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Adam Lambert: MUSIC VIDEO!! "The new era is here... #NewEyes is out now!!! 👁 Listen and watch everywhere: LINKS To WATCH & BUY Via EMPIRE

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Posted at : Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Adam Lambert: MUSIC VIDEO!! On Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! 

"The new era is here... #NewEyes is out now!!! 👁 Listen and watch everywhere: "

FULL You Tube Official Music Video of "New Eyes" at the bottom of this post ↓↓

With LYRICS added below the embedded Music Video at the bottom of this post: note that lyrics are also printed with the info section on the You Tube Video.. 

-->LINK TO EMPIRE<--to choose your favorite Music Service to buy and to listen to "New Eyes": via You Tube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes Store, Google Play

Adam Lambert - New Eyes (Official Video)

LYRICS to New Eyes

Rainy nights I’ve know for awhile getting away from myself again I was alive but empty inside Hole in my heart, I never thought I’d mend

I really wasn’t seeing all the things I should see Damn, I was getting jaded til the day you looked at me

You got those new eyes honey Virgin light blue skies sunny Everything that you try Everything gets you high baby I’ve so blind without your new eyes Without your new eyes

This chemistry like candy to me I’m addicted to the sweet sleepy haze So whisper at me Get me wavy Naked and free never no room for shame

I really wasn’t seeing all the things I should see Damn, I was getting jaded til the day you looked at me

You got those new eyes honey Virgin light blue skies sunny Everything that you try Everything gets you high baby I’ve so blind without your new eyes Without your new eyes

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Sunflower said...

Ok so I went on Spotify and heard the whole song but I didn't See the video there? Ugh I don't know what to do. I want to see the whole video. Btw I love the song, very catchy, a winner in my book.

glitzylady said...

I'm adding the You Tube Video here on the blog as we speak.. There is a link in the blog post that takes you to options for listening and watching.. Click on the "Empire"link to your options.. And then click on You Tube.. or watch here on the blog..

Sunflower said...

Never mind people I saw the whole video on youtube! Ok going back to see it again, later!

Sunflower said...

Glitzylady thanks I just seen it on youtube!

Anne Marie said...

Didn't really like the video. Didn't really understand all of it. The song is only OK, he wrote it for how he feels about Javi, which is a lovely compliment to Javi. I can't feel myself going around the house singing it, I am sure a lot of people will love it, some because they love everything Adam sings, I do too most of the time. Maybe this will grow on me, when I have heard it a few times, I have seen the lyrics. Right now I feel let down. JMO sorry folks.

Sunflower said...

Anne Marie sometimes we need to get use to a brand new song, has happened to me but you know maybe when you see Adam perform this on television with no video, you might like the song. It's ok if you couldn't get it, give it time. I liked it tho and the video is to be continued, so maybe you'll like part 2.

Mi Re La said...

The song is very good, this is the Adam that i've been waiting
I can imagine how it will be if Queen will sing it on this summer's tour

Anne Marie , Adam wrote the song before he met Javi so is not dedicated to him.The video has some images more difficult to digest for some persones.

Hollywood life
"Take a listen to Adam’s new track, above by watching the music video! If the rest of the album is anything like “New Eyes,” then we’re in for something special!"

Anne Marie said...

I am looking forward to seeing Adam singing it without the video, which I do not like at all. Hope future videos wont be like this one. Thought he might have been referring to more songs coming. Adam is trying to tell a story with the video, but his pretty brain is not like anyone else. His vision , is his own, and I am not on the same wave length. Actually all the songs I love of his, I almost never like the video. That's just me. It's a song most people will not relate to, this is very personal to his own life.

Anne Marie said...

Mirela, He just talked about how Javi makes him see things differently, through Javi's eyes.
If he wrote it over 9 months ago, then I think he changed it up a bit, he said he was still working on it. I don't how anyone knows when Adam wrote any of his songs, he hasn't recorded anything for 4 years. I am sure he is putting lyrics together all the time , as the mood strikes him.

Mi Re La said...

Anne Marie , Adam said in a recent interview when asked if his new music is related to his new friend as the songs were written before he knew Javi.

glitzylady said...

My take: After being busy with this and that this evening, I finally got the chance to put on the earbuds, and listen, really listen to the song.. Gotta say I realllllllllly like it! Wow! And after listening for like, an hour or so.... I left a comment on Adam's Instagram & Facebook. Might as well share it here..

