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From Creative Sharka: Adam Lambert Fan Art! New chibi @adamlambert

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

Lambert, Levine, Lambert, Levine, Lambert, Levine, Lambert, Levine. When will people ever get it straight! LOL

Nanbert said...

Loved that shirt of Adam' an abstract painting. I remember he wore it when QAL disembarked from their plane in Vegas before their residency and had a press interview. He looked so handsome and classy...oh my!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

THIS!! is ADAM LAMBERT!! He doesn't have to take off his clothes to make an impression .. his Voice & Talent does it all for him!!

That half time Super Bowl joke was the worst ever ... I hope they finally get it right ... THAT!! was Adam Levine .. and .... NOT ... ADAM LAMBERT!!

This chibi is one of Sharka's cuties .. IMO!! Good job!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Good morning Adam Lambert!
Yep, I know your name for sure
Not sure the mix-up is authentic
Maybe someone's popularity is dwindling
And yours on the other hand is soaring
Ah, those green-tip New Year Eve shoes
They'll soon be blue suede shoes performing
I heard your favourite Elvis song is
'I can't help falling in love with you'
I remember that clearly, I was then 20 something
That song will fit you to a T
Cuz you fall in and out of love so frequently
How about break free...not as lonely as it feels
In fact true artistes / scientists
Thrive best when they are left on their own
The tingling brain churns out magical rhapsody!
Don't fret too much...let yin yang do the crazy
Good morning Pharaohdoggo
Have you and Daddy gone on your Runyon run...
Perhaps Daddy is picking out a doggie sister for you
Well, well, I'd have 2 doggies to talk to
My cup runneth over...diamond ring a-sparkling
For Somebodyyyy tooooo looove...πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ•ΊπŸ»πŸ’


Sue Smith said...

The super bowl was the lowest rated in years or ever. I did not watch it except few minutes at the end. ADAM Levine is no Adam Lambert get it straight people. Adam would never be so disrespectful to run around half naked performing at any big performanceime that or any performance for that matter.
I'm far from a prude. I saw the picture of him with no shirt really unpleasant looking for a big performance like that.
From what I've seen he getting no raves at all for that performance. Maybe I'm wrong. They said on tbe night show that the super bowl was a snooze fest and showed a picture of a shirtless Adam Levine. The best thing I saw of any thing Super bowl was the performance of Adam Lambert and James C before the SB.
Correction above the word performance.

Lam-My said...

Today is 2nd day of Chinese New Year 6 Feb 2019...If Adam were to ride his red trishaw, in his red suit down a Singapore street, apparalled so appropriately, red, people would chase him down the street and throw him hoong bao / red packets and he can reciprocate by throwing roses back at them haw haw!

Brian May and Roger can ride pillion on the trishaw... Whoa! hoong bao from them would be huge!

Maybe Adam can memorise and show off some Mandarin Chinese New Year greetings; Brian spoke Mandarin to 80,000, Singapore crowd 2016.

新年愉快 ! seen nian yuee kwai ... ζ–°εΉ΄ seen nian / New Year / 愉快 yuee kwai / happy, agreeable

I like this one:

龍馬精η₯ž ! loong ma jing shern ... 龍 loong / dragon .. 馬 ma / horse .. η²Ύη₯ž jing shern / spirit, energy

ηŒͺ ju / pig

Lam-My said...


dragon horse 龍馬 ... China /

ηŒͺ ju / pig ...

Trishaw picture ... @ Queen & Adam Lambert

Sunflower said...

Thanks CreativeSharka for another great chibi of Adam! Lam-My I enjoyed reading your above poem! When you write haw haw, I laugh too. Another thing those stupid Super Bowl people better ask Queen/Adam to perform during half time! QAL can and will bring the house down and while Queen is HOT right now due to the success of Bo Rhap the movie!

Lam-My said...

Hi there Sunflower! Thanks! and your response to my haw haw is really cute and nice!

What is the real reason they have never asked QAL to perform at half-time Super Bowl; they would love to do it; the 3 Maestros always like new challenges. I think again, it's got a lot to do with business connections; I can think of Adam singing: We will Rock you and We are the Champions...his Operatic Rock vocals will fill the huge stadium. I'm not too perturbed, they are world renown.

