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From Creative Sharka: Adam Lambert Fan Art December 20, 2018 December/Christmas Countdown 20th chibi

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, December 20, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, December 20, 2018

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

Love it Creative Sharka! Thanks girl

Lam-My said...

Good evening 24/7 and handsome Chibi Adam! Aha, I see you are ready with a bag of ERA4 goodies! What's in the bag?

Hi there Lam-My! Well, you know what ERA4 is!

Yep, ERA4 stands for Album4 right?

Absolutely correct!

So you got it all neatly tied up; a Christmas present or New Year surprise?

I'm not too worried; you always deliver!

Aloha! Pharaohboy! How is the going?

Ni hao Lam-My! When the going gets tough, the tough gets going...πŸŽ„πŸŽˆπŸ‘πŸ₯‚πŸ•

Rosemary White said...

Lovely chibi ....... thanks, CreativeSharka.

Lam-My said...

Ooooh-la-la! Dr Brian May's solo single New Horizons is going into deep Space...remember the heart image on Pluto...this same space probe is going even deeper into close to Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) Ultima Thule on New Year’s Day - 1st January 2019.

Brian's unmistakable cosmic guitar debuts in Space / NASA.

Sue Smith said...

Merry Christmas Lam-my, sweet Pharoah and Adam. Not that he will see it.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Just be here off and on until after Chritmas. πŸŽ…πŸ•πŸŽ…πŸ•

Lam-My said...

Hey there Sue! Merry Christmas to you and your beloved family! You have so much warmth and humility, to radiate to others. πŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŽΉ

Sue, it crossed my mind, tongue in cheek, about the NASA probe...even if they scour the whole universe, they can't find an Adam that wails like that... lol!

Sue Smith said...

Very, very true Lam-My. He out of the stratosphere with that voice never mine out of this world. I Did not read the article but saw the headline about Bdian's first solo in years with NASA dont really know what that meant.
Oh that heavenly guitar of his sounds like the music from its gliding over universe.
Especially when he looked like he was standing on the hand of that big head thing they had in the last concert.
Looked like he was playing guitar floating through the universe.
Correction Brian. Sure his new music is exceptional.

Lam-My said...

Helloo CNN I heard the word *precipitous used twice...on Amanpour and by Ivan Watson. (21 Dec 2018)

'Wham! Something dropped from atop a *precipice...A net!' Bert/Dragon story.
(Nov 30, 2018)

🎁πŸ₯€Merry Christmas!πŸ™‹πŸ»

Angeladam said...

Fab chibi ! always look forward to seeng them

Dee R Gee said...

The chibis are always a "cute fix" for me! Sharka is amazing!

Sue Smith said...

SHarka your work is outstanding every single time. Have a lovely blessed holiday.

Lam-My said...

Artist/Animator: Mark Hough / Queen & Adam Lambert


Helloo Frank! I bring you good tidings...

δ½ ε₯½ ni hao Lam-My!

Well, your Daddy Brian is embarking on an extremely remote Space Odyssey.

Really! Would he pass by my home Saturn?

Not so sure but I see the Spacecraft in orbit with Jupiter, passes Pluto with the heart. Ask your Daddy Brian, he's an astrophysicist.

My human Daddy is coming around the mountain to pay me a visit! Whiiooo wheeete!

How is my boyfriend Adam Lambert, I heave him up and he loves me.

He's busy as a bee; non-stop gigs and preparing to launch Album 4.

Yeah! That means I get to hear him sing new songs!

How is Pharaohdoggo? He's jealous of me.

Why would he be jealous of you?

Don't know, ask him.

Good evening Pharaohboy!

δ½ ε₯½ ni hao Lam-My!

Frank Humanoid says you are jealous of him. Are you?

For sure Yes!

Pharaoh, Daddy will always love you no matter who else he loves. Never doubt that.

Okaaay...But I like him to love me only! πŸ‘½πŸ•


Lam-My said...

@AdamLambert on Instagram Stories: Omen?

Well well, Adam finally read my Bert/Dragon story...*omen

Dragon got up close to Bert, Pharaoh peeping from behind him...tilted its Dragon head responding to Bert's voice. The natives loved their Dragon and saw this as a good *omen.

