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Adam Lambert To Olly Alexander ("Years & Years"): "Wow! What A Beautifully Honest Interview..." Olly's Response: "Thanks Lambers!!!..."

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Posted at : Sunday, April 08, 2018

Adam Lambert To Olly Alexander On Twitter: "Wow! What A Beautifully Honest Interview..." Olly To Adam: "Thanks Lambers!!!..."

Olly Murs, actor and lead singer of the British band "Years & Years", tweeted an Interview with The Guardian "Olly Alexander: ‘Success is overwhelming. People talk to you differently’"

Adam retweeted Olly's tweet and then tweeted his congratulations to Olly "Wow! What a beautifully honest interview. You’re a brave unicorn sir."

And Olly then thanked Adam with these words: "thanks lambers!!!! love to u qt pie x"

Note: Interesting interview and if you have time (and especially if you are familiar with Olly and the band), click on the link in the tweet below to read. 

We originally posted Adam's retweet of Olly's interview on an earlier thread here on Adam Lambert 24/7 News, but since then more was added i.e. Adam's tweet and Olly's response to him, so the reason for the additional thread...

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Dee R Gee said...

Love this interview with Olly. He and Adam have had different experiences growing up, but their common bond is being gay in a world that isn't always very kind.

I think the part that really hit me in this interview is when Olly says (paraphrase) "Will I always be alone?" He had been through sexual encounters and relationships, etc. But he still worried about the future.

I remember an early interview with Adam, who was asked, "What is your greatest fear?" And he replied, "Growing old alone." I would guess that many gay people have that same fear. It isn't always easy, or even possible, for every gay person to just come out to the world and live a gay life. I imagine many find it necessary to give up marriage, physical love, romance with either sex, etc., because their circumstances in life just don't allow it. It must be a big sacrifice to make, but sometimes there is no alternative. It's so great that things are gradually changing. Everyone deserves to be love and be loved.

That answer that Adam gave seems so simple, but it's really very profound. So many layers of reality lie underneath it. I wish him love.

glitzylady said...

I do hope that those coming to this blog (Adam Lambert 24/7 News) will take the time to read the full interview. So much to take in. And so honest. Kudos to Olly for giving us the chance to learn more about him.

I'm a fan of the band "Years & Years" and their music and have been since 2015. May Olly and the band have a successful new album which is coming out soon.

Shelagh said...

Excellent interview by Olly Alexander, he's such a down to earth guy, who has done lots for mental health issues as well as gay issues, he goes into schools and talks to the kids in the UK, about their fears and his experiences, plus he's a fantastic musician.

Sunflower said...

I read the whole interview and enjoyed it. I've come to know who Olly Alexander is now. Just only knew him by name and front singer for Years and Years and for the single King! I like this guy, very grateful at how his life is today. Too bad his parents had divorced when he was 13, and didn't have the fatherly presence or support of his dad. But his mom was there for him and grandmother and that is all he needed. During his school years being bullied, didn't stop him from being who he wanted to be. Good for him and yes that age old question will I be alone for ever? Welcome to the club Olly, many of us including me have yet to find that right person, but like you I'm ok with being single, and it is frustrating when all your friends are married and/or have children but there's perks in being single! So Olly I think you'll be just fine.