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Adam Lambert's 2 IG stories : Sailing in Barcelona 6-11-18

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, June 11, 2018

Posted at : Monday, June 11, 2018

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Patria said...

ha ha, fixes hair for the camera

Shelagh said...

Love the fact he's spending time with his friends and of course the beautiful Sauli

LTA said...

Adam is always have an extra smile whenever he is with Sauli!:) Love is love!!:)

Dee R Gee said...

Sauli is as cute as ever.

Lam-My said...

Really? He's rendezvousing with his never-ending love, Sauli. But when asked recently if he's in love, he said not anyone in particular; so cliff-hanger hangs on...Well, it's a matter of time...

Lam-My said...

And rendezvousing of a totally different kind...I just watched the Trump-Kim Summit Live, still going on right now on Sentosa Island. Yes, they shook hands on the red-carpet facade of Capella Sentosa, sharp at 9:04 am 12 June 2018.
Great job! Trump! and Kim Jong Un! Singapore is very proud to have the Both of You here working for World Peace!

A Watershed Handshake...

Channel NewsAsia - (Video: Reuters)

Lam-My said...

The 'Show' note is so pure!

Queen + Adam Lambert - The Show Must Go On - Barcelona 10/6/2018

Marc Valiente
Published Jun 10, 2018

Jean Renard said...

A message to Glambert Lam-my: .......WOW! I am so proud of your magnificent country of Singapore and this historic day. You were the perfect hosts, so classy, and you even picked up Kim Jong Un's tab of $15 million dollars for his entourage from North Korea! I am one proud American today that our incredible President Trump has changed history. Of course, there is much to still do and it can take years but, what an incredible beginning. My beautiful daughter-in-law is from South Korea and, her family cried tears of joy today that they may possibly be united one day to the family they have in North Korea. Lam-my, I felt like I was in Singapore today because of my long relationship with you as a Glambert and our endearing love of Adam. BTW, I have watched all three of the concerts in full. I am a little disappointed in "LUCY" but, very excited that they have brought back "SHOW MUST GO ON". If I am in the country and not traveling abroad, I will go to see QAL during their residency in Las Vegas (which is very close to Scottsdale, Arizona). Lady From The White House, a.k.a. Margarita Lady

Lam-My said...

Ooooh-la-la Lady from the White House Jean Renard!

Do you know I watched your President from 9 to 5 today; President Trump just concluded more than 1 hour answering questions from various media, straight from the hectic schedule of meeting and signing with Kim Jong Un at Capella Sentosa. Kim Jong Un has left...enroute home to N Korea.

President Trump addressed PM Lee as his friend and said he did his part to bring about this historic Summit to fruition. Mike Pompeo comes across as very proficient; had high praises for Singapore, like you did!

Helloo Mr Present Trump, I heard you will be boarding your magnificent Air Force One home about now; after just having ended your fabulous 24-hour Summit Marathon! Sleep well, like you say, take it a bit easy for a while.

Hey Lady from the White House, you are sharp! as usual to point out that we picked up the $15 million dollar tab; I guess PM Lee must be thinking if someone can't pay, well we will.

Yes, I remember you telling me about the previous Las Vegas QAL you attended. As for the N/S Koreans, I have watched family members who have not seen one another for years, wail and cry whenever they get the chance to do so; must be picked by authorities for these sporadic family reunions.

Thank you so much for dropping by Margarita Lady...With love...Lam-My.

Lam-My said...

Margarita Lady...I watched the whole thing Live 9am to 5pm; there was one part after their closed-door tete-a-tete, they emerged smiling and you know what Trump did? He took Kim to his 'Beast' car parked at the porch, opened the door and we all thought he would be riding together with Trump; no, he was just showing him; he peeked inside. lol! Quite pally.

Anonymous8 said...

I am all for free speech,differing opinions, and to each his own - just not sure that the wisest judgment was used in advocating for 2 anti-LGBT, anti-human rights persons on an Adam Lambert fan site, particularly under a thread entitled "Sailing in Barcelona" and during Pride month.

There are so many other more appropriate sites for these sentiments which are the antithesis of what Adam stands for.

Lam-My said...

Yes, I am fully aware the title of the thread is Adam sailing in Barcelona; but also includes rendezvous with Sauli of Finland and Jean Renard/Lady from Scottsdale/Arizona a long-time 24/7 commenter.