"Damn!!!!! this SONG!!!!!! (and may I say..your VOICE..) is smoky, sultry, sumptuous, sexy, sensual, hypnotic, marvelous, infectious (in a really good good good way..) and instantly and SOOO addicting at first listen.. Had a crazy couple of days, FINALLY listening, really listening to this new vibe-y, incredibly slinky new song of yours.. LOVE!!! On repeat for the past hour after getting the time to savor.. #NewEyes #Velvet @adamlambert #adamlambert And that #ToBeContinued piece at the end.. YES PLEASE! Bring it ONNNNN!!! #Era4 So happy...And conratulations for this wonderful new Era: PS I can only imagine what this song would feel like in a club, on the dance floor, with someone you love.. Phew..❤️🙌⭐️🌹"

Yep, I like...

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I watched the video on Ytube & then found just the audio & listened to it .. IMO .. I really like the audio version ... not crazy about the video .. too busy to my liking .. not enough visual ADAM ... just like Another Lonely Night & Ghost Town ... I want more ADAM in the video .. not interested in the other people but I listened to the audio four or five times ... really like the vibe ... the throwback to the 70's? Not sure but I do like the song in & of itself .. lyrics, music .. just not the video ... like I said not enough visuals of Mr. GORGEOUS!! Seemed to be very well liked on Ytube ... a lot of "ADAM is back" comments!!

BTW ... I have the video on instant replay so the count will pile up quicker!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

broddybounce said...

Just heard and watched for the first time. Loved the '70s glam vibe, love Adam's vocal, and love the moody, sorta psychedelic feel of the video. What I'm not sure about is whether or not top 40 radio will embrace it. I do see it as being something alternative radio would definitely play. But let's see... Fingers crossed!

Mi Re La said...

Groovy! Adam Lambert Introduces 4th LP ‘Velvet’ With “New Eyes”

Angeladam said...

Adam looked very stylish in the video, loving his look at the moment, however, slightly disappointed in the new single,(just MY opinion)thought it would have had more of an edgy rock vibe about it, will listen a few more times though, hope the new album has mores stronger songs on it to showcase his incredible talent, just don't think the new single does his voice justice,

Rosepetal said...

I loved it first listen. I think k it’s the best song he’d put out. I’m trying to learn the word so I can sing along. JMO but this is s new era and this sounds new and fresh and s little retro at the same time. I love to hear Adam’s voice soar to the rafters but that’s not really pop music today. With a few exceptions of course. I think this might be radio friendly although not sure how much radio a part radio plays in today’s music scene. I’m proud of Adam I think this may a song non fans will gravitate to.As far as the video it’s wild it crazy it’s Adam.

Rosepetal said...

Dang forgive the typos... I’ve got to learn to proof read when I dictate it to this phone!!!

Dee R Gee said...

Ok, just watched the video. Had to use my ear buds because there is too much going on in the house right now. The vibe is very "Adam." He likes those dark, night-time, sultry party atmospheres. He's been to clubs like that a million times. This is a world that Adam knows. Love the look and feel. And Adam looks great.

After one ear bud listen, I cannot hear the words very well at all. I'll have to listen on my regular speakers when things settle down today. This song does have a hook, but I haven't found it yet. I would really like clearer lyrics, even though I realize that the atmosphere of the song is suited to that kind of muffled sound.

I will listen without the video, too. It does give a different perspective. I think the song has a purpose and a message. I just can't hear what it is yet.

creamtangerine said...

Listened to it the first time with the video, then listened to it again with out the video with my eyes closed. I kind of like it. The song has a swag to it. Kind of bluesy, with a psychedelic vibes. It is really hard to explain. A little of everything. The video itself wanted to see more of Adam. I thought the people in there were creepy. Was that suppose to be New Eyes Potion, to cure you. I think the song will grow on me, have to see Adam perform the song. Love the vintage look. Yes he has taken you to a hole new era, haven't seen anything like this before. Kind of like Trouble Vintage group, where they dress in old vintage clothes with a rock and roll twist. There very good, and one of the members is a friend of Adam.

Dee R Gee said...

Also, keep in mind that at the end of video it says, "TO BE CONTINUED." I wonder if the plan is to continue this "story" with other songs from the album, with different vibes or plots from each one, making it kind of a mini-series. Wouldn't that he interesting? It would sure be a great way to keep people really eager to see the next one. Great strategy, IMO. I know music videos are big projects and not cheap to do, but it still would be cool if the "TO BE CONTINUED" meant that at least a couple more songs were part of the continuing story. We'll see.

