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Adam Lambert Tweeted: "Coming in 2019: #PlaymobilTheMovie!! Here's a first look at the teaser trailer and my character ✨"

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Posted at : Thursday, December 13, 2018

Adam Lambert Tweeted: 

"Coming in 2019: #PlaymobilTheMovie!! Here's a first look at the teaser trailer and my character ✨"

Adam Lambert & Megan Trainor have original songs in the movie. Read the article from SYFYWire LINK HERE  (quoted below) to learn a little bit more about the upcoming (Summer 2019) movie!

"Marla (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Charlie (Gabriel Bateman) are siblings magically transformed into toys and Charlie gets lost. Marla’s got to save him. Supplemented with a voice cast including Jim Gaffigan (a truck driver), Gabriel Bateman, Adam Lambert (a Roman emperor), Kenan Thompson, Meghan Trainor (a fairy godmother), and Daniel Radcliffe (a secret agent), the film looks to replicate the success of the building blocks laid before it. In addition, it seems to be taking a note from the Trolls movie, as it’s adding original songs from Trainor and Lambert in order to be as big a crossover summer hit as possible with kids. Sorry, parents, but at least one of these is sure to be the infectious summer tune that you can’t escape."

Check out more details in the tweets and videos below! 

Playmobile Movie's Emperor Maximus voiced by Adam Lambert! 

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Sunflower said...

Heehee, I may have to snatch someone's kid if I want to see this movie, all the kids I know are older for a movie like this. I might as well wait for the movie when it comes out in DVD! Lol. Adam sounds so cute in these trailers. Can't wait to hear the rest of his speaking parts.

Dee R Gee said...

It looks really good! And I'd recognize Adam's voice anywhere. I know I'll see this movie with someone else, but I've gone to the movies by myself, too. Doesn't bother me. I want to see this one on the big screen!

Mi Re La said...

Creative SharKa: My @adamlambert CDs collection

Mi Re La said...

Adam's voice is incredible. I have to see this movie
The character has red hair and beard like Adam's

Sue Smith said...

I went to see BR yesterday it was very good. This theatre is fairly close to where I live but about 45/50 was a matinee and only me a one other guy was there. My husband did not want to go he went to the super WalMart and got a few groceries and then waited for
Me while eating a hot dog.
There hardly anyone there for matinee so I'll go see the playmobil movie there. However of comes out in summer probably be more there kids be off of
No matter what I'll see it cannot wait.

Sue Smith said...

Dont know why my sentences got broke up in mid sentence. Sorry

Sue Smith said...

It sounds like to me Adam and MT contributed wrote the music. Either way it's original music they are singing. Sound great.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Can't judge by the first trailer .. need to see more before I know what's going on. Is this like a time travel movie where they are thrown into different time warps? Can't wait to see more of "Red Beard" ADAM!!

Looks like something my grand children might like .. not really my kind of film!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

BTW .. I haven't really watched a movie like this before so I can't give an honest opinion now but as long as ADAM is a part of it .. I'll make an exception!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

blu said...

Off topic. . . tried to score tickets for second Madison Square Garden show . . . picked four tickets and website crashed . . .rumor is they shut down to sell to secondary sites for higher price? . . . . I can't afford that markup . . sometimes its 5x the original price . . . I'm sick about this :( :(

Shelagh said...

blu I think all artists should try to help to clamp down on these secondary sites, in the UK Ed Sheeran said he'd block people buying from these sites from entering his concerts, it worked supposedly, (no idea how this was achieved) but if he did it, surely most artist could I'ts a shame that all tickets can't be bought ONLY from the venue box office websites,I saw QAL a couple of years ago in Romania and booked from the box office at the concert venue there for the price stated on the ticket( I'm in the UK and booked it online), they were reserved and picked up on the day of the concert no problem at all, however I could have bought them over here in the UK from a secondary site for 3 times the cost of the ticket before I went for 3 times the ticket value, disgraceful !!I won't do it anymore, I'd rather not go than pay silly amount to some secondary site. Hope you manage to get some at a fair price though x

Dee R Gee said...

Yes, It does say that both Trainor and Adam wrote original music for the film. That's a real plus for Adam! This movie looks creative and fun and I'm sure families will go to see it. And of course, Glamberts will flock to it, too! That voice is one in a billion whether he's singing or talking or laughing.

Nanbert said... said you'd tell us about BR after you saw it....but all you said was "very good"!

On the other hand we heard about the empty theatre... how far it was... your husband's shopping at Walmart, and eating a hotdog, seeing Playmobil movie, and possible fuller theatre then when kids are out of school in the summer!

Question: Beyond "very good"....what else did you THINK about the movie "BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY"?

I found it highly entertaining...the music was splendid (of course)...the acting was excellent, especially the physicality of Rami Malek as Freddie...the movie seemed too short, because so much of their lives and career was omitted....but it would take several movies to capture everything.

