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NEW! Attitude Magazine's Adam Lambert Cover Issue (July 2018) + Cover Story "Pop Idol To Rock Queen"! (Preview)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Posted at : Tuesday, May 22, 2018

NEW! Attitude Magazine's Adam Lambert Cover Issue (July 2018) + Cover Story (Preview)



"The Queen frontman and the hottest man on TV talk about sexuality and society"

An Intro (PREVIEW) to the interview with Adam Lambert
"To mark July's new issue, Queen frontman Adam Lambert and Sense8's hot Miguel Angel Silvestre lead the two covers. The American Idol star who was the first out gay man to score a Number 1 Billboard album is back in the UK joining Queen on their tour. In Attitude's exclusive interview, the singer speaks about what Freddie Mercury’s legacy means to younger LGBT+ artists today, and his own experience of being proud in his sexuality in today’s music industry."
"He says: "“Obviously Queen really inspired me. I don’t think this album is genre-specific. I think there are a lot of different influences on it. "There’s rock, there’s funk, there’s soul, there’s disco, Seventies singer-songwriter pop and some Eighties flavours, too. That said, there are a lot of modern influences as well, so it’s sort of a fusion.”"
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to order the magazine to read the full interview with Adam (there will undoubtedly be other options to order: stay tuned!) 

Adam Lambert 
Photos from the Attitude Magazine article

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glitzylady said...

And about that first photo (below the cover photo) of Adam in green......


To resurrect an old symbol we used to use here on the blog


I'm. Dead.......

Dee R Gee said...

HOLY SH*T is right! All of them!

Mi Re La said...

Yes GlitzyLady, that picture killed me too. Since I've seen the picture, I can not do anything else. HELP ME!

Nanbert said...

Ditto....everyone....OMG! Each one of those photos capture a different aspect of Adam... ALL yummy....a photographer's dream.

Sunflower said...

HOT DAMNED!!!!! The last pic (in blue with stars and moons) is calling me. 😍

Anonymous said...

Pics 2# & #3 are my faves here. :-))

Anonymous said...

Should be #2.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

LOVE them ALL!! Our ADAM looking his finest .. making us all PROUD to be his Glamberts (or whatever) ... on the cover of a magazine again!! I think I like the 2nd & the last ones Best but I do Love them ALL!!

OTT ... Dear Glam Sisters ... I received a message from one of our Glam Sisters on FB .. Gini Santana .. she has heart failure ... only 30% left ... I answered her but no reply ... PLEASE pray for her ... I'm so concerned .. don't know where she is .. we've been Glamberts since 2009 through different fan sites!! Pray hard for her PLEASE!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)