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'Playmobile The Movie''s Adam Lambert's Character "Emperor Maximus" Official Toy Now Available!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Thursday, May 30, 2019

Posted at : Thursday, May 30, 2019

@PlaymobileTheMovie's Adam Lambert's Character "Emperor Maximus" Official Toy Now Available! 

The director of Playmobile The Movie, Lino DiSalvo, has been very forthcoming with SO much information about the movie for quite some time now, and especially about Adam Lambert's starring role in the film. Adam is the "voice" behind the Emperor Maximus character, and is singing a song in the movie as well. Mr. DiSalvo can't say enough positives about Adam's talent and chats with fans and answers questions about the movie and Adam when he can.. 

Here he announced the arrival of official Emperor Maximus toy by Playmobile. Ordering info via Amazon is in the tweet by fan @TheRealDuckbert below..

Fun side note: Mr. DiSalvo tweeted today: "there are nobody's fans like Adam's fans" when asked if other star's "fans talk to him like us Glamberts do" (see the tweet below..). And see what he says about Adam's talent, voice, and how wonderful it was to work with him, in the 2 tweets at the bottom of this page.. 

The movie releases in the US on August 30, 2019. 

Link in the tweet below to order through Amazon:

This is what Mr. DiSalvo says about Adam.. just couple of tweets as an example of how much he enjoyed working with him..

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Patria said...

Adam is going to be promoting this so I'm looking forward to tv ads.

Maximus is cute, I'm going to look into getting one. Do they sell merchandise at movie theaters?

Dee R Gee said...

Sounds like the Playmobil movie should be really fun! And Emperor Maximus in particular. Adam DOES have great comic timing. He's shown us many times!

Sunflower said...

Hee Hee so cute!

Sue Smith said...

Think for sale Amazon. I want this one to hold as a good luck charm. Maybe it will help me get through all I'm going through.

Sue Smith said...

Kind of like Adam Wearing his grand feathers silver ring on idol for good luck. I believe it was from a GF that had passed away.
However his voice and stage performing was his good luck. However if you think it's working to help you a good luck charm it helps. Kind of mine games I guess.

Sue Smith said...

Ahh I just read what DiSalvo said he's a freaking good actor his comedic timing is impeccable. Kind of always knew it. He was so good in Glee, Rocky horror, RH displayed some of that. Hope the other movie people get on board. He could handle so many different roles.
Also sure this man will do more movies so hope Adam gets more acting. The more he seen the more it will lead to something other parts.

Nanbert said...

Yes, Adam's comedic timing is superb! I think he shows that a lot when performing and talking onstage with Queen. He has a real flair for it.

Sue Smith said...

That was Grand Fathers above not grand feathers or what ever I did.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Sue .... I love you Glam Sis ... your "oopsies" here brighten up my days too!! Don't worry about 'em ... we know what you mean!! LOL

When ADAM was on Glee I felt as if he wasn't even acting ... just hanging with his friends & conversing!! That's the sign of a good actor & ADAM has that ability!! He makes you feel as though everything is real .. maybe because he's REAL!! No matter what he does .. I believe it's the truth!! Maybe HE should run for President ... I'd Vote for him!!!!

Anybody have any idea how much these "dolls" cost??

BTW... all you lovely Glamberts that Voted for ADAM last month .. good job!! He WON!! Now I'm gonna start my vigil for June!! Guess I'm just hooked on VOTING4ADAM till the poll is discontinued ... he's won the most times since 2016 I think ... have to check that out!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sue Smith said...

I doubt you will see this it's an old post. I just saw what you said going through alot right now. LAMBERT O I love you as well. You care so much for Adam and your not afraid to tackle shall we say unkind people. you have Adam's back. I think more of us should have each others back. I'm not saying we should just start trouble for no reason. But I'm not just sitting out and have him trashed as it has happened recently.
This is Adam Lambert 24/7 not trash Adam L 24/7. Just my opinion and I think you share it.
Yes afraid now the both of us have to depend on videos from kind Glamberts.
I think we both do what we can to support from here. I know you do.

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw....I agree with your remarks about Adam in Glee....I don't think he was even acting...just being himself in that part. It was probably written that way.

And Sue, as far as you and Lambert Outlaw "depending on videos from kind Glamberts"....I find that you can see Adam better, and in much more detail, on Youtube videos...than you can ever see in an actual concert. Nothing wrong with that! Just hope you've got good speakers!