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Adam Lambert: "#FeelSomething Is Officially Out Now Everywhere! Love You Guys!!" PLUS LIVE VIDEO INSTAGRAM Chat With Adam

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Thursday, February 21, 2019

Posted at : Thursday, February 21, 2019

Adam Lambert: "#FeelSomething Is Officially Out Now Everywhere! Love You Guys!!" PLUS LIVE VIDEO INSTAGRAM CHAT With Adam

LINK HERE TO Download or Listen to

"Feel Something" by Adam Lambert

on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, You Tube, Tidal (or go to the link in Adam's tweet directly below)

And you can also listen to the Official "Audio/Video" embedded below on Adam's You Tube Channel 

Adam is looking VERY HAPPY (see the photo below) with the excellent reception his gift of song "Feel Something" shared especially for his fans is having worldwide! The song is on his new album, coming out in "the Spring" but he is sharing it with us now. (It is not the first single according to Shoshanna Stone, his publicist). An OFFICIAL 1st single will be following soon(ish)! 

Watch his live Instagram chat that he gave us earlier tonight. And thanks to @14Gelly for recording it for us and uploading it to You Tube.. Watch in her tweet below or go to You Tube to watch..

Adam Lambert 
Screen cap from his Instagram chat on 2-21-19

And listen to the song:
Adam Lambert - Feel Something [Audio Video]

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sue Smith said...

This song is amaizing. Completely gorgeous.

MsCookie said...

Oh my... so beautiful. I actually started to cry a bit.

Dee R Gee said...

The song is gorgeous! I love the gentle background vocals which I assume are Adam's voice over-dubbed. It's kind of choir-like and it suits the song perfectly.

Loved the Q&A. It know these things can be a little awkward because he has to read the question feed, but he did talk quite a bit about the making of the album and how he felt. And he WANTS TO TOUR ON THIS MUSIC so we have to help him get there!

I always assume that there are lots of questions that appear on the feed that are either too dumb, too personal, too rude, or just too off-topic to answer out loud. So he probably has to skip a lot to get to the few good ones. Good thing he's a talker. He can fill in the gaps pretty well.

Gott admit that I love the hair. I know I know. Some of us don't. And he keeps pulling it back. But I find it very sexy and his beautiful face is still there. I think he will just slick it all back for the Oscars and it will look very hot! By the time he does his solo tour, it will really be long. I love that thick, glossy hair. He's very lucky to have it.

And he has really given us the juicy teaser about his outfit for the Oscars! Can't wait to see THAT! Still no news on what they'll sing. I predict they open with WWRY to get everyone clapping and stomping. Then ease into BoRap, because that's the Oscar focus. They don't have a ton of time, but they could get a least a short version squeezed in. We'll see

Mi Re La said...

ROLLING STONE : Hear Adam Lambert’s Achingly Yearning New Song ‘Feel Something’

Dee R Gee said...

Nice to get some attention from Rolling Stone. AND they mentioned the background "chorus" that I also said was very effective. Been Spotifying and will download today!

Sue Smith said...

I cant express how proud I am of Adam.
I believe him going through what he has gone through has made him stronger and more determined to suceed.
He looked last night during is talk very happy.

Sue Smith said...

His talk not is talk.

Sunflower said...

So good to see and hear Adam in good spirits! He mentioned outfits, so one for Red Carpet and one for performance or 2 different looks for their performance. We shall see. Btw I keep hearing QAL will sing a medley of songs. So over 5 minutes of time, I'm guessing. I hope to God QAL will get a standing ovation and that the Super bowl people will see what they missed and have regrets for not having these guys for half-time entertainment.