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From Creative Sharka: Adam Lambert Fan Art December 18, 2018 December/Christmas Countdown #18 Morongo Outfit

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Posted at : Tuesday, December 18, 2018

From Creative Sharka: Adam Lambert Fan Art December 18, 2018 December/Christmas Countdown #18 Morongo Outfit

@creativesharka: "The whitest Adams outfit I found #morongo December 18, 2018 December countdown 18th chibi , @adamlambert #adamlambert #fanart #christmas #holidaysarecoming #christmascountdown #glamberts #chibi #cute #red #snow #digitalart #digital #playmobil #playmobilmovie"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Mi Re La said...

Morongo's performance is among my favorites.I consider this appearance of Adam one of the most sexy, and the way he sang "There I said it" was perfection.

Mi Re La said...

ADAM LAMBERT - There I Said It - Morongo 7/18/15

Shelagh said...

Definitely A fabulous performance!!

and on that note I bid you all farewell and a Happy Christmas to MOST of you, I have enjoyed being on this blog site for as long as I can remember, however lately, the constant bullying of me by two certain "ladies" on here, who constantly attack my comments whether complimenting Adam, or giving my own opinion( even if negative), is just getting nastier every time I comment.I'ts no fair to any of you other bloggers on here, to read the many rants( which I am also guilty of) so to keep the peace for everyone I am off here for good, as I realise this blogsite is their life and obviously haven't got anything else to occupy their time, so not fair to them !!

Lam-My, I adore your poems and comments, something I will truly miss.

Rosemary White, thank you so much for sticking up for me, when these two were incredibly vile towards me, they won't accept anyone else's opinions except their own, as seen in their last rants.

Glitzy Lady
I truly apologise for some of the rants, again when I have done this and actually apologised (if I thought I went too far with these ladies, during one of our 'spats') it's 'thrown back in my face' as being told I was just being sarcastic, something I found very offensive tbh, so yes it IS very personal towards me !even when trying to lighten the mood by adding LOL this is apparently sarcasm too according to them.

I REALLY hope these two 'fans' look up the word HYPOCRITE, they might finally realise, that the crap they dish out to me is just the same as they accuse me of dishing out.

I have been accused of being a LIAR, FROM THE GUTTER, TROLL etc etc, something not nice to come from a 70yr old and 85 ?(I think you said you were )possibly a saying we have here in the UK 'takes one to know one' springs to mind? also been accused of using another name on here, something I NEVER did.

To all you other bloggers on here, I wish all the best to you and will contuinue to follow our beautiful Adam in whatever he does.
Best wishes to all EXCEPT the two ladies who know who they are, don't bother to rant on my comment,I certainly won't be reading it because as soon as I've pressed the 'publish' button I'm off here for good so you can clap your hands in glee !! because all you'll do now is write it to yourselves , NO-ONE WANTS TO READ SENSELESS RANTS
all the best Glitzy Lady and all the other lovely bloggers on here

Mi Re La said...

I do not understand the comment posted by Shelagh.I did not notice any tensions between some people on this blog. Maybe I did not read all the comments? I think that Adam's fans are fantastic people like him.

Elaevans said...

No!!! Don't do that!!! Somody with different point of view is much needed here.

Dee R Gee said...

There are lots of places to be an Adam fan. It doesn't have to be here. :)

Sue Smith said...

What a crock she put out. She all the things she said others were and much, much worse. It will be a much happier for me I dont know about others who want back up running Adam down.
I adore him and cannot stand that s--t.

Excuse me talk about a rant. She was the biggest bully on here and a big old hypocrite and mean to Adam.
I wanted to leave more than once do to her bulling and meanness to Adam. However decided that woman would not run me off this site.

Sue Smith said...

Yes I'm talking a out Shelaugh.

Sue Smith said...

About not a out.

Rosemary White said...

Comments on this blog have certainly deteriorated in recent times, so much so that I know people who no longer wish to be part of it because of nasty, uncalled for comments that have been posted. It's sad and very disappointing, and I'm sorry to see you leave, Shelagh. Hopefully, you'll reconsider. This is Adam's blog where people should be happy, accepting of other people's opinions and not tearing each other apart.

glitzylady said...

As an administrator on this blog, and as an Adam Lambert fan who has been his fan since we first met him on Idol, I'm disappointed that some here continue to post rude comments to other fans, in spite of requests over the past month or so, to please be respectful of Adam and of each other.

This is my last warning. If this fighting amongst fans continues here, there will be deletions of comments, as much as I prefer not to do that except under extreme circumstances (i.e. "spam" comments in the form of advertising, and truly vicious and hurtful untrue comments re Adam or others). We wish to honor the concept of free speech but sometimes that speech crosses the line.

We have clearly posted a blog behavior guide, that has been on the main page for several years:

"We reserve the right to delete your comment if we find it disrespectful, mean, or inappropriate."

We don't mean to suggest that differences of opinion, conversations discussing various views are not welcomed and encouraged. By all means, discuss, express thoughts, etc. What we don't want to encourage are rude comments directed at other participants on the blog. We also delete comments that are clearly meant to demean others, including Adam himself. We went to the sign in requirement because too much of that was happening a few years ago.

This blog was started way back in 2010 by the original blog owner/administrator aka @Admin, to provide a friendly, informative, and convenient place for fans to chat about Adam. And to learn what was/is happening from day to day in the world of Adam. Chat away, discuss but PLEASE stop the rudeness that we have been seeing on some of the recent threads.

