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Adam Lambert mention via Los Angeles Blade: Las Vegas headliners are a pantheon of queens and divas

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Posted at : Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Queen with Adam Lambert (Sept. 1-2, 5, 7-8, 14-15, 19, 21):  The far end of the summer will still be hot when one of the most legendary rock bands of all time – fronted by one of the most successful former contestants in the history of “American Idol” – comes to the Park Theater at Monte Carlo (3770 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, Nev.) for an extended run of shows.

Queen, of course, exploded into the spotlight in the ‘70s, turning its one-of-a-kind lead singer Freddie Mercury into a pop culture icon and giving the world some of its most enduring classic hits.  Mercury, of course, was lost to AIDS in 1991, but the band lived on and has re-emerged to dazzle a whole new generation of fans, thanks to the addition of Lambert – a performer cut from just the right theatrical cloth to fill Mercury’s shoes as front man for the band.  His flamboyant presence and vocal virtuosity are a perfect fit with Queen’s over-the-top, operatic style.

Adam has enjoyed a dazzling career on his own, too, with three hit albums under his belt, and has used his platform as a star to become a powerful advocate for LGBTQ acceptance and equality.  When outed by a leaked photograph of a kiss with another man during his season on “Idol,” he shrugged it off by saying he had “nothing to hide” – and soon afterward confirmed himself as gay in an interview with Rolling Stone.  He has continued to push the boundaries of acceptance, and he has also worked with organizations like GLAAD and the Trevor Project to promote and empower LGBTQ people through philanthropy and activism.

His status as an out and proud queer man, coupled with his prodigious talent, makes him a diva of the highest order – and his partnership with Queen is a celebration that is not to be missed.

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Sunflower said...

Yep, Adam is truly a unique entertainer! In my book he can do it all, it's just the rest of the world needs to be convinced.

Patria said...

There's that word queer again. It just flowed with article. Good. It has to become as normal as the word gay. I'm on board.

Sunflower said...

Patria...I read the article and that word didn't phase me at all, I guess I'm on board too, it was like no big deal.

Dee R Gee said...

Seems like "queer" is the new" word du jour" for "gay." It used to be a rather derogatory term, but times change and vocabulary changes. So now, it's a word that is common use by the gay community. That's ok with me.

Nice article, but Adam was NOT outed by the photo of him kissing a man. This was an error or lack of knowledge.

Nanbert said...

As we all discovered earlier..."queer" is definitely official now.

Dee R Gee...we all know now that Adam was "out" long before American Idol... but the AI audience didn't at that time....until photos of him kissing a man were released to the media, along with speculation about whether a gay man could win American Idol, and articles bashing him.

Remember that May 15, 2009 Adam cover story on Entertainment magazine -- printed before the end of AI? I happen to have that one, and pulled it out to refresh my memory. Printed across the Cover photo of Adam is ....."LOVING ADAM LAMBERT, The most exciting 'American Idol' Contestant in years"*......and continued down in the right hand corner of the cover it says.."*and not just because he might be Gay".

So, those photos, that Cover story, and other articles that well as Adam's performances, demeanor, costumes and makeup....pretty much established Adam's orientation in most person's minds.... well before the end of AI...and well before he officially acknowledged in his Rolling Stone interview after American Idol.... that he'd been openly "out" since 18.

But that photo of him kissing a man (actually, there was more than one)... started it... and basically "outed" him to the American Idol audience....or so it had seemed to me.

Dee R Gee said...

Yes, I guess that photo could be considered an official "outing, " at least by the public at large. SO many things happened in a row, it's hard to label certain incidents as "the one." But I see you logic in that one.

Nanbert said... Adam said about it himself...."I don't think anyone was surprised".

I feel certain, since attitudes have changed a lot since then....that if we could have a re-run of that year's American Idol now...Adam would win.

To us, he DID win!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Right Nanbert .. ADAM did Win!! The official title wasn't awarded to him but anyone who watched that season knew ADAM was the winner!! ADAM knew what he wanted by going on the show & I think he got most of what he had hoped he would but I don't think he expected to be such a global sensation ... everywhere he goes there's a crowd chanting .. "ADAM, ADAM"!!

Can't wait for the new tour .. album .. VO for Disney, etc!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)