Lambert with Byron Cooke UNCUT March 2010.

Anonymous said...

I remember that first interview was hilarious!! Likewise, subsequent radio conversations have been hilarious too. Now whether Byron was being serious or tongue-in-cheek in these conversations, who knows but there's no doubt he's a devoted Adam fan/Glambert!! :-D

Dee R Gee said...

Thanks for linking that first interview! I haven't watched it in a long time. Those two guys just had a natural rapport from the very first moment. Every interview they've done since has been lots of fun. Can't wait for the next one! (and I would still love an in-person interview, too). Byron has been a loyal Adam promoter since Day One.

Nanbert said...

Mirela, thanks for that was pretty much how I remembered it. I am struck by how delightful Adam's interviews have always been.

He always maintains eye contact, is very forthright, relaxed, articulate, intelligent, unaffected, funny...and C-H-A-R-M-I-N-G. The only thing that may have changed over the years is that he just gets BETTER-ER!

Here's one I love from 2015..."What's the Goss?"

Maybe Adam compile an DVD of some of his best interviews.

Nanbert said...

Sorry....I meant ..."Maybe he SHOULD compile a DVD...."