Lam-My (Nov 30, 2018 at 2:48 am)

Click on Adam's video. @AdamL_Daily 1h

There I Said It... incorporated in the Bert/Dragon story...superb delivery!

Mi Re La said...

npr : "Adam Lambert: Queen Of The Glamberts"

Mi Re La said...

NEW VIDEO from @adamlambert instagram

Very handsome , killing me.

Sue Smith said...

I saw that picture he had a shirt saying I'm a Vegan on it. Beyond in love with that look. Guess what referring to.

Lam-My said...

Pharaoh and Oliver

Helloo seem a bit aloof towards Oliver; he's cute. I assume Daddy is having some friends over, well you got a friend to hang around with.

Ni hao Lam-My...Oliver is okay, smart and knows some tricks.

Lam-My said...

Since several references have been made regarding my Bert/Dragon story...I'll re-post it here.
An impromptu story... 

Bert and his beloved dog were out on a jog. Trip trip trip across the bridge overlooking a chasm. Pharaohdoggo trotted briskly keeping close to his Daddy on the narrow winding paths. 

Daddy, someone is following us...
Really? I don't see anything.
A long shadow was noticeable; that could be cast by a tree as evening shadows are long.

Daddy, the shadow is dancing...
What? Phara, are you okay?
Ooooeeeh... Pharaoh continued whimpering.
All right, I'll check it out.

Wham! Something dropped from atop a precipice...A net! They were trapped! By who?
Whiioo! Whiioo ! The chieftain blew his whistle...a group of natives emerged from the chasm labyrinth. They formed a circle around Bert and Pharaoh who was trembling, clutching to his Daddy.

Whoa! Where did they come from, this day and age. About ten of them dragged the net and it was barbaric like a scene from the movies. Pharaoh was shivering head to toe; Bert tried to keep calm while being prodded into the dark chasm; the only light source was through rock fissures where water was also seeping down. Ooooeeeh...Pharaoh gave out a whimper of fear.

All of a sudden...Pooom Pooom...a large well-camouflaged reptilian lifted its head which was earlier thought to be a rock by Bert. It started spewing sparks and smoke from its mouth, irritated by the commotion...A Dragon! Bert too was feeling jittery now.

Aarrrh Pooooh! The natives' pet Dragon threw a tantrum, spewed more smoke. To appease it, they threw chunks of meat at it. The narrow chasm was shrouded in smoke and darkness, almost zero visibility except for the twilight seeping through. Bert thought this would be his only hope to freedom...Took out a sharp penknife he always carried with him on a hike...cut the net open and crawled out. 

Phara Run! Pharaohdoggo understood the command Run!

Both made a dash for the ravine entrance, groping and feeling their way with the little light they got. The natives were so busy attending to their Dragon that they hardly noticed their escape in the dark.

Daddy! We better get back to the main road before they realise we are gone.
Too late...Bong Bong Bong ! The natives were hitting their gongs to alert their victims' escape. The natives caught up with them, threw another net from atop the precipice and recaptured them! They were the colony's guards.

Dragon came ambling out of the chasm: Pooooh Pooooh...Puff their magic Dragon wanted more servings of meat. What followed was abominable! The natives carried Bert and Pharaoh to serve as fodder for their pet Dragon! Whoa!

Sure reminds me of Daniel in the the lions' den...if you recall, Daniel played his harp and the lions left him alone. There was nothing else Bert could do but to distract the singing for his life...his most well-delivered vocals...

'So there I said it
And I won't apologize to you anymore
Cause I'm a grown-a** man
And I won't live again
And I'm sick and tired of living in your shadow
So there I said it...' 

It reverberated in the chasm's natural acoustics. Dragon got up close to Bert, Pharaoh peeping from behind him...tilted its Dragon head responding to Bert's voice. The natives loved their Dragon and saw this as a good omen. Dragon saved their lives...Bert and Pharaoh were set free...πŸ²πŸ•
(November 30, 2018 at 2:48 am)

*Condolences to the bereaved families of hundreds who died in the Indonesia Anak Krakatau volcanic eruption / tsunami...22 Dec 2018.