Sue Smith said...

LAM-MY your Storie's and poem's are always so interesting.

Sue Smith said...

Always so cute CS.

Sue Smith said...

Always so cute CS.

Lam-My said...

Thank you Sue! and you are very encouraging.
You are also very passionate about Adam, the way you stand up for him; I used to fight a lot for him, to tell you the truth, I got kicked out from 2 earlier sites because I disagreed with the way they thought about what Adam did eg. the AMA. That's how I eventually ended up here; and fight some more lol! Now I have hung up my boxing gloves, but still stand for what Adam believes in, like LGBT issues etc. Actually, I'm liberal with regard the negative things people say about Adam, but must be accompanied by substantiation. They have to convince me, I always question to get to the bottom of things.

Mi Re La said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue Smith said...

LAM-My the AMA's seem like a life time ago. Adam has grown up beautifully since then. Tbe minute I saw him on Idol I was crazy about him. First time ever I felt that way about a singer. He more than a singer he a fantastic entertainer and nice man.
There have been some nasty peoe on here through tbe years most trolls. However the worse are the ones that claim to love him to bits and behind his back tear him to bits. The ones that make nasty remarks every time he dates someone or has a relationship. Making up things about who he dating and Adam.
Adam personal life is his own. All the speculating and making up things that are not true is very hurtful to me.
However Adam doing just fine. I've decided to try and let it go as much as humanly possible.
I believe this time and next his time in the entertainment field is coming not that be had not done great already he certainly has. I'll always have his back. But I'm trying to ignore best I can. It's often hard to get to the bottom of trolls who just there to cause cause trouble.
I think all celebs have them but it still hard to ignore but I'm trying to do just that now to some peoe.
I dont blame you for the AMA'A Adam was treated unfairly when performances from others after and before that on various shows were rewarded that were much worse.
Correction above I think Adam career this year and next in the entertainment field is on his way up. Thst was people not peop.
Sorry its 3.40 in the early morning not gone to bed yet. If Adam was not such an exceptional person I would not be as passionate about the guy.

Lam-My said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam-My said...

I'd like to add on a little more rhyme, with permission, if I may...

'If there's going to be peace and legislation,
there cannot be war and investigation.' ~ SOTU

Cuz there's no correlation
You either foster relation
Hold back fire and ammunition
Or let things slide into desolation
Little time left for the next Pick
My advice is give and take
It's more blessed to give than to take
So how about Both Sides work harder at it
People's lives are at stake
They too want bread freshly baked and a cuppa
On their table when they wake
A doctor when they are so sick
He did thwart a plausible nuclear war!
If by accident it misfired
Lo and behold God be with us all!
No escape...proliferates
They chose ole Singapore for their parktore / 拍拖
President Trump won't fall by my estimate
The Beast will steam-roll through the White House gate...πŸ›ŒπŸ»πŸš‘πŸ₯£πŸ‘¨‍πŸ‘©‍πŸ‘§‍πŸ‘¦


Mi Re La said...

Brian May IG post "And now back to the serious stuff in life ... ! Bri (thanks )"

Very funny doll Brian May. Are Adam's dolls too?

Lam-My said...

Wah! if you were standing on the backside of the moon, this is what our Earth looks like...Fascinating! It's like how we see the moon from Earth, this is the reverse. Picture sent back by China's satellite Longjiang-2 orbiting the moon. It's the best ever picture of moon / earth perspective in space.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Yeah!! The Beast is on the way out (from my lips to GOD's ears) .. he shut down the country & refuses to pay back-pay to those who were forced to work without pay or were sent home without pay for "THIRTY-FIVE" days!! Who can support a family without a paycheck?? Without warning people were FORCED to line up outside of soup kitchens ... that hasn't happened since the Great Depression of the 30's!! I hope the people of the USA have had enough of this LYING Buffoon!! He is still holding that threat over us if we don't agree to give him his freakin' WALL on Feb. 15th or worse!!

Sorry .... that moron has done more harm to America than good!! You have to live here to feel the fallout!! He & his henchmen are finally being called to face the music!! PLEASE GOD .. I PRAY!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Hear, hear, Lambert Outlaw...our beloved democracy is being systematically dissected by that madman....HE WHO: "knows the best words", "knows the best people", "has the best education", "has the best brain", "knows more about Isis than the Generals", " the ONLY one who can fix it!", "knows more about (fill in the word) than anyone"......etc. etc.

