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UPDATED with LIVE STREAMS! INFO Queen + Adam Lambert MGM Park Theater Crown Jewels #3 - 9-5-18: Poster, World Clock, Streams

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Posted at : Tuesday, September 04, 2018

INFO Queen + Adam Lambert MGM Park Theater Crown Jewels #3 on 9-5-18

It's Freddie Mercury's birthday today 

Unofficial Poster by @AWerfhorst
World Clock

Live streams!!

Event Time 8 PM PDT
Check the World Clock in the embedded tweet below for other time zones

Unofficial poster for the show of @QueenWillRock + @adamlambert 
Freddie Mercury's  @MercuryMOTG's birthday
September 5th 2018 at @ParkTheaterLV
Design by @AWerfhorst LINK to Twitter

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Rosemary White said...

Thanks glitzylady. Great poster but drummer/percussionist Tyler is missing.

Another review:-

Nanbert said...

I think the above streams are from Sept. 2....Melissa's periscope played, but said "2 days ago". The official schedule doesn't mention Sept. 4 on its list.....September 5th is supposed to be the 3rd concert.

heh heh...Oh well, I watched anyway... a QAL concert is a QAL concert! So far, they've only played two performances, but I've probably watched more like 6, when you count all the separate videos floating around that I've watched, too!

Nanbert said...

Oh sorry, NOW I see that the streams posted above are for tomorrow, not tonight! They're just posted here MUCH earlier than usual.

broddybounce said...

So, hey guys ... I am going to the show tonight!! I live in the SF Bay Area but flying in for less than 24 hours to revel in the glory! And I forgot it's Freddie's birthday -- what a night to have picked! Will update later...

Nanbert said...

broddybounce...Hurray for you! I bet they'll have something extra special to celebrate the birthday. Can't imagine they'll let it go with only a mention. Enjoy!

Dee R Gee said...

Broddy! Good to hear from you! Of course, you're going to tell us all about the show, right? And yes, I think they WILL do something special for Freddy's birthday.

Just one thing about Adam saying that his last performance was just "average." I think that an Adam performance on an "average" day is better than just about anybody else's performance on their best day. He's a real perfectionist. Very hard on himself. Tonight should be fantastic!

Magiclady said...

Dee R Gee
Can you tell me where Adam's quote is, where he says that his earlier performance was just average?
He is such a perfectionist and tonight he was on fire.
The boy is lookin fine too!

broddybounce said...

Hey guys! Hi Nanbert! Hi Dee!

Show was absolutely wonderful! Audience ate it up -- so appreciative of Adam -- when Brian introduced him audience went wild. WWTLF was absolutely ASTOUNDING!! My entire body was tingling with Adam's electricity the whole song. Only sad part of that is that at end of song he disappears on a descending platform (dramatic!) and it goes right into another song, so not appropriate space for audience to show their appreciation, which I know would have been ECSTATIC!

Really enjoyed the Elvis song, but wish he could have also done an AL song such as WWFM, esp since, despite them being together 6+ years, but Vegas being Vegas, this was prob first time a lot of people saw Adam with Queen. If they heard that song they woulda gone "Oh...right!! I remember this!". Woulda been a real 'come around' moment for Adam.

One change from normal -- all three guys don't take a bow together (separate of the rest of the band) as in most past shows. It's full band, then Adam, then Brian & Roger, and that's it. Who orchestrated THAT change?? Removed a touch of poignancy. I mean, the three of them together? Right..?! Oh well.

What I will say is that Adam was in SUPERB voice and showmanship -- and, actually, so were the other two. Roger, in particular, looked super energized! Hair-wise, Adam decided to already(!) get rid of the part down the middle, which I actually LOVED, but now has back original comb to side style, but did look magnificent anyway, of course.

Even tho Tyler is amazing, don't get me wrong, I do miss Rufus, although I realize he's been gone awhile. But always loved his and Adam's interplay onstage.

When I get back from Vegas will do a post with photos.

Dee R Gee said...

