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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Such a pretty song @dangraydonmusic

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Posted at : Sunday, July 29, 2018

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Sunflower said...

Ok my peeps, since I have Spotify I went to check out this song to which the title is "I Think My Husband Lives in San Diego" by Dan Graydon. It is a pretty song, it starts out with a piano and incidentally throughout the song along with other instruments. I found it to be relaxing, so it's NOT a fast tempo song. Now I am confused with the lyrics, because he sings of being in LA but that he thinks his husband lives down the road by the border in San Diego. Now I'm not great in interpreting lyrics of songs to other people but this to me sums up the song, his life in LA but his love, husband whatever in San Diego. So that's my take. 😊

Patria said...

Thank you Sunflower. I don't belong to Spotify. The little bit we get to hear isn't much. I'm never impressed by the short teasers.
I suspect the title is what initially caught Adam's attention.

Nanbert said...

Or....maybe the singer is fantasizing about someone he has a crush on and would LIKE to marry.

Nanbert said...

Or....on my second listening....the singer seems appears that his husband has left him, and the singer thinks he knows where his estranged husband has moved to. Near the end, he sings "I'll wait for you".

Sunflower said...

Patria...I thought the same thing about the title of the song attracting Adams attention.
Nanbert...It might be what you said regarding this song. He sings, " give me some time near the border and I know he'll show". Then like you said he sings " I'll wait for you".