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Adam Lambert on Instagram: St Pattycakes 🍀

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, March 18, 2019

Posted at : Monday, March 18, 2019

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Dee R Gee said...

Very very sexy, IMO! I know some people don't like his hair, but I love it! I love long hair on guys who look good in long hair, if you know what I mean. Adam's hair is so versatile. He can change it up a million ways. I like that he can slick it back or let it hang to the sides a little wild and sassy. Wonder how long it will be by the time the QAL tour starts? He definitely has the personality for risky hair. And I love it.

Hope we hear something soon about his new single. Timing is so important. I'm assuming it will be this spring, but that doesn't narrow it down very much. And QAL doesn't start till July, so there's lots of time yet. We all want a solo tour out of this new music. It's been forever or so it seems. I wonder if more shows will be added to the QAL tour? They do that sometimes if there is a demand. But I really want to see and hear Adam singing new Adam songs. He seems very excited about the new album. Hurry, please!

Sunflower said...

Sigh even with a clover covering his mouth he's still HOT!!!!!

Magiclady said...

Dayum Adam, you are so fine!

Nanbert said...

The main trouble with his hair.... at that length, and longer... it's going to be hard to keep it reasonably neat and controlled when performing. He's too handsome to have his face covered with hair most of the time.

I think he looks better with shorter hair and more closely trimmed he was in that interview with Brian and Roger on the previous thread....very handsome there, IMO.

Oh well, it doesn't matter....he'll keep changing it all the time anyway!

Lori said...

OMG! I love his hair I can just run my fingers through it 🤗

Glamitup said...

This is my favorite “Adam” hair ever!!! So sexy. He is gorgeous!

Dee R Gee said...

I like the beard shorter, too. Not too fluffy. Actually, I can't wait for the facial hair fad to be over. I prefer clean-shaven on most guys. I don't think Adam is interested in his hair looking neat all the time. The whole point of the longer hair is to look more edgy and rogue-ish. And it works. When he wants it to look neater, he can just comb it back and put a lot of gel or mousse or whatever on it to hold it there. Probably this time next year he'll have shorter hair again. I just like it longer on top no matter what. He's a babe.

Lynn said...

I LOVE THIS HAIR. Hope it still looks this way when he comes to New Orleans in August. It's still a long ways away for that concert, so it may be changed many times until them. LOL He looks so good.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee...I understand what you mean about edgy and rogueish, but that seems to lend itself more to plain and casual clothing (country-style)....not so much to the glitzy, OTT, but VERY pristine clothing that Adam likes to wear performing. Especially now that it's beginning to fall down over the collar, which will probably mean it will need to be tied back....because "slicking" it back with gel and "shellac" ain't gonna do it!

For example, I can't envision Adam wearing long hair loose and flying around with an outfit like that shiny pink suit with the appliqued, sequined flowers. He would definitely have to do a mullet-style like he simulated with his "Scarlet Pimp" red suit....which effectively gives the same VISUAL effect as a shorter hairstyle... but just with a tail! And he's already said somewhere that he won't do a "man-bun".

Oh my, here we are all obsessing over Adam's if it matters what we think!

Sue Smith said...

I know it doesn't matter what I think. But man I agree with most above. I am crazy about this style and longer length. It looks amaizing on him. Very, very sexy. My favorite style ever.
I think it fits his rock image superbly very rock and roll. Think it would for his costumes but most likely new costumes coming that may fit more with this image.
Timing is quite important that's why Ithink he will drop the single close to the 2 hour special on ABC. He probably going to go on TV shows to promote the 2 hour special. Then can also sing the song. Imagine he will be on ABC shows as well as other station shows. I love his hair and I know he will keep it clean he always well groomed.
That one reason I do not like it on some men because they dont wash it enough. Adam is very handsome so it fits his face well. Just my opinion.

Sue Smith said...

I made mistakes and erased and typed again. Every time that happens a big space comes in. Darn it.

Dee R Gee said...

