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From Variety: "International Rock Star" "Adam Lambert Returns to ‘American Idol’ Stage Like a King, for Queen Night"

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Posted at : Monday, April 29, 2019

From Variety: "International Rock Star" "Adam Lambert Returns to ‘American Idol’ Stage Like a King, for Queen Night"

Link to the --> Variety Article HERE

Adam Lambert appeared and mentored on American Idol 2019 on 4-28-19

Excerpts from the article: go to the embedded LINK above to read the FULL well-written article
Queen frontman and “‘American Idol’ legend,” to quote host Ryan Seacrest, returned to where it all started to mentor the current season’s top eight finalists for a Queen-themed night of hits. It’s hard to believe that just 10 years ago, Lambert first performed with Queen on the “Idol” stage and began his journey with the legendary band. The story of his rise from reality show star to international rock star will be explored in a documentary airing on ABC Monday night (April 29): “The Show Must Go On: The Queen and Adam Lambert Story.”
As a mentor, Lambert is a true scene stealer. Even better, future mentors should take note at what he was able to do with the Top 8 with the little airtime he had.
It was also endearing to watch Lambert march alongside the younger Idols like Burroughs and Alyssa Raghu to demonstrate the art of performance, a skill he clearly mastered after years on his own solo tours as well as fronting Queen.
Lambert had so much wisdom to impart, and it was easy to see how his instruction impacted each singer. He was so good, it begs the question of whether his involvement in the show should be more permanent: perhaps as an in-house mentor for ABC’s third season?

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Magiclady said...

Every time he is on Idol either singing or mentoring he is sooo good! I loved when I either read or someone said last night that the first sentence of wisdom that Adam gave to the first contestant helped the person more than any mentoring Bobby had given all season. Not to downplay Bobby in my mind but why are we Glamberts especially from the very beginning seen this amazing talent and beauty in and out of this man and it has taken such a long time for the people in this country (US) to see the light?
I only hope that as we are seeing last year and currently, so many opportunities for people to see his many talents in different ways continues.
I really love this man...

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Thank you @Magiclady for so beautifully expressing what we Glamberts have been feeling for the past 10 years!! I knew ADAM was the Best we have EVER seen since Am. Idol was first televised in the USA!! Not taking away from some of the winners but ADAM stood out from the rest of the contestants not only from Season 8 but in watching the videos of the others on Ytube ... ADAM left them all leagues behind!!

NOW ... it's time for the rest of the country to catch up on what they have been missing!! I feel privileged to have been a small part of ADAM's "ARMY"!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)