And how about some consideration for my rights? I'm from Singapore, a daily commenter on 24/7 for 7 years to date. You mean I can't even write about a highly explosive nuclear issue which potentially affects everybody! Now, we have two brave persons stepping out to try to eradicate this global issue, regardless their personal beliefs...unfolding right on Singapore's doorsteps.

Your last sentence traps you right there! "the antithesis of what Adam stands for" ... you are partially suggesting Adam is anti-world peace because that's all I've been talking about.

I always fight for LGBT on this site right from the beginning, 7 years now, whenever the issue pops up.

Widen your scope of analysing; see the bigger picture cuz the issue I'm talking about is macro not micro!

Lam-My said...

Departure of Air Force One after monumental Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore.

Good-Bye dear Mr Trump...take care.

Published Jun 12, 2018

Nanbert said... are quite right. Shakespeare said it best.... "a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury......signifying nothing".

Queers are regularly executed in North Korea, plus hundreds of other innocents and several members of Kim's own family....and Trump says.."Kim loves his people"!

Nothing has actually changed.....Except Singapore is OUT $15 million!

At least the summit's over now, as should the extraneous "summit news" on this site be as well.

Jean Renard said...

My dear Lam-my - please do not even try to juxtapose yourself and your rights as a Glambert with the ignorance of some Glamberts. You are one of the proudest most active Glamberts of this 24/7 site. You and I have been here for years, however, I left this site 2 and 1/2 years ago due to ignorant mean Glamberts. I put up for years with all the terrible fighting of so many hateful Glamberts and their horrific comments toward each other, until finally, one fine day, I picked up my toys and left the playground because I DID NOT WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE! I am a highly educated doctor and refuse to let anyone, and I mean anyone, to even try to possess the audacity to tell me what I can and cannot write on this site. I have only made 3 comments in the last 2 and 1/2 years, and, I will for sure make some possible future comments from time-to-time. Just as my darling Adam has made comments in the past that have offended me, I took his comments like a trouper. Even when a handful of very hateful Glamberts made terrible comments on this site that really offended me, I stayed on for years. I now come on this site only to send my dear Glambert, Lam-my, a little message. I always state, "MESSAGE TO LAM-MY". Therefore, ANON8, you will score a huge zero to even try to force your opinion on me. Remember these three words, ANON8, (funny that you remain anonymous - scared someone will put you in to your correct place?), "SCROLL ON DOWN" (the three words)!!! Your little, delicate, gossamer, snowflake wings do not frighten me in the least!!!!! Lam-my and I will write our little harmless messages as we please - you just scroll on down! At least we have enough courage to have real names! Lady From The White House (a.k.a. Margarita Lady and devoted fan of Adam Lambert)

Jean Renard said...

And, Nanbert, don't even get me started with you and all the hateful offensive comments that you have made while stating your own private personal opinions on this site. You have never worried about offending anyone. In fact, you are one of the reasons I left. Lam-my and I are great friends and you will just have to put up with us. #SCROLL ON DOWN, #LAM-MY'S FRIEND, #MARGARITA LADY, #LADY FROM THE WHITE HOUSE, #LOVE ME SOME ADAM

Lam-My said...

Waaaah! Lady from The White House, Margarita Lady, Jean Renard! You have helped me lift a huge rock! I usually do it all by myself but it feels so much lighter with help from someone of your stature, Doctor!
I have been slogging it out with all the negativity hurled at me all these years because Adam is the epicentre of why I am still here. Yes, I know why you left because you detested all the bickering hurling of hatred here; instead of just enjoying Adam's marvelous singing, purity and skill in his delivering of some of the most difficult songs and also with Queen whom I have grown to love.
I have never heard/seen you so fiery; you must have endured enough and it's time to let it out.
Thank you so much Lady from The White House Jean Renard from Scottsdale/Arizona...With Love, Lam-My.

Nanbert said...

Jean said you left because you "did not want to play anymore". I don't even know you....but you are HERE...Attacking me! Why?

You must understand the we Glamberts come here for Adam...NOT world news. We get enough of that in our OWN media....and come here to ESCAPE it. It seems a pretty straightforward and reasonable request.

If you and Lam-My wish to catch up on old times....and talk about Trump, Kim, the Summit, or similar news, it seems there are other...more private...formats for you two...Facebook or email for example. Then you can "love on" Trump and Kim to your heart's content without distressing the rest of us....and without Adam seeing it on his fansite. Trump is NOT popular here.

You came back with a chip on your shoulder and plowed right into me on your arrival! Such venom in your statements! It makes me think that you actually missed all that excitement you encountered during those fights you say caused you to leave. Whatever!

