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POST-SHOW VID & PICS: "Watch What Happens Live" with Adam Lambert and Chaka Khan, June 26, 2019

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, June 27, 2019

Posted at : Thursday, June 27, 2019

While we are awaiting video that can be posted of Adam's appearance on "Watch What Happens Live" with host Andy Cohen and also featuring guest Chaka Khan which aired Monday, June 26th, here are a few Adam tweets -- his shot with Chaka is EPIC! -- as well as the "After Show" video where he and Chaka take callers' questions.  We will post video of the full show as soon as it becomes available.


Dee R Gee said...

Moderately fun and a bit silly. Nice that he was asked to be on. I have no particular interest in Chaka Khan one way or another.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....I'm so far OUT of the mainstream that I don't even know who Chaka Khan is....I assume a singer? I've only heard the name. No reflection on her....I'm just not very current on many of today's celebrities.

BTW, I did not understand the answer she gave that made them laugh so hard. Anybody know?

Lynn said...

I thought most of the program was taken over by "Chaka". Disappointed that Adam wasn't given much time to talk . I don't think Ms.Khan was much aware of what was going on. She was hard to understand. Look forward to seeing him on GMA tomorrow.

Angeladam said...

Not much Adam as a solo artist on here more about Queen , , but he did say if fans don't like the change then they can all f... off !! Lol !

Angeladam said...

Oops sorry that was a different interview, Hollywood tonight or something where he said that naughty little word LOL !!

Sunflower said...

Nanbert...Chaka Kahn is a Rythym and Blues singer who's been around since the 1970s. I know because she's part of my generations era. At times I couldn't understand what she was saying either Nanbert! Lol My one complaint is the same that Adam didn't talk much! I would have enjoyed it more if Adam was interviewed alone and not with anyone else around. No disrespect to Chaka.

Nanbert said...

Sunflower, thanks for the info.. I guess my "being out of the loop" is mostly my own fault. Many years ago I stopped listening to "current" music (Top 40, Hit Parade,... whatever) and finally retreated into all classical. Pittsburgh has a wonderful Public (no commercials!) Classical music station ...and my house and car radios permanently sit on that frequency.

My first love in male singers was Pavarotti..but I also enjoyed the beautiful voices of Steve Perry (from "Journey"), and John Denver, and I still play my recordings of all of them, too.

But when Adam turned up on American Idol, he really taught me to listen to "Music Again" least music sung by him! And I've been more or less "fixated" on him ever since. That's only my second SERIOUS "fandom" since Gene Kelly's dancing in the 1940's/1950's! So you see that I don't give my heart away lightly!

Unfortunately, Adam does not turn up often enough (or not at all) on the radio to warrant my listening to other music stations besides the classical one. But I can hear/watch him for as much as I want on Youtube....and I do...everyday.....and, of course, visit here everyday to keep track of him and his music!

And yes, I agree with you...Adam SHOULD have been interviewed ALONE.

Angeladam said...

Definitely should have had his own interview !