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Adam Lambert On Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: #Oscars Tomorrow (Dressing Room Door Photos)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Saturday, February 23, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, February 23, 2019

Adam Lambert On Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: #Oscars Tomorrow (Dressing Room Door Photos)

Adam's tweet:

Adam on Facebook:

Adam on Instagram (click on the arrow on the right side to see photo #2)

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We posted the same photos earlier today that were passed along by Queen Official's @QueenWillRock humorous comment on Twitter:

 "What's all this then?.." 

LINK: Adam Lambert's Dressing Room Sign At The Oscars..& Roger Taylor and Brian May's "What's All This Then?.." #Oscars

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

Who would have though a few weeks ago that we would see Adam hanging out with the Hollywood elite before, during and after the Oscars? Right where he belongs. So many big stars will see him perform, many for the first time. They'll find out what all the fuss is about. This is all just a perfect storm of destiny. The exposure is priceless and the timing of the release of FS was a perfect strategy.

I think Adam's heartfelt letter to his fans really grabbed people and helped the success of the song. People got to know him a little. Hope the actual single makes a big splash, too!

Angeladam said...

Hoping all goes well for them, I'm sure they'll do an incredible tribute to Freddie , can't wait to see it !

glitzylady said...

Very excited for Adam and for the men of Queen.

I do want to say that while paying tribute to Freddie Mercury is wonderful, Queen as a whole, as a band, is also very much going to be honored at the Oscars, not only for the Oscar nominated movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" but for their incredible body of work as the band Queen. And so thrilled for Adam to be a part of this epic achievement.

And yes, for Adam to have his own dressing room at the prestigious Oscar event, I suspect he never dreamed in a million years, as he was auditioning for American Idol back in 2008, for 2009's Season 8, that he would one day be a part of this event, on stage with Queen. Just wow...

Sue Smith said...

This is so exciting for Adam he deserves every single bit of it and more. He a big part of Qieen now and certainly had a good size part in it success of today. Yes, yes I know it was always successful but they desperately needed a frontman like Adam. Yes it certainly proper to pay tribute to Freddie the movie and Brian and Rodger and Adam have continued to do that at concert.
Brian and Rodgerdederve plenty of love for this movie as well. No picture would have been made without them.
So happy for all happening for Adam no one deserves it more. I hope Rami wins best actor and QAL smashes it out of the park. Adam song Feeling good is beautiful, haunting as I said before simply gorgeous.
Hope performing at the Oscar's give another big boost. I'm so excited for this performance. Correction that was Adam deserves it.

Nanbert said...

Exactly, glitzylady....I think this is especially important for Adam's
exposure in this country. The Oscars performance will give him great credibility among Americans (and others) who are not aware of him at this point...or will remember him from American Idol and have wondered what happened to him...Sheez!

I have to tell everyone something funny...I went to Adam's website and just entered "Break a leg".... which, among theatrical people means "Good Luck"......well, the website did not accept my remark because it was considered "inappropriate"! hahaha So I left!

I wonder if Brian, Roger and the other band members have decided to be costumed for this epic performance. Hope so. It would be nice....ALL, head to foot in sequins! LOL.

I won't sleep a wink all night...oh my! Then I will have to set a clock to wake me up for the Oscars, in case I doze off at the wrong time tomorrow.

Last, but not least, I hope Adam does not wear anything with holes!

Is anyone nervous besides me? Oh my!

Dee R Gee said...

As much as I am thrilled at the success of the BoRap movie, I do want people beyond the fandom to know that Queen's resurrection and giant comeback began long before the movie. It began with Adam becoming their front man. That's when the magic began. Brian and Roger have said so many times. They got their Gift From God. So although the movie has been a great bonus to Queen's "second life," it was Adam who really made it happen.

Some current articles are saying that it is the movie that is allowing them to tour again, etc. That's not the case. They've been touring for six years with Adam. I just want lots of people to know this. Most don't care, but it matters to me. I know I'm just a devoted fan, but Adam's role in all this cannot be over-stated. Ok, my rant is over. Now, back to my flailing!

Dee R Gee said...

And Nanbert, I also want to say to Adam, "Break a leg!"

Rosemary White said...

Maybe Brian and Roger have a suite to share. If not, they mightn't have the plethora of costumes Adam is likely to have.

Rosemary White said...

I wonder how many rooms the rest of the band have. They are an extremely important part of Queen.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White....I was thinking the same thing about all Adam's costumes needing more space...until it occured that as much as he'd like, there's no time for costume changes...there's just one costume needed...and that's it!

However, his make-up......

Nanbert said...

Dee R are SO right about people NEEDING to understand that Queen's return to the top of the heap has been entirely due to Adam. .. It's about time the world became aware that Adam is the reason Queen is even more successful today than when Freddie was alive. Without him, Queen would be in mothballs! No one else could perform Queen's music better than Adam.