Thanks Broddy! Sounds like this performance was certainly not "average" but way way out in the stratosphere! Interesting little changes here and there. Hope we get some vids soon!

Nanbert said...

Broddy....thanks for your thoughtful observations....I am especially struck by your description of WWTLF, when Adam descended into the stage at the end, dramatic, yes... but unfortunately eliminating the type of audience appreciation moment which he so richly deserves.

I admit that detail completely escaped me, but you are SO right. He should be able to stand there in front of the audience and have a few moments of well earned applause for what is considered his special "signature" song! I wonder if that has occurred to him, too. Probably. Hey, maybe it was even HIS idea.

Queen DOES have the habit of charging into another song while the notes of the previous one are still vibrating throughout the venue....and conversely, Queen has the habit of playing the longest "endings" of songs, well after the "main" song part is finished...i.e. lots of "finishing" flurries.... which often becomes a game between Adam and Brian as to "when" the last note by Brian and the last closing "pose" by Adam happens. And somehow, Roger determines when that will be by "osmosis"...or some magical intuition!

glitzylady said...

Thanks @broddybounce for sharing your thoughts about the show last night!! So happy you were there!

And as per the discussion above, a consideration re the perhaps shortened times between songs etc for this residency series in Las Vegas: in these casino venue shows, they are probably limited somewhat by the contract to keep the length of the performance within a certain timeframe. And yes, after Adam’s always stunning WWTLF performances, a little extra moment would be appreciated to just take in that performance.

Nanbert said...

Agreed, Glitzylady....and I've noticed things have been moving SO quickly that I marvel at the thought of a sweaty Adam getting in and out of those tight pants...even with a couple of helpers... in such a short time! I've never seen such short "costume change"periods during their entire career together. Lord forbid if a zipper got stuck! Oh my!

Linda said...

Well, I was there too! And I agree with all Brody said. However, I wanted to mention the INCREDIBLE laser light show - especially during WWTLF! I was mesmerized. Although I do agree (and was disappointed) that Adam wasn't given the time to receive the fans accolades for WWTLFE he so richly deserved. I loved the Elvis 'Heartbreak Hotel' and Brian's rip on that guitar! I've seen QAL 3 times (the Forum LA during their first tour, the Hollywood Bowl last summer and this one) and I think this was the absolute BEST of the 3! Perhaps it was the smaller venue (5000 seats) but, to me, the entire show was simply off the charts! I literally couldn't sleep last night in my hotel room, as I was still so jazzed about the entire show. What a privilege to see these incredible talented men excelling in their god-given talents. LOVE!

Linda said...

PLUS - I forgot to mention that they had the audience sing Happy Birthday to Freddie! It was a very moving moment.

broddybounce said...

Thanks for all your comments, guys!! And I want to thank Linda for her review -- yes, it was amazing, Linda, wasn't it? One of the best Q+AL shows ever and I've seen them several times too.

SO glad you added to this because I meant, but forgot, to put in my review above about (a) the lights, not just the lasers, which were indeed amazing, but the entirety of the lighting was not only THE BEST lighting EVER for a Q+AL show but, as my friend also said, one of the best ever lighting designs for ANY concert she's ever seen (how does that grab you now, glitzylady?)!, and (b) yes, singing for Freddie's birthday, although there was no video accompaniment, which would have been nice. Actually, not to get too bogged down on this point but, given it's a rock show, would have been great had it been more organized and Brian & Roger had joined in and they did The Beatles' "Birthday" instead. Just more fitting than your average old "Happy Birthday" song. Lost moment but, oh well.

ALSO: not sure if Linda was aware or you guys heard about this, but Rami Malek was at the show! Yup, he was there last night and ol' reliable TMZ caught it:!2018/09/06/rami-malek-queen-concert-bohemian-rhapsody-freddie-mercury-birthday/

Why they didn't introduce him, I don't know why. They had to have known. Again... Oh, well!!

But, yah, just a stupendous evening, and Adam was at his finest in looks, voice, performance and charisma!!

Nanbert said...

Sounds wonderful, guys. Maybe they'll be invited back again if they're as successful as it appears.