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From Ultimate Classic Rock: "Revisiting Queen's First Show With Adam Lambert" (MTV Europe Music Awards 2011)

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Posted at : Friday, April 19, 2019

From Ultimate Classic Rock: "Revisiting Queen's First Show With Adam Lambert"

"Singer made concert debut with band at MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011"

"Adam Lambert first performed with Queen on the 2009 season finale of American Idol, but it wasn't until nearly a year and a half later that he made his debut as their singer, albeit in an unofficial capacity. The show took place on Nov. 6, 2011, at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast, where, earlier in the evening, Queen received the Global Icon Award. They performed three songs with Lambert, "The Show Must Go On," "We Will Rock You" (with the bass line from "Under Pressure" in the introduction) and "We Are the Champions," the latter a reprise from the earlier Idol performance.".......... More at the link below

Read the full article here: LINK

Queen + Adam Lambert at the MTV Europe Awards 2011 
(Full VIDEO)

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Sunflower said...

So good! 2011 sounds so far away, haha. 2011 to 2019, glory years! Adam sounds awesome with his Yeahs at the end. Brian and Roger legends just legends!

Nanbert said...

OMG....I remember that so vividly! It was absolutely thrilling! I remember that Adam initially was a mysterious person standing in the darkened part of the stage....not announced along with Queen.

From all reports, after Adam started singing, a murmur ran through the crowd..."Who is he?...what a voice!...who IS he!....shortly followed by the answer "Adam Lambert"...."that voice is Adam Lambert's". And his name quickly circulated throughout the crowd. Word is, everyone knew that they had experienced something extraordinary that day....As well as Queen and Adam Lambert!

Dee R Gee said...

Yes, I remember people in the audience asking who he was. His name had not been announced ahead of time. It was wonderful to hear people's stunned reaction to that amazing voice!

Nanbert said...

I'm sure Adam's name had been kept secret, and withheld from the announcement for maximum effect....and it certainly worked! The crowd had had no opportunity to pre-judge or check out Adam before they heard him....and certainly many had never even heard of him before in Europe anyway. Their first introduction to Adam dropped jaws, and shook the European music world!

I bet Brian and Roger were quietly chuckling amnd rubbing their hands together over their fabulous surprise! They already KNEW what they had discovered!

Angeladam said...

Remember it well and totally besotted by his incredible voice !