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From The Los Angeles Times: Adam Lambert Interview "Go Away With....Adam Lambert"

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Posted at : Wednesday, January 23, 2019

From The Los Angeles Times: Adam Lambert Interview "Go Away With....Adam Lambert"

"California boy Adam Lambert says that traveling has exposed him to seeing other people's points of view."

Adam Lambert photo by Joseph Sinclair

Read the complete interview here: 
"Go Away With....Adam Lambert"

An excerpt below:
Q. What's the most important thing you've learned from your travels?

Adam Lambert: That people are people. Language barriers can be broken with good eye contact and a smile. I was in Paris a day before a friend once and so I just wandered around for about five hours and felt so enchanted by the architecture and sights around every little corner and down every alley. I purposely let myself get lost before I finally called my Uber to take me back to my hotel. I feel you can absorb a lot of cultural energy by simply walking around with open eyes and ears. When my friend arrived, we went to museums and had the more traditional tourist experience. Paris is truly beautiful. I think the cliche that the French don't like Americans tends to be more true when we act like we are still in America.

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Dee R Gee said...

This was a lovely interview. Adam is so observant and so articulate about what he experiences. He's a great observer of people and his surroundings. He's very perceptive and he wants to see a new place all the time. He's curious and I love that in a person.

But I found myself chuckling about all his "products." LOL He knows the names of every fragrance and every candle and every favorite beverage, etc., no matter where he is. Not just the aroma itself, but the brand. He's really into that big-time.

If you asked me what brand of hand lotion I had in my bathroom, I wouldn't be able to tell you. Haha!

Adam is an exceptionally appreciative traveler. He knows he's lucky to be able to travel the world. And he isn't afraid to learn something on the way.

broddybounce said...

I agree with Dee R Gee -- wonderful interview! And, yes, the products -- he even had to mention Uber! :P However, since I'm a full-time Uber driver, I don't mind!

LOVE all this exposure Adam is getting -- all these appearances and acting opportunities! And, lordy, with all the great exposure & press on BoRhap, the summer tour is going to be ON FIRE!!!

Thanks for posting this, glitzy!! <3

Nanbert said...

I completely agree, Dee R Gee.... and added to that is his keen intelligence and artistic temperament, which enhances his appreciation of the experiences he has had.....and keeps him open minded for what's next. Happily, he loves traveling, which is perfect for his lifestyle and career.

Sue Smith said...

Adam is so very bright and interesting. He loves to see new things and places and experiance every single thing he can in life. He just loves life and all the mysteries it beholds all over the world.

Sunflower said...

A nice surprise interview focusing on travel. It is amazing to see the world and go to all these places one hears about. I would love to visit Barcelona and Rome myself, so perhaps one day. Sigh. I thought it was cute when Adam intentionally got lost in Paris but called Uber to pick him up to take him back to the hotel, so to me he wasn't really lost, he had means to be found. Lol. I do love this picture from the article.

Mi Re La said...

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This interview was conducted on 12 December 2018 at Roger Taylor’s personal recording studio, in England.

blu said...

I do hope Adam is keeping some kind of diary or journal . . . . . he has a key for photography! And to travel the world . . :)

Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert - Funny Moments 2018

Dee R Gee said...

Love the Roger Taylor interview! He and Brian are doing "what they do." And it's a great life. Love how he mentions Adam at the end and acknowledges his talent and what a good person he is.