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Adam Lambert on IG: Come see us this summer in Europe and the UK!!! @officialqueenmusic

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Posted at : Sunday, May 13, 2018

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Mi Re La said...

VERY FUNNY!!! Breaking open this box made completely out of CHOCOLATE!! Great way to announce the @Pink and @QueenWillRock & @adamlambert tours

Dee R Gee said...

Ha! Love the one comment on the link that says "Maybe Pink and Adam Lambert will perform together," now THAT would be something!

Sunflower said...

Would love to see you guys, I'd need a miracle. Sigh

Lam-My said...

!6 QAL shows - Europe and UK June-July 2018. Frank may be singing his swan song.

Frank Lambot @FrankLambot May 9

So I just found out that the Queen guys and Adam don’t know whether or not they’re going to bring me to Vegas. I thought we were friends!

P.S: Adam calling me “the robot” kind of hurt (I have a name, you know!)

Helloo Frank!
I heard someone offer you a home after you get relinquished from QAL; they aren't taking you along to Las Vegas?
Perhaps due to transport or the stage may need a new configuration for you to lift Adam's ass from the black-hole beneath the stage. So Killer Queen may showcase his drinking binge and spewing champagne at the audience instead; more in-tune with the Vegas ambiance.

What's so good about being drunk? I'm so sober, smart and handsome.

I will miss you Frank, got attached to your humanistic demeanour. Well, you can teleport back to Saturn and bask in those gaseous rings as Plan B...

I like your consoling words, Lam-My but in reality I have become so accustomed to the human earthlings and I will miss those huge applause city to city whenever I rise from my tomb.
将来见 jiang lai jian ..... (将来 jiang lai/future .. 见 jian/meet)

Wah! You picked up some Mandarin; no wonder scientists say robots may take over the human brain.

Actually, when I'm sad I use a different language, reminds me of earthlings like you...


Lam-My said...

Frank rises from beneath the stage
Aha! Vhaz zis zhis...
And who is that thumping with his fist
Ouch! not so hard...are you Adam? 
Heard a great deal about you
You sing real loove...
So have you found him?
Can't hear you...what do you mean by that?
He's lurking somewhere?
Your Viking abandoned ship?
Perhaps he's still painting his love tapestry
What's taking him sooo long?
Ah, here comes Dr Brian...peeking into my rolling eyes
He's an astrophysicist
Beneath his humble facade...lies a catalyst
Fights for animal justice all the way to Downing Street
I think he fashioned me to his image 
There's a speck of resemblance  
Oh, there is this other energetic ole sage
He can rip up the stage with his kungfu drumsticks
And the prof keyboardist who lives in the desert
His shirt says... We Will Rock You!
Booom Booom! Pow! Chang! Zzziisssh...

(November 30, 2017)