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Adam Lambert Liked Sauli Koskinen's IG Photo

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Posted at : Tuesday, April 24, 2018

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Anne Marie said...

So Sauli is on his way to the jungles in the Philippines for a month, to be part of Survivor Finland. Hope he makes it, and there is a good prize. He loves any challenge.

Lam-My said...

Good evening Anne Marie!
Really? Sauli thrashing the jungles of the Philippines...he's wilder than I thought; he's a tough one.
I've been to Manila, and Baguio city on a hilltop.

Shelagh said...

He’s a real toughie and I really hope he smashes it , Adam must really admire his beautiful friend for doing this challenge

Lam-My said...

Story time...

Bert and Saul were trekking in a vast desert; they had ventured out on their own leaving the group at Burning Man. Half way through, a blizzard hit them and visibility was down to barely 5 metres. They tried getting back, instead they went deeper and deeper into the desert.
Night fell and the cold set in, a direct contrast to the heat in the day. They huddled together beside a dry twiggy bush; the wind was howling like an oncoming freight train...scary even for two tough adventurous guys.
Soon the much-awaited dawn arrived in the early hours; what a relief and the blizzard had subsided. They continued trekking hoping to reach a place with water, as they had consumed every drop in their water-bottles.
Ssssss ssss ... What's that?

A snake slithered out from the twiggy bush ! Saul the more hands-on person who always helped his Dad to spruce up the garden, knew it was nothing like those he had seen. His protective instinct kicked in...confronted the serpent head-on to try to lure it away from Bert who was quite unaware of the poison this venomous creature could inflict on him. Sure enough, the black-yellow banded snake moved away from its original target and spewed its venom directly at Saul. Whoa! it missed by inches and what a spectacular splash it was, fast and furious. It retreated back into the twiggy bush.

Bert was so impressed by the way Saul handled a life-threatening situation and taking the direct line of fire/danger in order to protect him. 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for another.'
They hugged and kissed in the beautiful Aquarius dawn before heading on.

Suddenly, Bert spotted a shiny pool of water and elatedly directed Saul's attention to it. They ran towards it hoping to get a drink. But the mirage retreated as if playing a catch-me-if-you-can game. They never seemed to be able to reach it. Their mouths were dry and thought about the Lipton Ice-Tea song: Lay me down in darkness...Tell me what you see...
Well, after many hours of trudging, they saw another mirage; this time they did not run towards it. Lo and behold...this mirage approached them! Bert and Saul got really's a real mirage ! Their Burning Man group had come to their rescue...All got back to camp safely.

Lam-My 2014

It may be the 1st print here, I don't see the usual Blogger printed date. Most likely I wrote it in 2014 as the Lipton Ice-tea, Lay Me Down commercial is cited in my story.
I might have delayed publishing the story because Adam and Sauli had already broken up then. I can bring it back now because they seem unable to break up! lwl!
On a sad note, Lay Me Down lost its composer/owner Avicii, however his song and love go on...


Dee R Gee said...

Well, we know that Sauli keeps himself in good physical shape. He should do fine. Nice to know that he has maintained his celebrity status in Finland. He's got the looks and the personality for it. Good luck to him!

Nanbert said...

I suspect that a good amount of his celebrity began primarily because of his earlier highly advertised/reported connection to Adam....but good for him, as you say, Dee R Gee. he seems to have "maintained his celebrity status in Finland". He appears to have a very attractive personality.

Goodness knows, we have plenty of people here in the U.S. who "are famous for being famous"!

Dee R Gee said...

Right about that! Sauli did win his season of Survivor Finland in 2007, I think. It was his first claim to fame. And being Adam's boyfriend sure didn't hurt.

Nanbert said...

Oh....I thought his original "claim to fame" in Finland was winning a "Big Brother" TV show. I didn't know he was on another "Survivor" way back then, too.

Truthfully, I've paid very little attention to such extraneous details related to is just less complicated for me. Besides, seeing how much Glamberts often become invested in all those other people gives me pause. It's kind of the same reason I avoid soap operas, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sauli won "Big Brother" in 2007.

He was not in "Survivor" in 2007 which didn't happen that year. There have been seasons of "Survivor" in Finland in 2004, 2005, 2013 & one this year & Sauli hasn't been in any of them. (I tracked this info down on wiki).

Sauli won "Dancing On Ice" in Finland in 2013.

NoName said...

After BB he and Niko a had their own tv-show. And he had his own tv-show "Saulin paras kaveri" (made in US) in 2013. He hosted BB Extra in 2014. He will be on tv on one game show in this May. He has been guest in some tv programs in last years. He has still celebrity status on his own. He is liked. Even w/o Adam.