But, if you come back here FOR ADAM...WELCOME. I do not care to "engage" with you.

Lam-My said...

Nanbert! Wake up! You have told me not to write about:

1) Pharaoh, Adam's beloved dog, giving the excuse this site is not for dogs.

2) Also, not for Chinese language use which actually started when Adam performed in China and I wanted to translate what the host was asking Adam, on stage and later I used it occasionally.

3) That I could play in all the other "sandboxes" except the one on Trump.

4) And now I can't talk about the Singapore Summit which happened /unfolded literally on my doorsteps; an issue which affects everybody; still not sure at this initial point if the potentially devastating nuclear problem will be completely eradicated.

Stop telling me what other sites I can write on; you have no right to dictate where I should/should not write. Based on the same logic, I suggest you write somewhere else as you seem so unhappy with what I write here.

You have crossed the line many many times and Jean Renard hit the nail on the head with A+ when she said:

"Nanbert, don't even get me started with you and all the hateful offensive comments that you have made while stating your own private personal opinions on this site. You have never worried about offending anyone." ~ Jean Renard

She may not comment as often as I do perhaps due to her hectic schedule but she does follow the happenings of this site; I know.

Lam-My said...

Oooh-la-la! Maybe Mr Trump's Writer alerted him to my comment. Look at his Tweet below... using the same words *sleep well...


Helloo Mr President Trump, I heard you will be boarding your magnificent Air Force One home about now; after just having ended your fabulous 24-hour Summit Marathon! *Sleep well, like you say, take it a bit easy for a while.

June 12, 2018 at 3:12 AM (mine above, thread)

His tweet maybe on Air Force One:
Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump

Before taking office people were assuming that we were going to War with North Korea. President Obama said that North Korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. No longer - *sleep well tonight!

6:01 PM - Jun 13, 2018

This is not the first time that Mr Trump responded to me; I know he doesn't have the time but his Writer is quite a fan of mine. This is not the first time.

祝你成功 ! ju ni cherng goong !

(祝你 ju ni / wish you .. 成功 cherng goong / success)


Nanbert said...

Amazing!....The President quoted YOUR "sleep well"! What a "plum"! THAT did not come from his Whitehouse writer...but from him, personally.

I also know how it is to be quoted by many important people. Why, only the other night I wrote "war", "nuclear" and "threat".....and it turned up on ALL the news reports AND the Whitehouse quotes. That's not the first time, either. But I've always hesitated to mention it for fear people might think that I am a braggart, a liar, or a looney...or all three.

However, I am finally emboldened by your admission to relate my own proud story.

So, it seems that your "fans" are mine too. Small world. It's even possible they are Adam Lambert fans also.

Nanbert said...

Plus, Lam-My, it seems only appropriate to mention again your biggest triumph of all...when Trump used YOUR word..."CARNAGE" his Inauguration Speech....more than once! And then it was all over the news reports and videos after and on for days!

Your self-described "highly educated doctor" friend must be very proud of you for that..

Lam-My said...

To be fair, I've always maintained coincidences happen but when the words are rarely used / archaic, like *herculean...I think it's used on purpose. A lot more such examples:

FEMA Administrator told reporters on a call on a trip to Puerto Rico: "We have a long way to go in recovery" and he said rebuilding Puerto Rico is “going to be a *Herculean effort.”
(From Reuters 3 October 2017)


Joseph swims the 100m-butterfly
Looking more like a dolphin
Up and down his body undulates
And when he surfaces
His outstretched arms rotate
Likened to majestic water ballet
Reminiscent of the killer-whale
Splashing above the ocean
With three Olympic Champions hot on his heels
He just got to accelerate, no two ways about it
He was trained as a child to chase his comrades
Coach gave the other kids a head-start
If not he’d always be a body-length apart
Well, this tactic effloresced at the Rio Olympics
They chased, he pulled ahead
By golly, he clinches the Butterfly Gold!
Looking quite dazed on the podium
Joseph pulled off an *herculean for Singaporeans!

Lam-My Permalink
August 31, 2017 4:18 am

Okay, so dear Mr Trump...Did you *sleep well on board Air Force One...lwl!

Lam-My said...

Hello Hello Handsome Adam! I have not forgotten you, you know...I like your box pleats!

Queen + Adam Lambert - Radio Ga Ga - Cologne, Germany, 13.06.2018

Published Jun 13, 2018

broddybounce said...