I listened again and I'm just thinking about the story in the video.
The guests arrive at the party kind of down in the dumps. They all find the green "elixir" in various forms. The elixir helps them discover their "new eyes" and by the end, they are much happier.

I don't see it as necessarily a drug thing. More like a metaphor for something new that changes your outlook and your attitude toward life. Like a new relationship. Like Javi, in Adam's case.

I hope we are able to get the lyrics at some point, so we have read them. It sure would help.

Rosepetal said...

I agree perfect analogy .... there’s a YouTube video of the lyrics .... I just searched new eyes lyrics .

Dee R Gee said...

Just saw the lyrics, too. I hope they get posted here. Seeing them makes all the difference! This is a love song, pure and simple. It's about someone new in your life helping you see the world through new eyes. It's lovely and sweet and sensual. I love the song very much now that I get it. Once the lyrics are in my head, I will keep this song close to my heart.

Javi is Adam's elixir. That is clear.

And I do hope that the "to be continued" thing turns out to be something compelling that pulls us along through a fun story.

Artemis45 said...

I have mixed feelings about the song and I don't completely understand the video. Perhaps someone would like to explain the whole thing to me. I have actually been less than impressed with the music Adam has put out since For Your Entertainment. I loved his first album, but then it was written by many who are tops in their field of composing and lyrics. I loved all but one of the songs on that album. On the other hand, I like that Adam is stepping away from house dance beat on this one, which can get monotonous. I have to say that I am so spoiled by the amazing variety of Queen music and his ability to uniquely interpret it, that perhaps I am jaded now. We shall see if he can break the charts with this album. As amazing as he is, he has not been able to grab the top spot, which he certainly could deserve. I'll always support him, but sorry, people, I don't think every single thing he does is phenomenal.

Sue Smith said...

I'm at the doctors office have not heard it yet. Saw only a bit of video need to listen when go home with head phones. It's getting really great reviews. I think you have to get the lyrics first. Cant wait. Many are saying best he ever done. I will see at home. I think many young people will like it. Need to listen first. This is not Queen music its Adam's from what its fresh and the best he done.

Dee R Gee said...

Artemis45, I know exactly how you feel. Adam has this one-in-a-billion voice and has had a hard time getting it consistently matched to music that a lot of people love. Sure, he's had some pretty successful songs, but the mega-hits have eluded him. He's had a rough time finding that sound that identifies him. Some of his best songs have never seen the light of day beyond his fan base. I haven't been crazy about everything he's done either. But to me, each of his albums has had some great songs. He is an extraordinary singer and he has me hooked. Queen has allowed him to pull out all the stops all the time. It's a beautiful thing to behold. We have been spoiled. I would love for him to put more of that big rock vibe into some of his songs. Maybe he has some on Velvet.

I am glad to see the lyrics to New Eyes. It simplifies things, esp when the lyrics are kind of soft and blurry. (as is true with other singers, too). I think the song has a good message. Hope there are other songs on the album that we will all be excited about, including you. :)

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I found the lyrics below the Official video .. click on "show more" and there they are!! I really like the lyrics & the music ... just wish there was more visuals of ADAM ... love him in that Velvet suit!!

To me the video isn't as important as the words & the music & with ADAM singing .. you can't go wrong!! I can't wait to hear ADAM perform it with just a band/orchestra on Idol .. I know they'll love it!! Since this is supposed to be a dream the To Be Continued has me curious ... what comes next!! Unexpected twist .. ADAM is really clever!! BTW .. I wasn't crazy about "Ghost Town" at first & look how great it is!! "New Eyes" just might grab me the same way!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

glitzylady said...

NOTE: We've posted the lyrics at the bottom of this post.. And noted that the lyrics were available on the You Tube Video.. I hope people notice that we've included the lyrics and the fact that they're on You Tube also..

Sue Smith said...

Cant wait to see this and here it at other dr for procedure. Wow it's getting hugely fantastic love on youtube. Have many more to read seems it's doing very well. They called it a smash in a review. Cant wait to get home get on my headphones and look and listen. Every one on youtube love the video. Most of all say vocals are extraordinary. This just may be more for a younger groupe. But inside all the body problems I'm a youngster so I cant wait. That was hear not here.

Rosepetal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mi Re La said...

Spike Edney:
"Congratulations, Adam! Great song!"

Javi this morning

Mi Re La said...