I know. He better come out with a new single pretty soon, or we'll all going to go stark raving mad.

ElEvans said...

For me too much photoshop and filters. Why does he always post far from natural photos of himself? He's not bad looking

Lam-My said...

Adam kisses a shamrock
Which St Patrick, Patron saint of Ireland
Used to illustrate The Holy Trinity
As a 13-year-old in my convent school
I could not visualise the concept of 3 in 1
One day, we were taught about a compound leaf
3 leaflets...teacher emphasises 1 leaf
Sharing the same leaf-stalk...just like the shamrock
Finally, got it, a little bit The Holy Trinity
St Patrick would have loved it, Adam!
As for his hair...maybe keeping up with hippy or Javi
Pharaohboy now you have 2 people tooooo loove...☘🐕


Lam-My said...

Whoa! above date 9 9 6 6 ... March / 3 6 9.

By the way, 21 March (tomorrow) is the March Equinox; the Sun points directly on Pisces which means Aquarius has not taken over yet. It seems that may take another 70 years before Pisces relinquishes its reign of 2,160 years to Aquarius. The March Equinox and Sept Equinox are used by some astronomers/ astrologists to determine the zodiac Age/Era.

Lam-My said...

Wah Pharaoboy! I love this closeup of your face! What are you staring at...out of Daddy's car window? you seem to be on a road.

Good morning Lam-My! I'm admiring the greenery and reminiscing about running on Runyon Canyon my favourite running circuit.
I spy something slithering...
May be Serpentine! He's always lurking and trying to tempt my Daddy Adam. Right now, my Daddy is very peaceful with Uncle Javi; I love the both of them.

Photo| @AdamLambert on Instagram Stories with Pharaoh 🐶 @AdamL_Daily 1h

Lam-My said...

I'd like to add in one last line to my above poem:

Pharaohboy, now you have two people tooooo loove
And that makes 3 !

Rosemary White said...

Shorter hair and clean shaven for me. Not keen on long hair on men. To each his/her own.

Sue Smith said...

Short hair long hair beard no beard Adam M Lambert is gorgeous. People have said that have been face to face with him at a meet and greet or took a picture with him he he even more handsome in person with beautiful eyes.
I was very close to the stage at the first Queen world tour in Houston. Could not see really good the stage. But very close to TV big screen. He was really hot looking. That's putting it mildly.

Mi Re La said...

Adam's St Patrick's day, a walk w Pharaoh, clubbing in WeHo, March 17

Lam-My said...

I found this posted in my archive most likely by AdminFan; I have no recollection of this poem I wrote, but something stood out when I read it a while ago.

My favourite song Another Lonely Night
Shines a glimmer of hope and light
When things don't turn out right
A consoling song in these times of terrible plights
Children running away in sufferance
I say, leave them out of your damned confrontations
Ghost Town, The Original High
May be the dark horse on Grammy night
Or even Best Male Artist or Best Album
That would be an endorsement of his high competence
A tiny figure on stage directing a sea of thousands
In anticipation for handsome Adam
To grapple the bull by the horns for a Grammy standing Ovation!

Lam-My (October 17, *2015 at 11:57 pm)

Well, well, it turned out to be an Oscar-Opening standing Ovation! 2019.

Mi Re La said...

Adam Interview - Elvis Tribute 2.17.19

Lam-My said...

Today 21 March 2019...Happy March Equinox ! Happy Pisces !...March Equinox Sun is directly facing Pisces; official start of Spring. Age of Pisces is still dominant for 70 to hundred+ years when March Equinox faces Aquarius constellation; thus ending the Age of Pisces of 2,160 years, calculated by some astronomers / astrologers.

Pisces constellation in the sky

Aquarius, Let The Sun Shine In - Hair Musical

The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius 1969

Lam-My said...

ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert 7h #FeelSomething ✨🌈

Very nice capture...

Nanbert said...

