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From The Sun UK & Dan Wootten: "I Want To Break Free" Queen's...Lead Singer Adam Lambert Discusses Freddie Mercury and more

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, July 13, 2018

Posted at : Friday, July 13, 2018

From The Sun UK & Dan Wootten: "I Want To Break Free" Queen's...Lead Singer Adam Lambert  Discusses Freddie Mercury and more

LINK: "I WANT TO BREAK FREE Queen’s replacement lead singer Adam Lambert says predecessor Freddie Mercury was first sexually fluid pop star" 

"Gay American Idol star Adam praised Freddie for "not giving a flying eff" while speaking on the latest edition of The Dan Wootton Interview podcast"

*This article is in conjunction with Dan Wootten's Podcast from backstage at the O2 Arena in London just before the Queen + Adam Lambert concert recently.

See our previous post of Adam's tweet with the link to the podcast on Adam Lambert 24/7 News for links to iTunes & Spotify to listen to the Podcast: Great interview! Much more conversation than is noted here in this article. There is also an embedded link to the podcast in this article (at the link above).. Be sure to check it out! 
LINK: Adam Lambert Tweeted: "Check out this podcast interview w @danwootton" On iTunes & Spotify

Photos from the article: see more photos at the link to The Sun article  above!

A few quotes:
The American Idol star was one of the first modern day US pop stars to come out as gay.
Speaking on the new episode of my podcast The Dan Wootton Interview — which you can subscribe to for free now on any podcast app — Adam reckons FREDDIE got there first decades earlier.

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

Ok, here comes my big baby wail of dismay. My Spotify has become inactive for some reason and it won't let me renew, Keeps kicking me back out. And my iTunes won't take my password and I have no idea why. Whaaaaaaaa! Haven't used them in a while, but still. I wonder if there'll be a way to see/hear this interview some other way eventually. It sounds like it's a good one!

glitzylady said...

@Dee R Gee
Did you click on the link to The Sun article that we embedded, and then click on the link in the embedded pod cast there.. It takes a minute to load but then begins to play..

Although...I do have both iTunes & Spotify so that may be why it worked that way for me.. I originally listened via iTunes but give it a try.. may work for you..

And quite honestly, I have no doubt that someone will record the audio and post it elsewhere.. It would be great if you can listen to it on one of the official sources though.. By giving it the hits to show interest in Adam's interview..

Dee R Gee said...

Thank you! I managed to find a short audio snippet of part of it. And a good part of it written out. But I will try again with your suggestion. I love hearing his voice so much. I'll let you know if it works.

Dee R Gee said...

SUCCESS! Got the whole audio! It was a very informative interview! Thanks for making me give it another try. Would love to see both video and audio, but I don't want to be greedy.

Dee R Gee said...

Interesting comment Adam had about how brutal the public can be. That comment stuck in my head.

Rosemary White said...

Thanks, glitzylady .... I listened to the whole podcast via The Sun article.

Dee R Gee said...

He sure didn't much at all about his new music.

Dee R Gee said...

Heard that the Grammy salute thing for Queen will be aired on PBS some time this fall. No date yet.