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New Adam Lambert Digital Painting By @CreativeSharka

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Posted at : Wednesday, October 10, 2018

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

Very nice, Creative Sharka! Looking at this makes me want to touch his chest! Sigh

Lam-My said...

Halloween 2018 
Damlam was travelling across a desert in his jeep with Pharaoh his companion who goes with him everywhere, sometimes even on concert tour if it's near his home, like the last one, Las Vegas. He would take time off to meditate and what better environment than the vast emptiness of a desert where temporarily he could relegate his tight schedules and commitments to the back seat. Pharaohdoggo, resting on his Daddy's tattooed arm was as usual, very alert being a seasoned traveller.

Pharaoh, there's something moving up ahead! They are coming towards us. Daddy stroked his smart dog who sensed his Daddy's anxiety by his touch.

Pharaoh, it's a caravan trekking across the desert.
Ahoy! Friends...! Damlam yelled. 
Two rough-looking horsemen came charging! They were no friends by the looks of it.

Hand over all your stuff in your jeep! They demanded. 
Lo and behold, these were big-time bandits. Damlam did exactly what he was ordered to do; one bandit stroked Pharaohdoggo's head...Nice juicy dog!

Bert prayed really hard at this critical moment...Please Universe...Pharaoh is all I got...Save him!
Alas, Universe didn't respond exactly what Damlam prayed for.
The bandits took everything including Pharaohdoggo! and rode back to their caravan.

Noooooo!...Damlam covered his face and cried; it was okay, they robbed his stuff but not his faithful companion whom he loves with all his heart.
At this point, Damlam was completely stunned, in a state of stupor; but soon recovered...his love for his dog surged and the thought of Pharaoh being cooked, eaten! fired up his wrath and fury. Immediately, accelerated his jeep and caught up with the caravan; staked out the lonely spot behind some twiggy bushes. Soon dusk fell over the desert and the howling wind served as a buffer for his rescue attempt. 

It was cold and the bandits drank and feasted around a bonfire, celebrating their lucrative contraband. Then one of them, a gruffy old chap went to the back of the caravan and lo and behold, he brought Pharaodoggo out with a rope fastened around its neck; it had better not struggle, the noose would tighten! Pharaoh boy looked decimated, his taut antenna ears and doughnut tail both drooping. But brave Pharaoh kept sniffing the air, perhaps he caught the scent of his Daddy hiding nearby. The younger bandit, maybe father-son team was busy trying to increase the intensity of the fire and fixing a grill over it.

Oooooh! sure looked nasty...Damlam's imagination got the better of him; he shivered not due to the cold but the thought of Pharaoh barbecued piece by piece!
They continued drinking, giving a side glance at Pharaohdoggo tied to the side of the caravan, ravishing at their delicacy.
Well, Universe did hear Damlam's prayer. The robbers fell asleep, drunk...he heard them snoring...Is now or never...!
Damlam made his move swift and silent buffered by the incessant howling wind across the sand dunes.
Pharaoh lay still, resigned to his fate. He was whimpering, hungry and scared. Damlam wasted no time, there was just this tiny opening of escape to free his beloved helpless companion, its life hanging by a thread at the hands of ruthless desert thugs.
Damlam snipped the rope in a jiffy with a penknife that he always had with him whenever on a desert trip, in case of snakes. Grabbed the disoriented Pharaoh boy, who taken by shock, didn't realise Daddy had come to his more time! the first being at the dog-pound. He started jabbing and licking his Daddy's face, his doughnut tail wagging berserk.
The incessant howling of wind constituted an effective cover for their great escape from hell!

Lam-My 🌵🛤🛣🚘🐕...Continue below

Lam-My said...

Damlam ran the fastest marathon he had ever run in his life with Pharaoh tightly clasped close to his chest. Got into his jeep...sped off at top speed...disappearing under the cover of twilight.
Yes, it was sooo good to feel safe again as he reached the main road leading to his home. 
That was as close and real a twilight zone encounter one can get. As for Pharaohdoggo he was napping with his head resting against his Daddy's warm tattooed arm as if nothing happened...enroute their new sprawling home.

Lam-My 🏚🏡🏃🏻

Lam-My said...

Adam Lambert … evil Emperor Maximus (voice)
Playmobil movie trailer HD 2019 [first look]

I used to play these Playmobil toys with my then young children; still have a few stashed away in a pail. lwl!

Welcome Emperor Evil
Do your havoc…bring down the good people
Hold on a second…
Why would you want to do that?
That’s my psyche
I love to see people shrivel and die
That gives me power, my original high
Those who deny my quest will pay the ultimate price
Strung up to dry!

I still don’t get it…
I doubt very much evil can give me a high
Even if it does, it would mean on someone’s life
That’s cowardice! 
Definitely not my style; it just ain’t right
Challenge me rather than stop me because you can’t win…
Emperor evil…how about give kindness a chance to survive


Lam-My said...

Fashionable Adam with Joey went to see Hamilton to support Terrence.

@LoveMrSpencer on Instagram: When your friends come to support you it makes doing what you love so special.

Nanbert said...

Adam looks like a "gunslinger" in the above Sharka work....but that cross earring is so juxtaposed with his appearance.

Nanbert said...

Oops! It's not a cross, but an ankh....but still seems inconsistant with a "gunslinger"!