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From Adam Lambert IG story 5/26/18

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Posted at : Sunday, May 27, 2018

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Sunflower said...

Ooh I love it! I find Egyptian articles very fascinating.

Dee R Gee said...

The man does love his jewelry! And he really likes Egyptian-themed things, even in his dog. LOL

Lam-My said...

So Adam's favourite ring right at the centre, Pharaoh dog. Hey, the pointed ears are good for fighting/scratching; unlikely he would use it that way. Aha, I might need to update my Dracula story to include a dog laser-ring to poof Dracula with. Let's see what drops out of my convoluted brain:

Grrrrrr whuff ooooeeeh!

What's wrong Pharaoh?


Daddy Adam and Pharaoh were hiking on a remote mountain plateau; beautiful scenery; a cloud of dense mist overhung the winding path due to the almost 0-degree cold, overnight.

Grrrrrrr whuff whuff!
Daddy Adam sensed there might be danger on hearing Pharaoh's growl and backtracked to a more open part of the plateau with pine trees, sunlight was streaming onto them.

All of a sudden, a silky black flowing cloak whisked by and disappeared into the pine forest. Hey, wait a minute, that black silky cloak...
Adam could not quite place where he saw that before...Yes, he recalled...Dracula was stalking him.

Pharaoh! Let's run back to our shack. They ran...and as we know, Pharaoh can run faster than his Daddy. Soon, they reached their wooden shack further atop the plateau. Adam double-bolted the door but at the back of his mind, having had so many encounters with Dracula...he knew Dracula could enter by any other opening.

Whamh! Bamh! A whole lot of black soot fell from the chimney into the fireplace sending up a plume of black ashes.
Whoh whoh ! grrrrr arrrgh...something seemed to have got stuck in Pharaoh's large open mouth, he was drooling from its canines. Lo and turned around and snarled at his Daddy!

Phara! Phara! Calm down baby!

Daddy Adam knew exactly what had happened...he pointed his Pharaoh ring directly at Pharaoh dog! And then whipped out his skull laser- ring emitting an infrared hot beam at Dracula's skull which he could see hovering above Pharaoh's head. Daddy Adam knew the demon had entered Pharaoh just as it did Lily White Snake.

Nnnnmmm grrrrr...Pharaoh lay on the ground gasping which he rarely did even when he was jogging all day on Runyon Canyon. Daddy picked him up, cuddled his dog to give it the love that it needed whenever it was in pain.
Pharaoh stopped growling and laid on the floor, limp. Daddy Adam was close to tears, what if he never regained consciousness; desperately, administered CPR to Pharaoh.

Daddy! Daddy! Save Me ! Pharaoh convulsed; Daddy looked on helplessly at what Pharaoh was experiencing.
He stroked its head and massaged its paws and droopy doughnut tail.

Daddy will always be by your side...Phara! Phara! Daddy whispered into Pharaoh's limp antenna ears.

Like his Daddy, Pharaoh too is a survived the demonic ordeal.


Lam-My said...

Part 2

A week passed, Pharaoh recovered completely; Daddy Adam decided to take a walk with Pharaoh at the misty lake. It was chilly, a fog overhanging the area but sunlight was streaming through. Lo and behold, Adam spotted a rainbow curving over the mountain plateau as he gazed up.

Pharaoh, look there, that's a rainbow!

They walked along a footpath and soon got deeper and deeper into the pine forest. And then, Pharaoh started growling grrrrrrr...
Daddy Adam knew something was amiss; looked around...what do you know, Lily White Snake was dangling from a low-hanging branch. Adam got nearer to admire its beauty.
At this unsuspecting moment, Lily White Snake swooped down and swiftly coiled itself around Adam's neck, constricting, choking him. Adam knew, she ain't no Lily the one that loved him.

Meanwhile, Pharaoh darted up and down while his Daddy tried to uncoil the serpent. Well, this serpent didn't offer Adam a juicy apple!
Pharaoh sensed the danger and protective Daddy shouted: Pharaoh! Get away!

No! Pharaoh wasn't running away from his Daddy but he was just a little cute dog, what could he do. So he kept darting around Daddy perhaps trying to distract the serpent to lessen its grip. Daddy Adam seemed to be in a stalemate struggle to free himself and was getting weaker, rolling on the ground.
Pharaoh couldn't hold back any longer...Oooooeeeh! Pounced on the python wrapped around his Daddy. Out of the blue, a powerful ultraviolet beam struck the python's eyes blinding it.
It shone from the Pharaoh ring! that Daddy had fastened onto Pharaoh's collar before they left the shack.
The python released its grip, slithered away behind the pine trees.

Whoa! it's a magic ring!
Pharaoh licked his Daddy's face to remove the snake's scent which repulsed him immensely. Being very possessive of his Daddy, he would not allow anything to remove his staked scent on his most precious territory.