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Adam Lambert with Fans!

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, May 10, 2018

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Adam's outfit in the top photo (out on the town?) is really sharp. That black and yellow jacket is so interesting.

And, yes. that brocade suit is stupendous, but I've already complimented that.

Dee R Gee said...

Love that black and yellow jacket, too. Very classy!

Sunflower said...

2 lucky fans!

Mi Re La said...

The woman in second photo seems to be a gypsy.I do not comment more.

Nanbert said...

Mirela....I sense a bit of censure in your "gypsy" comment...although I don't see anything about that lady that looks different than zillions of Americans of mixed heritage.

When I was young, I remember occasional "bands" of gypsies travelling through my (then) State of Illinois....and especially that they were discriminated against and made to feel unwelcome. At the time, I never understood why. They searched for work where they could find it in thrir travels...and my Mother prevailed on a neighbor to let them cut down a large dying tree that was theatening to fall. Well, they were really hard workers, and surprised everyone with their speed and a very fair price. Most of all, they left our neighborhood with an entirely different impression of "gypsies" than we'd originally had...of warm, kind, proud, close,loving families...hard workers...who just happened to have darker skin, spoke a different language among themselves, and lived in a "travelling" type of culture/lifestyle. At the age of 6, I found them quite interesting and romantic.

But, even today, the word/name "gypsy" is sadly basically used as a racial slur...a throwback to earlier times, and fear/distaste of strangers... of different/misunderstood cultures.

Being an Adam fan, I have learned to be much less judgemental....that EACH person stands on his/her OWN merits...that a group should not be judged by one or two "bad apples", but by the actions of a group as a whole.

To me, that lady in the second photo just looks like a fan.

Mi Re La said...

Nanbert, I think Adam should be more cautious. Not everyone who is approaching him is necessarily a fan and wants them good.

Nanbert said...

But Mirela, on that basis he should NEVER walk the streets and/or greet fans again. Being a celebrity, he is certain to be approached by all sorts of people all over the world. He would be the LAST person to discriminate against a fan because of his/her complexion or assumed nationality.

Mi Re La said...

Nanbert, I think this woman is not Adam's fan, but if it's still there and it's free why not. He probably does not know who he is or what is his name. I think Adam is a bit exaggerated making pictures with absolutely anyone who gets in his way. A little mystery is good for a star otherwise the world gets bored with you and throws you quickly in the garbage.

Nanbert said...

Humm...and just by looking at a think she is not Adam's fan? Just by looking at her you think she is a gypsy? Just by looking at her you think she does not wish him well?

Even if someone didn't know Adam, I suspect if they see a lot of people clamoring for photos with him, they will probably want one too....many people just like celebrities...and many are collectors of celebrities autographs and photos with least in the U.S....a reasonably harmless hobby.

A few of these photos show a bodyguard with Adam. But there's no fool-proof way to protect him... except to keep him locked away.... all the time! All celebrities are faced with that same dilemma when they make public appearances like Adam was doing HERE.