Brian May:
BRAND NEW from Adam Lambert !!! NEW EYES ! Strange - this took me a while to assimilate - wasn’t sure when I first heard it - but now definitely falling in love with this track. GO ADAM !!!

Mi Re La said...


Adam Lambert Kicks Off His 'Velvet' Album Era With Classic Rock-Tinged 'New Eyes'

"The video for “New Eyes,” which was directed by duo Miles & AJ, is the first part of a multi-part short film that will lead up to the release of the new album. In a statement released with the song, it was teased that part 2, and likely a new song to accompany it, would be coming soon."

Dee R Gee said...

Ok! So this is the first part of a multi-part short film leading up to the album release! I wonder how many parts! Sounds like Part 2 isn't all that far away! Very cool!

Nanbert said...

On my first hearing of "New Eyes" I was frankly a bit disappointed. It didn't seem to fully display all of Adam's voice to his best advantage...for a first introduction to his new album. I guess I'll always think of him as a "belter".

But, as we all know, Adam's voice has a zillion colors...and he is using a slightly different spectrum in this song, that's all. And it's beautiful, as always. However, I hope the album widens the spectrum substantially. The name "VELVET" for the album made me a bit apprehensive. Adam's voice can go EVERYWHERE....and I hope it does...A LOT!!

I'm looking forward to seeing Adam's performance of this on the Idol finale. SEEING Adam singing a song always SELLS it to me...he's such a visual singer.

He looked WONDERFUL in the video, and I would have preferred to see a LOT more of him than the other people, but that's his story to tell, not mine.

Just thinking....I read that Adam's duet on AI will be "Bohemian Rhapsody". What a contrast that will be with "New Eyes"! The audience will learn a REAL lesson in Adam's versatility and vocal excellence.

Can't wait for tonight!!! Adam's light will shine the BRIGHTEST among all those stars!

Sue Smith said...

What is he on tonight?

Anne Marie said...

I have now watched New Eyes several times, and completely understand what it is all about. Including the video. It is not about Javi, as I first thought, as someone pointed out to me. The New Eyes is about drugs, and the new things you see after taking pot, drugs or even having a drink.. He was hollow inside and jaded, but the drugs gave him a wavy feeling and things looked different, and it was good. He sees things differently after taking drugs, or pot, or even a drink, gives him a happy feeling and things he saw before take on new meaning. The video shows all of this. Before, things he saw were not beautiful or meaningful, now , after he has indulged in a few drugs etc, the world looks different, and beautiful. Definitely not about Javi, although many comment on Javis IG said it was all about Javi. This was written long before he met Javi.

Anne Marie said...

Meant to add that I like the song a whole lot more, now I understand it., Adams voice is beautiful, and he sings it with feeling, like the way he sings all his songs.

glitzylady said...

@Anne Marie
In Adam's twitter party tonight, he gave some insight into what the glowing green items were in the video.. Various vials, a box or two, some magic lipstick, a record, a large square item that looked like a vinyl record sheath... etc.. I'll be posting the full twitter party shortly...

Here are some answers to questions from fans because I think we all have them:

Replying to @adamlambert
Hi Adam! I love New Eyes! Why "green color" in the video?

ADAM LAMBERT Retweeted Cleide Oliveira
Green represents life. (To me anyway) it represents a handful of other emotions/things too.

What inspired you to make #NewEyes? (I'm in love with this song 😍)

ADAM LAMBERT Retweeted Deborah Laumann
I wanted to create a track that had some contrast between the moody heaviness that loneliness leaves behind and the lifted euphoria of new romance.

is there a story behind new eyes?

ADAM LAMBERT Retweeted leah // #neweyes
The idea is that each of the characters in the video are discovering or rediscovering a passion. Enchanted items are placed in each scene that act as a catalyst.

@adamlambert How do you respond to those expressing angst about drug references in video?

ADAM LAMBERT Retweeted mmc
Tune in Turn on Drop Out. Medicine comes in many forms.

Anne Marie said...

Maybe I expressed myself too harshly about the drugs, I didn't mean you had to be stoned on them, or something. I meant a little drink or smoking some pot, really relaxes you, and takes away the harshness of things you see. You see them in a softer light and more beautiful. He did mention romance, but I think he has added that recently since Javi, but not necessarily when he was writing the song. Could be thinking back to when he was in love before, although it fits his present situation too. The only thing I can add about the video, Adam walks to his own drummer, as we have realized , ever since we first started following him. I think the song itself will do well on the charts.