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Adam Lambert’s instagram story 7-1-19

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Good morning Adam! You know, I already got my favourite song, New Eyes, the ones coming will likely be on par which is very good so I will have 2 or more favourites. The rest of the songs are still going to be good cuz you have a certain natural standard.

#CominInHot by @AdamLambert just reached 1 million views on @YouTube! The music video came out less than a week ago πŸ’• #Velvet

Lam-My said...

Hello People of the Earth! ... @DrBrianMay 6h ago

Haw haw Dr Brian! so which planet are you specifically calling from to people of the Earth?
Let me ask my space pal Frank who resides on Saturn, you know, those gaseous rings...

Helloo Frank humanoid! Long time no ain't going to lift Adam's butt up from the blackhole this upcoming tour?

Good morning Lam-My! So good to get a tinkle from you; alas, I won't be on the QAL Rhapsody Tour; they want something different and stupendous.

Do you know what is going to be stupendous since you can visualise by telekinesis?

Er actually I know a little but I'm tight-lipped, can't let the cat out of my rings of Saturn.

Well, let me make a wild guess...since you have been lifting Adam up from the blackhole under the stage; maybe this time Adam will have wings to fly down On Wings of Song...

That's as close as it will get but I still can't tell exactly, my telekinesis signal seems to be blinking wildly! Whiii...wiooo...ooot ooot! ding ding ding!

So is that a yes or a no?

Lam-My, you are persistent; how about you ask your favourite sleuth Sherlock? He resides on home Earth.

Psssssssh... Frank! Frank! Don't hang up! πŸ‘½ stoic alien!

Lam-My 🀒

Angeladam said...

Love your poetry Lam-My !!

Lam-My said...

Thank you again Angeladam, so good to have a Fan! 😊

Sunflower said...

New Eyes is really growing on me as well as Comin in Hot! One day I'm just singing New Eyes then the next day Comin in Hot! The songs takes turns. Lol Awww Lam-my I'm a fan of your Vampire stories! :)

Lam-My said...

Helloo Sunflower! Thank you so much! I may have a new one standing by that involves Pharaoh leaping to save his Daddy from Dracula's plunging fangs! Got to polish it up first haw haw! πŸ€– Thanks! 😊

Lam-My said...

Whoa! Dr Brian captured a solar eclipse! 13h ago 3D ... @Angel_nDisguise 13h ago

Lam-My said...

Solar eclipse as seen from La Silla Observatory, Chile, on July 02, 2019.

Known as the diamond ring.

Total solar eclipse, the earth, moon, sun in alignment in which the moon blocks the sun and it feels like twilight in daytime for a few minutes. I've seen this from my balcony many moons ago, maybe 10 years. I looked at he sun slowly being eclipsed, only for 5 seconds, too bright, I don't have those special sunglasses.