Trump's ignorance is only surpassed by his Ego....supported by his complete lack of empathy...lack of interest in learning....and pathological inability to tell the TRUTH..........our stupid, heartless. egotistical LIAR-IN-CHIEF!

What keeps me up at night...... THAT is the man with "his finger on the button"! It's in perfect keeping with his ego....when Mueller and the law finally closes in on him decide that "I'll take EVERYONE down with me"....and start a Nuclear war that destroys the whole world! What an EGO-TRIP that would be for him!

And people in Singapore are in just as much jeopardy as we are!

Lam-My said...

Come to think of it
I suddenly have an urge
To sing God bless America
Nice song you know
And that's precisely
My point in my above poem
Not only Singapore
Every country contaminates...epidemic
3 steps behind as always
Good ole Moon or Mars is not ready
For a space escape...
Aha, teleportation to a black-hole
A desperate leap of faith
But before that, we might have to borrow
God bless Singapore just for one day
Er not enough...forever we pray! πŸ˜·πŸ™πŸ»πŸŒͺπŸŒ†πŸŒ‘


Nanbert said...

Sing if it pleases you.....pray if it comforts you.

IF there is a God, I doubt that he/she/it cares about our mundane's presumptous to even expect it. We're most likely on our own...a mere speck in a vast universe. Our future, our world, is in OUR hands....and we've been doing a rotten job of husbanding it!

Trump denies/ignores the science of global warming, and he is hurrying the END of our planet by pulling out of all climate accords and programs because their restrictions will cost MONEY...and inconvenience him and his big business supporters.

Lam-My said...

God is not a person; so the idea of 'care of our mundane problems' is out of focus and concept. To me God or Universe or by whatever name you want to address, is an Immense Synergy that is present and if you can Tap into this Energy it can light your way, enlighten you, find your way towards being united with It at death. And since I've been nurtured/baptised as a Catholic, I use this way. You can use myriad other ways; the best way is to do good by benefiting other people, put oneself last, very difficult to do but that's an excellent way of Tapping into God's Synergy.

Nanbert said...

Having attended Catholic schools through 9th grade...I know that's not remotely a Catholic's not about the "personal" God one prays to ...the Loving God...the Wrathful God...the Father...the Son...etc.

That's O.K...worship as it satisfies you...but your embellishment of God as an impersonal "Energy" to plug into requires a different name for your religious belief. And then, WHO are you "praying" to when you say "God bless Singapore"?

The "Golden Rule" simple common sense and love....serves me well enough...and satisfies my "soul". No drama, no mysticism, no aliens, no numerology, no astrology, no sci-fi, etc. I neither believe or disbelieve...and live comfortably with that.

If there is an afterlife, I will find out when I die; if not, I won't know the difference anyway!

Lam-My said...

5 Nov 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ πŸŽ„πŸ•πŸ‡

Pharaohdoggo come to my crater to play moon-landing...hop step jump wheeeee plop! I made a track for you to the back door πŸŒ’

CLEP - China

Mousy you are also invited cuz next year is the year of the Rat 🐭🐷 Goodbye Porky for a job well done...

Hi Adam ! I did miss you this Halloween...after 9 years...I see you bounce back very quickly…zi immunity is on track…

Cantonese…sik bao mei ? eaten full already…? 😊

Wah, you switch gear faster than I hear it…falsetto to alto and back…good grief!
Hey Adam, I said that Superpower and New Eyes are my 1, 2 favourites …well well, dark horse Overglow seems to have overtaken both… > gee dee-up… gee-dee-up… no. 1.
At this rate, you’ll swipe the Pop arena clean!

ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert 23h ago …

Belly good !…so hamsome …(singlish haw haw)

Overglow ... Mastery in control alto falsetto ... Grammy !

Lam-My said...

Overglow...Adam's Mastery in control his alto falsetto
Slides into each other in a fluid overflow
Changes gear faster than I can hear
This is Grammy !
What do you think Pharaoh...
Daddy is my hero
Cooks the best munchy marrow chikidi go go
Jump jump pirouette...come on Daddy, hold the pan lower...Owooooh! Slurp!