I was on vacation, so a little late to the game here, but this line of commenting on this thread is HIGHLY inappropriate. This is an ADAM site, not a site for political comments. People come to this site to learn about Adam, not to hear how people love or hate a political figure.

I am extremely offended by what I've read here.

Lam-my, I appreciate very much how long you've been a reader and contributor to this site, for many, many years, and many of your writings and observations have been wonderful and delightful and a great contribution. I do very much appreciate that and do not take that for granted. We are a community here, a family.

But, this time, I need to state clearly what I feel. I am sorry, Lam-my, I have to single you out because you are the one who started this all, and there was no sensible reason to change the direction of a thread like this to your personal political satisfaction.

Your starting that line of conversation on this site, on this thread, was extremely gratuitous. At least on this thread, you seem to have no boundary for what is and isn't appropriate on a site like this. There are dozens upon dozens of political sites, blogs, columns, news pages, et al where you are free to voice your opinion about anything under the sun in the political world. I, no less, have done so hundreds of times -- but -- on the appropriate blogs and websites -- not on a fan site, not on the site that is a respite for all of us, that is about our beloved Adam.

This is a place where one should feel free to come and learn and enjoy and share about ADAM LAMBERT without having to look at another's opining about one political figure or another. MAYBE if Adam did a tweet that has a political bent -- which he has done RARELY, once in a blue moon -- and people wanted to add comment to that in one way or another, that's one thing, as long as it didn't get out of hand, that I could understand. But just to come outright off topic because right at this moment during some big global political event you want to spread your opinion on something having nothing to do with Adam, just because you have a need to tell the world?

Well, again, this ain't the place, and, yes, I am offended.

I and the other admins have currently taken this thread up in private discussion. It may stay, it may go, but I, separately as an individual and Adam fan, needed to make my own personal viewpoint known, and I hope any new readers to this site are not dissuaded from returning to this blog that has so much to offer and so much to share between fans.

Lam-My said...

Think what you like! There is no need to tell me your opinion; not interested one wee bit. Got it? This is not your site in the first place! Don't tell me what better site I could write at cuz I can also turn around and tell you to scoot, if you don't like what I write.

And to say a plausible nuclear catastrophe that could annihilate the world, cannot be discussed on Adam's site is denigrating Adam's open-mindedness. I remember quite some time ago, he said to someone who asked him whether she should follow his advice, regarding a matter related to him; and you know what his answer was? It still remains in my mind as I thought he was wise for his young age. He said: 'Do what is best for you and not do what I do.' He was trying to liberate the person's mind.

So to say I can't talk about a world-threatening issue and the President of the United States has brought it right onto the very shores of my country, Singapore, and that I can't say something on it on Adam's site where I've written for 7 years on everything under the sun, is directly contradictory to his advice above!

In any case, this is about the first time I'm talking about a so-called political issue at length...I mean how often does a denuclearisation Summit take place in Singapore; once, twice in a lifetime? You lack empathy!

My advice to you is don't speak for Adam, you are too small-minded for that! Go fly a kite!

Lam-My said...

QUEEN + Adam Lambert - The Show Must Go On - Cologne, Germany, 13.06.2018

Published Jun 13, 2018

Nanbert said...

OMG! Lam-My, why do you feel the need to offend EVERYONE?

Lam-My said...

I feel quite bemused that the person above needs to keep fishing for my attention. Alas, I have little interest in her dull rigmaroles. Since I've already used, Go fly a kite...maybe I'll give her a new pastime so she wouldn't need to stalk me.
Jump into the cesspool of decomposing grey matter!

Nanbert said...

Open wide!

Lam-My said...

Stalking is the sign of a born loser! who wants to be as good as the person she stalks.

How to improve:
Step 1) Get out of that cesspool in your brain, all clogged up.
Step 2) Kicking and trying too hard to beat your opponent increases the clog.
Step 3) Wake up! Time is running out...

Admin said...

Hi Lam-My,

Due to many complaints I received on your off topic political comments, I have decided to leave a comment here to politely ask you to refrain from making off topic political comments. I want this blog to focus on Adam ONLY. We are all fans of Adam and there's no need to bring politics into the various discussions here. Many people are not fans of Trump because they are affected by his policies so it can be very hurtful and unpleasant to see comments praising him randomly on this site. That's why I would like for you to please refrain from bringing politics into the threads on this site.

Thank you for being a reader of this blog for so long and I hope you will understand my request and I will appreciate you for cooperating!