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, "Queen is even more successful today than when Freddie was alive" .... where are the statistics that prove it? I take it that includes the millions upon millions of albums and singles Queen recorded with Freddie when he was alive, and continue to sell, as well as countless merchandise. I've read that Queen has sold between 170-200 million units consisting of albums, singles (including digital downloads) and videos, and no doubt that has increased with the worldwide success of the "Bohemian Rhapsody" movie, the soundtrack and the DVD.

Also, I'd be surprised if Adam doesn't change for the Oscar after-parties. He loves changing things up.

Bring on the Oscars 2019!

blu said...

I think Adam has about 5 outfits

What he wears to Oscars
Red Carpet outfit
Performing outfit
Sitting in audience after performance outfit
and after party outfit

He is probably in "Oscar Outfit Heaven" :)

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White...a valid question...but obviously QAL cannot be compared with Queen's albums and singles because none exist for QAL...certainly that was self-evident. In fact, Brian said Queen's albums and singles sales have picked up again since QAL began touring. But we have to compare apples to apples, don't we?

I based my remark on something Brian has said on a couple of occasions....that QAL's TOURS have become even larger and more successful that those of the original Queen. I didn't make that up out of thin air. Apparently I should have copyed or saved links to those interviews, so I could present the actual quotes from doubters like you. If I run across them, I will....but perhaps some other Glambert might find/remember them, too.

I think , like Dee R Gee, that it's time for Adam to get his FULL credit for Queen's resurrection and current success . Without him there would be no tours. As Queen's current FRONTMAN, he dazzles audiences just as much as Freddie....with his OWN unequalled voice and stage presence. Without him....Queen would be silent. Both Brian and Roger have said they'll never tour again without him.

Glamitup said...

Omg I am just beside myself with excitement and nerves!! Today is the day!!!! I can’t wait!!! Bring it Queen and Adam!!

Sue Smith said...

Oh, Nanbert I'm a nervous wreck. But inside I know he going to be wonderful all of them
Think he going to look great. He said the other day he got some looks for us.
I imagine it will be Hollywood glamorous at it best.
I'm so happy glitzylady you said what you said. This is so exciting for all of them they have done quite a few firsts together. I'm so proud of them all.

Sue Smith said...

Totally agree with you Nanbert.just saw on channel 13 count down to Oscar's the people are not there. They showed a great clip of Adam singing Queen at a stadium in that tiger outfit with crown on. Said so smart of the producers to have them open with their millions of fans. It was a stadium they showed.
Check your TV guide on your TV hit the info button on the oscar show tonight bring it up hit info button. It says Queen Adam Lambert perform. That's all it has. Look on cast and crew it's all producers except for Adam Lambert shows same old picture from idol he looks so young and cute now he gorgeous. Also shows a Queen no picture. These are the only ones beside producers they show on vast and crew.
I'm so proud of them. As I said without Brian and Rodger this movie would not been made. Hope it does well and RM gets best actor. Got to be honest watching for Adam and Queen have not watched much of the Oscars in years.
The celebs not there yet.they are now showing videos of stuff. 4.30 central which is 2.30 California will probably start the celeb interviews. Got go get things done so can watch it all.
One thing about it this performance has really showed Adam's real supporters.
Believe Adam and Queen making new fans tonight. Correction that was cast and crew.

Nanbert said...

Hang in there, Sue. We'll survive this....I hope. QAL is probably more relaxed than we are fight now.

Being a fan can be really hard work!...especially when we know well in advance about an important performance. Then we worry, speculate, fret, pace, overthink, wring our hands, discuss and discuss, froth at the mouth, wax poetic and exhaust ourselves coping with the suspense and anxiety. Whew!

Then, just as the dust settles, another prospective performance drags us back into the "whirlpool"! Oh my!

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert I'm trying to calm down. Everything you said is so true.

Angeladam said...

Nanbert awh come on, you said Queen were in mothballs before Adam, sorry can't agree, seriously they toured worldwide with Paul Rogers from Bad Company, ( British 70's band used to be in British 70's band called Free ?)for 5 YEARS until 2008/2009, when they parted ways so Paul could carry on with his Band ( they still tour today !) then along cam Madam Adam, who yes agree, took them to another level with his fronting of the band, never the less, they were not exactly "in mothballs" before Adam as you suggest !!, Anyway are we all having a little bet on how many outfits Adam will wear at the Oscars ?? and Nanbert loved your comment about how much 'dressing room space 'he may have needed for his makeup LOL !! so funny x

Angeladam said...

Hope they actually mention John Deacon in all this, he was a huge part of the band, how fantastic it would be if he actually agreed to play with them , ( never going to happen sadly but what a thought ) I can imagine how Adam is on 'cloud nine ' !!

Sue Smith said...

Queen and Adam spectacular. Adam looked and sounded sensational. The opening was perfect.