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HOLLYWOOD TRAMP (Germany): Adam Lambert Interview, "Side A" & "Side B," June 2019 (UPDATED)

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Posted at : Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Hollywood Tramp is Germany's biggest LGBTQ+ blog.  DJ and blog admin, Berry E., interviewed Adam when he was in Germany in June and asked Adam about his new music, his style, about homophobia in the music business, and more. 

UPDATE (7/2/2019): "Side B" (Part 2) has been added...


Patria said...

Here's a new article/interview

Nanbert said...

Thanks Patria....interesting article.

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Patricia.

Dee R Gee said...

Very insightful, interesting article.

Kris J said...

For anyone who may be interested, this is an update of my comment (and Nanbert's) from a
previous thread (mostly about pizza and food). The YouTube view counts for CIH continue to
grow quite rapidly. My last viewing at 11 am central time showed a count of 1.35M.
I found out in the very early hours of this morning from several comments on YouTube that the
reason for the sudden and major increase in view counts for CIH is because the record label
(and Adam?) has put lots of ads for this song on instagram and movie/TV streaming sites etc.
One person stated that you only have to watch the ad for a few seconds and it will count as a
view. That doesn't sound like YouTube policy, but it might make sense because even with an
increase of over a million views there was almost no change in the number of "likes" and
"dislikes" or in the number of comments. Anyway, I will continue to view and stream as much
as possible and hope for the best for CIH and all of Adam's future music!

glitzylady said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
glitzylady said...

Regarding the article that Patria posted the link to in the comment above: We posted the article/interview with Adam Lambert from The Independent UK here on Adam Lambert 24/7 News on Saturday, May 29th.. But definitely worth reading again!

The Independent UK: Adam Lambert In-Depth Interview Covers New Music, Madonna, LGBTQ Pop Stars, Queen, MUCH MORE!

I had not posted the actual title to the article in the title to our 24/7 thread title:

‘Madonna is being p***ed on for her new music, not for being sexual in her sixties’

because I felt it was a bit of a narrow focus on one subject (Madonna) and a bit of a "click bait" title when there was so much more to the interview.. Which was indeed an excellent interview with Adam that covered so many topics. I did include a link to the article and some quotes on the post..

If you missed it the first time around be sure to enjoy it now..

Nanbert said...

Kris J....great news about the youtube count on CIH!'re right about the title being "click-bait".....I thought that was really "tacky" by the reporter/paper.