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Queen + Adam Lambert O2 London Concert Review: The Progressive Aspect "It was magical; it was dramatic; it took your breath away"

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Posted at : Saturday, July 07, 2018

Queen + Adam Lambert O2 London Concert Review: The Progressive Aspect 

About the concert production -"It was magical; it was dramatic; it took your breath away"

About Adam Lambert -"..his singing is absolutely riveting, a towering voice with a greater register than Freddie’s but also packed with huge subtlety and deep reserves of nuance."

LINK: The Progressive Aspect - Queen + Adam Lambert 

Queen + Adam Lambert at the O2 Arena, London on July 2, 2018
Photo from the review 

Some QUOTES from the wonderful review. Please read the entire review at the link. Very much worth a read!
Brian May is enthralling: a compelling and commanding presence both on the stage as well as within the musical performance. Watching him as the evening unfolds, a rather sobering revelation starts to dawn. Freddie’s scintillating charisma and the sheer personal magnetism may well have captured the limelight; but on the strength of tonight’s offering, Queen have always been rooted in Brian’s unwavering musicianship which lays the foundations and acts as a catalyst for everything which happens – musically – around him. That we can finally see this is in no small part down to Adam Lambert’s utterly magnificent and intoxicating performance. The times have changed and Lambert is not afraid to openly parade his sexuality in ways which perhaps Freddie never could. Glorious costumes, high heeled boots, a golden spangly cloak and crown, leather skirt and eye-liner are superb adornments to a stage style which enhances the songs being sung in ways which are fresh and illuminating
[Adam Lambert]..his singing is absolutely riveting, a towering voice with a greater register than Freddie’s but also packed with huge subtlety and deep reserves of nuance.
He’s not Freddie; we all know he’s not Freddie. Nor is he trying to be. But whilst he handles the deferment to his predecessor so graciously, nevertheless he deserves recognition in his own right for what he brings to the possible future of Queen. He is his own man. He brings his own distinctive style, identity and nuances to the songs which is new, vibrant and exciting. Queen need this infusion of life, vitality and novelty if they are to carry on. Lambert fully deserves his rightful place at the front of the stage.
It was magical; it was dramatic; it took your breath away. The show does go on: this really is Queen and one day I sincerely hope there will be a confidence on the part of everyone concerned, fans included, not to need the “+ Adam Lambert” as part of the show.

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Magiclady said...

There have been so many wonderful reviews this tour! Finally more and more Adam is getting his due from the Queen fans and reviewers.
This guy really gets it and the amazing descriptions of the band and Adams voice are wonderful.
I so agree, can they just have Queen tours next time and not have to have the + Adam Lambert in the name? He is part of Queen now, in addition to having his own music.
I feel such pride as a fan from the very beginning, when I read the reviews and hear the fans comments after the shows. That at least everywhere in the world accept some of the US ( to my dismay) love our guy and appreciate him as we do.

Dee R Gee said...

This review needs to be framed and mounted for all to see. This reviewer says it all so eloquently. He sees Adam's innate talent so clearly, sees his skills onstage as a performer, and sees how wonderfully he fits with Queen's whole schtick and image. It's such a rare thing to happen with a vintage band like this. I mean, Queen had a miraculous rebirth with Adam. An ARENA-FILLING rebirth. WOW!

Sunflower said...

Oh what a wonderful review! I loved everything that was said. I too agree that Queen should be Queen and not + Adam Lambert. He's been with them for 6 years and they're still saying plus Adam? Look at the group Journey, they have another singer Arnel Pineda who's taking Steve Perrys place as frontman (Steve couldn't sing anymore, vocal chords were damaged) and being still alive, Journey is still Journey and NOT Journey + Arnel Pineda! So Queen please talk it over and just call yourselves QUEEN! Another thing, I hope if there will be another Queen/Adam tour in the future that Adam should STOP telling people I'm no Freddie Mercury! I love Adam but I wish he didn't have to say that anymore. 6 years has passed, it's time to stop!

daydreamin said...

This review is perfect. As far as "Queen + Adam Lambert", that may have been Adam's personal decision. I don't know. We know he wants his own career, so maybe he requested this. I also wouldn't put it past him to have it this way out of respect for the fans. We just don't know. I'm not sure how I feel about it. My feelings are mixed. I am just glad Brian and Roger added his name in there so he gets the recognition. I would love to know how many Adam with Queen naysayers there were in the beginning and how many have flipped.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I think ADAM should get some kind of recognition inasmuch as he isn't just QUEEN but also wants to enjoy his own solo career ... perhaps ADAM doesn't want it otherwise .. a couple alternatives might be ... the NEW QUEEN or perhaps .. QUEEN featuring ADAM LAMBERT .. in upper case letters!! I like the idea of including ADAM's name on the marquis or poster ... that way he gets equal billing as well!!

And by addressing the fact that he knows he's not Freddie .. which may still be on some people's minds tends to clear the air while at the same time pays tribute to the missing front man & proves that ADAM is not attempting to take his place!! I think ADAM does a marvelous job of giving the people what they want & removes any doubt from the naysayers without hecklers ruining the enjoyment of the NEW QUEEN!! JMO

They are all there to entertain without trying to emulate the QUEEN with Freddie as front man!! AND with this QUEEN both Brian & Roger are more in the forefront than with the original!! Personally ... I LOVE the NEW QUEEN!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)