This blog is here to celebrate Adam Lambert. It is not a private chat room. It is public for all to see. The people who leave comments are but just a few of the fans who come to see what Adam is up to. Let's make it a welcoming environment again.

As an example, we posted this fan art by Creative Sharka for all of us to enjoy. She is an extremely dedicated and talented Adam fan, one who Adam Lambert himself appreciates. He occasionally "likes" her posts on Instagram, and even shares them on his own page at times. Let's enjoy the art, the Adam news, lets chat about Adam. He's always worth our time, our energy, our conversation, our admiration, our respect. Some have been here since the beginning, others are just now discovering Adam.

But again, please do not use this space to create an uncomfortable place for others who come here to see what Adam is up to.. There are other threads with Adam news etc. that have become similar fan battlegrounds. Please stop and just enjoy Adam.

Thank you... and Peace

Rosemary White said...

Thanks, glitzylady. You're the voice of wisdom and reason.

Sue Smith said...

glitzylady Shelaug was not a nice person at all. You yourself told her to stop being snarky and gossiping. Before I came on here I heard the way she tried to degrade Adam to Nanbert, she was not having it at all. She said with fans like you Shelaug. No one needs enemies. I made the mistake of going on Instagram, I cried the way she talked
About Adam. It was definitely her she said same here got worse way worse on there. Nobody was having it some reported her. I did not. I stopping because of it. One second she loved him to bits next minute tore him to bits.

I dreaded with everything in me Adam dating anyone herself and a couple others tore him to bits. You yourself commented on it. I was not mean to her she was mean period. I wanted to leave several times I did not tear people apart and grand stand about it.
That post of hers is total nonsense and disgusting. So now its poor, Shelaug. People who have always taken the high road towards Adam were Trash.
Rosemary White I had been back here a couple days had not been on this site in several years. You yourself said the same thing you have friends that stop coming here because of one person. That was after S said some really degrading things about Adam at a club. So it sure was not me.
I've always and Nanbert who out of town lucky her and many other lovely people have loved Adam and never degraded
Him ever.
I will post to support Adam only. Gl you are the moderator but I hope in the future we do not have to stand anymore degradation that lovely guy Adam Lambert.
Everyone and GL have a lovely Christmas.
Mirela, Sunflower,Lam-my,Nanbert, and Dee R Gee and all on here who love and respect the lovely, sweet Adam Lambert. No ones perfect who wants to be.
Gonna take few days off from here to much negativity being supported by just a few here.
Gl I hope your not mad but this is Adam Lambert 24/7 not degrade Adam Lambert 24/7.
Dont worry about me when I come back I'm just going to listen about upcoming things about Adam. I will try not to post it's not worth it Adam doing fantastic. Peace.
Oh Merry Christmas to Creative S. You are wonderful wish there were tons more of you on here you are a treasure.

Sue Smith said...

Dont know why huge space.

Mi Re La said...

I suggest we no longer be angry and enjoy the gift that God has given us.
Adam Lambert Casino Morongo - all the performance

Sue Smith said...

Just want to say one more thing lot of those nasty uncalled for responses were directed at me from person who left she made my life on here miserable I'm not the only one either. I'm suppose to be sad she left? If certain people want to stop uncalled for remarks please stop making them as well. The ones complaining tbe most do your part to and stop placing the blame on everyone else. Do your part as well please to make a happier more friendly site to be on because you have some blame in this as well.

Rosemary White said...

You're trying to cause trouble, Sue where there is none. Please read glitzylady's post again.

Rosemary White said...

Glitzylady, I've been trying to access Adam's official forum without success. I've googled it as well but no luck so far. Has its website address been changed? Thanks.

Sue Smith said...

No I am not. I want everything to be ok here. Please stop talking about uncalled for remarks when I did not make them.not one on here is perfect and not to blame for reacting wrongly to things. I wish you could try to get along with me. I've tried with you.
I did not do anything to Shelaug she was mean to me and she made Me miserable. Your blaming everyone for her but her. Please try and get along. Now your saying I'm causing trouble where there is none. When I wa s stating my feelings. I dont want to argue with anyone anymore. Like I said we all had a part in causing problems like mirela said stop being angry and start enjoying this site. No body perfect here we all had a hand in some of the disregard here all of us. I'm sorry your friends dont want to come here I dont blame them I dont any more either. Have a good Christmss I'm out of here like I said.

Angeladam said...

yes I think you shuld read again !, I was here also when Rosemary saying about people leave here, I don't think she mean shelaugh tho I tbhink it was someone else ?,and I thnik you should no say bad thing unless you prove it her on the instagrm,she said she not use other name, on here also it stop right now please

Sue Smith said...

Oh brother go away what I said was 100 percent true about Instagram. You think only thing she denied. This is very suspect when did you start talking like this.

Sue Smith said...

Yes GL what is Adam official web site address. Never seen it would like to also.

Sue Smith said...

Now bye all have a nice christmas.

Mi Re La said...

IDOLATOR : 'We’ve spent far too many lonely nights without new music from Adam Lambert, but something is on the horizon'
From Selena Gomez To Madonna, The 30 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2019

Angeladam said...

sometimes my text are not good but on here a while !

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Hi all!! Just here to remind you to VOTE 4 ADAM at the B G Fashion poll for December .. one more win for 2018 for ADAM .. the most Stylish man .. here's the link for anyone who wants to vote .. you can vote every 48 hrs. & you must confirm your vote by email so that it counts for two!! ADAM is ahead right now but let's give him three wins in a row!! Go Glamberts!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Unknown said...

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