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Adam Lambert Tweeted: "Coming soon! #DO4AGT So much fun!" 'David's Out For A Good Time" Podcast On Spotify

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, June 7, 2019

Posted at : Friday, June 07, 2019

Adam Lambert Tweeted: "Coming soon! #DO4AGT So much fun!" 

#DO4AGT = 'David's Out For A Good Time" Podcast On Spotify

*See an explanation of what this is all about below! 

No date announced yet.. so stay tuned! 

*And for those who are wondering "what the heck is #DO4AGT???" (like I was), this tweet (below) explains more about it: 

From the article in Gay Times UK on Sept. 25, 2018: "David's Out For A Good Time" Podcast on Spotify, this: 

"Launching today, David’s Out For A Good Time features David and co-host Naledi discussing everything from growing up online, LGBTQ+ life and a host of pop culture topics. Guests on the first show include Courtney Act. The show will also release a playlist of all music as discussed on the show, with additions from the hosting pair. In addition, music fan David will share a story around one important track each week on the show to accompany."

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Dee R Gee said...

Well, this looks fun! I supposed we can assume that Adam will be a guest on this podcast at some point? Looks like it!

glitzylady said...

Adam was there with the hosts, and he said "coming soon!" so I would assume that's a given!

Nanbert said...

Adam seems to be a "people person", which is probably why he's so good in interviews. But still, no matter how much he seems to enjoy it, being "non-stop scintillating" must be hard work!

Nanbert said...

And.....BTW....did no one notice Adam's S-H-O-E-S? I have no words....

Sunflower said...

Hoping we can hear the podcast when Adam is a guest.