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From Conor Instagram: Alright @adamlambert I guess you were AMAZING in concert tonight - you did Freddie Mercury proud!! I was actually blown away... you even made @olliereading cry (not hard to do but still..)

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Posted at : Friday, March 02, 2018

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Sunflower said...

Ok taking another look at this haircut, not too crazy about the sides but thankfully Adams hair grows fast and before we know it, he'll have hair on the sides again. Hahaha

Dee R Gee said...

Those sides are awfully short, but Adam has said, "I'm a grow-er!" so it will grow out fast. In about a week it won't look so shaved.

Nanbert said...

He's so much handsomer with hair (instead of skin) on the sides. His entire head is so much more "in balance",

With the sides shaved, Adam looks "all face", and his face seems fuller, rounder, and heavier. I'm constantly surprised that Adam doesn't "see" that himself, since he has such artistic sensibilities. Besides, he has such a good head of hair, and a great hair-line.

It seems like a good number of us are constantly hoping that Adam's hair grows faster!....or that he doesn't get it cut so short on the sides next time. Sigh.....

Dee R Gee said...

I think he just doesn't like to get it cut all the time, so he gets it cut pretty short. As he gets older (as with all of us) his face is getting a little fuller. Just a natural thing to happen. He is always and forever a gorgeous man. He's lucky to have such thick style-able hair. He can wear it so many different ways and his hair just does it.

Nanbert said...

Nice try, Dee R Gee, but I fear that Adam gets it cut that way because he likes it like that.
If he didn't, he wouldn't have to get it cut as often as he does.

When he has a solid hair line from his temples...through the sideburns... and continuing into his provides a perfect "frame" for his gorgeous face...and makes it visually appear more oval than round. He has a great hair-line when he "uses" it. IMO