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Adam Lambert's IG & IG Story: Happy National Puppy day from Pharaoh 2018-03-23

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Posted at : Saturday, March 24, 2018

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Dee R Gee said...

Pharaoh is SOOOOO mellow.

Sunflower said...

Just chillin', enjoying life with his famous daddy!

Lam-My said...

Pharaoh, from an upper angle, your mouth occupies about half the length of your head/face. No wonder you could gulp down the whole chicken drumstick at one go.

Good morning Lam-My! Yes, I have a very big mouth but I ain't no big bad wolf who might have been my primal ancestor.

Your ears too are about half the length of your face.

Well, don't forget my primal ancestors came from the real wild expanse, the rule of survival being...Eat or you'll be eaten, so big ears, big mouth, fast runner are our natural selective evolution.

Wah! Pharaoh,you are getting more and more knowledgeable lately and your vocabulary improved by leaps and bounds.

Well, I try to assimilate as much as I can from you ooooeeeh!

Where's Daddy?

He's with me getting ready for bed. My Daddy is always on the go, non-stop; but I can keep up with his immense amount of energy, in fact I outrun him. That's why he has to put a leash on me haw haw haw oooooeeh! He's afraid he can't catch me back when I go full-out and you know, Runyon trails twist and turn with stones and rocks...can fall down, you know. But I won't fall down, my paws are made for trampling them haw haw haw!

Haw haw haw reminds me of Hazel, your cousin pal. How is he doing? Why does he always look so shell-shocked?

Awwww I love Hazel my cousin pal. That's his natural face Lam-My...he's not shell-shocked! In fact he has a rather philosophical demeanour; takes things in his stride; unlike me, always on the watch-out, like you say, little sounds and movement perk me up. Maybe his primal ancestor was the sleek calculated black panther oooh-la-la!

Good night Lam-my ... Zzzzzzzzzzzz ...

Good night Pharaoh and your energetic synergetic Daddy!

Anonymous said...

Check this one out for National Puppy Day ......

Posted by Gelly on Twitter

14h14 hours ago

Originally by sherry_proudofadam -

Nanbert said...

fluttsp....ridiculous!....but funny!