Lam-My said...

The bass is coming through very strong !...I think I'm vibrating !

@AdamLambert performing Superpower tonight at #CitiesGivesBack.
Via richdradio & @cities97radio on Instagram Stories & … @AdamL_Daily 3h ago

Complete video… Wah! freedom yeeeaah……! so high flew up the sky…crazy! oh oh oh oh oh !

Lam-My said...

Overglow…Adam’s Mastery in his alto falsetto
Slides into each other like cogwheels
Interlocking in sensual delivery
Indeed a well-oiled vocal machinery
Weaves in and out like an electric eel
Control, changing of key…it’s Grammy!

What do you think Pharaoh… πŸ•
δ½ ε₯½ ni hao ! …Daddy is my hero
Cooks the best munchy marrow chikidi go go
Jump jump pirouette…hold the pan lower 🍳
Slurp! Love your Overglow…Daddy


Lam-My said...

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣ πŸ–️πŸͺ Nov 30

Bono and his magnifique Band performed at our National Stadium; very powerful acoustics with a surround sound that made me feel I was there. It has the largest retractable roof so that would have hemmed in the sound. 40,000…they extended another night due to demand …2 nights. First time I heard a Rock band call us sci-fi city! Interesting!

U2 “One” – live in Singapore 30 November 2019 - National Stadium

Lam-My said...


Helloo Adam! you have great affinity with children; remember Grandma June and Red Hair who were abducted by space aliens who wanted her to make her special concoction of aphrodisiac soup. I chanced upon another Grandma June story in my archive, not space, very down-to-earth…

Grandma June though advanced in age still hiked through the woods nearby her cottage by the stream. She said it kept her alert physically and mentally. One afternoon, she was as usual hiking round a footpath that wound its way along the meandering stream. She heard footsteps and looked back to see who that might be. It turned out to be a little boy walking, and absorbed in blowing his flute. It sounded ethereal, the melancholic strains permeated the woods beautifully. Grandma June waved at the boy who didn’t seem to notice her and continued playing his flute.

Out of the blue, a pair of leopard eyes illuminated a dark corner of the woods. Grandma June panicked and rushed to protect the boy who seemed oblivious of the danger and just kept blowing his flute. It was too late, the leopard closed in on the boy, growled and showed its fangs. Grandma June screamed but flute boy was unperturbed by the imminent danger…what he did next was completely astounding.
He turned to face the leopard and continued playing his flute at it. The growling beast stopped short in its tracks…whoa ! Grandma June imagined the worst…strangely, it retreated back into the woods.
What was that all about? Grandma June was completely mesmerised at what happened right before her eyes! Was it some unknown magnetic field at play? Perhaps the frequency of the flute calmed it ! Grandma June rushed up to the boy and gave him a heartfelt hug.

I’m Grandma June…what’s your name? she asked gently.

Flute boy didn’t utter a word, continued playing his flute. She was really puzzled. Is there something wrong…why can’t he say his name; can he hear me…wondered Grandma June.
Soon they reached a shady part of the stream.
Flute boy played a new tune and all of a sudden a very large turtle swam up close to the banks as if responding to the flute. Lo and behold, the boy climbed onto the turtle’s back and the turtle swam downstream carrying the boy on its star-shelled back which served like a boat for him.
Wah, magic flute ! the boy knew how to tame the animals with it, the leopard and now a giant turtle…almost supernatural, weird ! muttered Grandma June.

At this moment, a voice was shouting desperately : Sonji ! Sonji ! Come back!

Grandma June pointed downstream, assuming he must be the boy’s father. The man ran towards that direction and kept shouting : Sonji ! Sonji !
Thank goodness, the little flute boy had got back onto the banks of the stream…his father caught hold of him and reprimanded him fiercely:

Don’t you run away from me again Sonji ! Flute boy didn’t utter a word.

Sonji’s father thanked Grandma June and explained that his son was special and could do unusual phenomenal things, but he didn’t talk much.

At this moment, Sonji smiled at Grandma June and finally uttered 4 words that made her so happy and relieved that he could speak.

Thank you Grandma June !
He must have felt Grandma June’s love and urgency to save him.