ElEvans ....what is it with you about photoshop, and filters??? When or if Adam does or doesn't photoshop/filter his HIS CHOICE, not yours. Why keep criticizing Adam about it?

In any case, if you were a celebrity and you knew a photo was to be seen by thousands of fans, wouldn't you want to "tweak" any apparent imperfections before releasing it? If you know how, I bet you do that on your own photos....unless you're perfect!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Every time I go to Ytube to hear ADAM sing Who Wants to Live Forever .. I always pick his unforgettable rendition from iHeart Radio Music Fest in 2013 ... QAL was smokin' hot that night ... you could see the joy on the faces in the audience & the "Cheshire cat" smiles on Brian & Roger!! ADAM looked Fantastic & sounded even more so ... but his beard was neatly trimmed & he had a little pencil-type mustache with a little tuft of hair hanging down his forehead ... all dressed in black with Golden boots & so damn tall & slender & GORGEOUS!! That my fellow Glam Sisters is my favorite ADAM style .. I LOVE IT!!

Long hair is good too but I still swoon at the ELVIS look!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sue Smith said...

So agree Lambert Outlaw that performance was flawless and he looked gorgeous but to me he always does.
Nanbert ElEvans has never said any comment about Adam or any comment period that was not negative. I have tried to ignore it I've tangled with this one before. It is so ovious what this person come here for and it's not for any positive reason.

Sunflower said...

Lam-My are you psychic? Yesterday morning after my breakfast I for some unknown reason started thinking of the movie "HAIR" and all the songs from it and I come here to see you posted a YouTube link for the 5th Dimension "Age of Aquarius"! I hated the movie (never saw the play) but loved the soundtrack to the movie! I did watch the video and man oh man it took me back to my childhood, haha. I had a phobia towards the hippies and when I had seen one coming my way I'd panic! To me hippies looked dirty and smelly, men and women alike and thought they were always on drugs. Lol. But that's me. I like to read also when you talk about the planets or zodiac signs etc. lol. I already left my comment on Adam but he's gorgeous no matter how his pic is taken. :)

Lam-My said...

Hi there Sunflower!
I have some form of psychic intuition, especially when I feel something very strongly but sometimes it just falls out unknowingly and then catches me by surprise; maybe it's the March Equinox 21/3/2019 today! The Equinox sun is directly facing the Pisces constellation haw haw...
You're right about the hippies, they're unorthodox to put it mildly; movement finally simmered down...drugs, unkempt hair, filth; trying to escape the harsh realities of life.
Hair ran for 20 years in London...I happened to be there on tour but didn't attend the musical, 1970.

It seems the last scene, Adam was naked on stage with a group; the lights went out.
Adam Lambert - My Conviction - Hair Musical

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Sue ... I feel it's better to ignore unkindly remarks directed to anyone on this site ... I know who to respond to & who to ignore!! If I were in charge of this site I would just delete unkind remarks toward anyone especially ADAM!! I find a lot of jerks on his IG making nasty remarks .. don't know why ADAM just doesn't delete them .. I would if it were me .... so I just read the nice things & ignore the not so nice things!! Sooner or later the trolls will fade away if we don't answer!! What a world ... a President who tweets 29 times a day ... nasty remarks on Ytube .... wish it wasn't that way!!

Light 'n Love to all my Glam Sisters World Wide!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sue Smith said...

Lambert Outlaw I totally agree however it's really hard. Of course mostly they are on these sites to disrupt and cause trouble most are just trolls. If you ignore they will finally go away hopefully. Sometimes I think they live to hate.
Lots of love on Instagram for Adam but of course the MM fans/trolls and others have to spread there BS and that's just what it is BS about Adam. The proof is in the success QAL has had with Adam and what Brian and Rodger say and think about Adam. I guess Adam learned to ignore it because Adam doing very well and lots to come this year and next.
I'll try to follow your advice because I know you are right. I would erase it also if I was in charge but I'm not. I do not think that their comment or in anyway opinions just hateful comments.