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Concert Review By Eternal Terror Webzine: QUEEN - ADAM LAMBERT at Telenor Arena (Oslo, Norway 6-17-18)

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Posted at : Saturday, June 23, 2018

Concert Review By Eternal Terror Webzine: QUEEN - ADAM LAMBERT at Telenor Arena (Oslo, Norway 6-17-18)

Queen + Adam Lambert Concert at Telenor Arena in Oslo, Norway
PHOTO borrowed from Norway Rocks Magazine by Geir Kihle Hanssen

EXCERPTS from the review! Read the entire review at the EMBEDDED LINK BELOW
The legendary Queen plus the extremely talented vocalist that is Adam Lambert paid a visit to Norway's capital city, Oslo, the other day and it turned out to be one of those amazing and mesmerizing experiences that left us all floored and wanting for more.
Watching Brian May and Roger Taylor in action and their interplay as well their interactions with Lambert was marvelous and made the hair on my fat and sloppy arms stand up from time to time.
Queen and Lambert are keeping the musical legacy and utterly impressive catalogue of songs alive and visible out there on the stages of the world. People should lay the fuck off comparing the dude to Mercury and simply embrace him for the insanely skilled and fantastic vocalist that he truly is. Say what you will, but his swagger, attitude, and charisma suit the great Queen machine just perfectly. Those pipes of his are out of this world and as evidenced at Telenor Arena, he is in complete control of his voice.

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QUEEN - ADAM LAMBERT at Telenor Arena

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

One of the best reviews of QAL yet! This reviewer has completely succumbed to the juggernaught that is Queen and Adam Lambert.

I was stuck by one sentence especially.....which puts into words something that has been rolling around in my brain for ages......

"Everything sounded robust and massive yet all the subtle details and nuances of the songs were preserved and clearly audible all the way through".


Anonymous8 said...

Agree Nanbert, a pleasure to read reviews that are so knowledgeable and literate!

OT and gossipy - just read an interesting NYT article on Ariadne Getty ( her brother was the Getty who was kidnapped and ransomed). She is a huge financial supporter of GLAAD and very involved in their activities. Her 2 children, Natalie and August are gay. August is a fashion designer and Natalie (Nats)is a street designer who is engaged to GiGi Gorgeous. They both plan to support diversity themes and causes into their work. Perhaps Adam will be a wedding guest or GiGi will bring her to his next Halloween party - however this branch of the Getty family avoids publicity!

I also learned that it is Ariadne's brother who is "Getty Images".

Nanbert said...

Of course, it goes without saying, that he's absolutely enamoured of you can already read in the quoted excerpt directly above!

Mi Re La said...


Patria said...

"... embrace him for the insanely skilled and fantastic vocalist that he truly is."

Sunflower said...

I love this review, so happy that the author said that people should lay the F... off in comparing Adam to Mercury! Freddie is dead, no one can bring him back, too bad Freddie led a wild lifestyle but some people have to get it over with! Adam is helping Brian and Roger keep Queen music alive and gaining new fans along the way!

Dee R Gee said...

Wow! that riff sequence is un-freakin' believable!

Dee R Gee said...

And great review from a person who gets it and puts the whole thing in perfect perspective.

Nanbert said...

Love the "riffing", Mirela.

Rosemary White said...

Great review .... all of it.