And it did not emphasize enough, IMO, how much the music depended on the INPUT, collaberation and intensely hard work of EACH and every member of the band to realize the final "Queen Sound" in every piece of only skimmed the surface...and made it seem much easier than it really was!

As a "biopic musical", it was a resounding success! But it was only a small "TASTE" of Queen! IMO. I left the theatre wanting more!

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert I just spent ten minutes letting you know how I felt about the BR movie and it erased some how, so mad. I looked for you yesterday you were not on the post.
I'll try one more time. I like the musicality of the movie very much. However most of the songs kind of floated in the back ground as the story of the four Queen men was told. RM acting was top notch through put the movie. There were several areas where it shined the most. My favorite was at the end concert I believe at Wembley stadium. His performance was so FM. Hr did a great job on making the singing look like it was his own nut I knew it wasn't from what was written about it.
That scene was pretty amaizing.
One other was when he had left the Queen band and went on his own. That scene when Mary confronted him about how he treated the other Queen members.
He was out in the rain after Mary left and he confronted his then manager for keeping things about Queen from him, mainly about the W concert.
Every time a song came on I started singing it to myself. I also loved the way they showed the fight of the entire band especially the FM character to get BR played on the radio. I thought the guys who played Brian and Rodger were very good, especially Brian. The Brian guy facial expressions was really very Brian M. I saw Adam coming off that truck and going into the bath house or bathroom whatever. Wow really would not have known that was Adam if I had not known before hand.
To sum it up RM did a great job playing a very hard guy to capture realistically. The music was great but you wanted more of it. The music at the end of the movie at the concert was really good. That entire scene was fantastic my favorite of the whole movie. It was ou a small taste of Queen
And it did leave you wanting more. I did not think either of showed enough of how the Queen machine ran and enough of how great they were together. Seemed like they disagreed more than they agreed on things. However that's just my opinion.
I really liked the movie and enjoyed it. There

Sue Smith said...

I started to say at the end the above I wrote about the movie , I made mistakes. I had to write it twice the other one erased some way so I wrote it faster.
Correction was RM acting was top notch through out. Correction RM performance was top notch through out the movie.
Correction RM did a great job with the singing making it look like it was real like it was him singing however I knew it was not him. There were a bit more because my darling phone changed a word here and there. I did not notice until to late. Was not redoing entire thing I already wrote it twice. Nambert I think you can get what I am trying to say.
I'm not as good at this sort of thing as you are. I am sorry I did not say more yesterday but was waiting for you to come.
Everyone on this site had gone to the movie. I did not know if they cared to hear about it from mr again.

Sue Smith said...

Thst was cared to hear about it from me again not mr again.

Sue Smith said...

I do remember Brian and Rodger saying whenever they made a new album they split up and of course then went back togdther.

Nanbert said...

Glad to hear from you, Sue. Yes, the movie did leave one wanting more. I'm so glad you got to see it, and you described your reactions perfectly. Thanks for your input. I saw it alone, too....and it's always frustrating to have no one to discuss a movie with afterwards...especially since we are so personally interested in it as Glamberts and Queenberts.

I guess Brian, Roger and Freddie splitting up after every album was because the stress of three intensely talented artists trying to collaborate in an artistic endeavor in order to produce ONE work had to be very stressful for them all.

Thank goodness they DID go back together again! I hope they are complete friends, now that they are not in the "artistic creation throes" anymore.

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert you are right. I am not sure I would have grasped the movie as well as I did if I did not have prior knowledge through Brian and Rodger. I was not a FM fan but I saw a pretty good but older biopic of Queen on a cable channel few months ago. Gave me some insight into FM life and death.also read some things. I read that FM loved the band Queen followed RT around for weeks to try out for Queen. In the movie he came up to Brian and Rodger and told them he wanted to join it or something like that. They didn't respond much he walked off but then turned around started singing. After that he fronted Queen. There were several differences but didn't matter they had to trim it down. The little differences did not make much difference. I heard they nominated for a SAG award also. Not sure what the nominations were, probably about the same as GG.
It deserves all the accolades it's getting. What makes me angry all you ever hear about is the Star Is Born. Sure that was very good but so was this one. That news shows for you that's why I rarely watch them unless I know Adam going to be on one.

Rosemary White said...

Unfortunately, I think "A Star Is Born" will take out all the accolades this year. Has anyone here seen the movie? I haven't seen it and probably won't see it, so can't comment on it. A friend of mine said it's good but she wouldn't rave about it.

Sue Smith said...

Rosemary White I have not seen it and no I'm not gonna see it. Unfortunately I'm afraid you may be right.
However so far BR is nominated for GG and the SAG awards. Maybe if they do not win any on one maybe they may on the other.
Hoping for Oscar nod. Guess we will see what happens for the two they are nominated for early next year. The Oscar nominations are out soon I believe. BR financially did phenomenal around the globe. RM gave a very good performance in this movie.