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CONCERT REVIEW: Queen + Adam Lambert, Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, July 27, 2019

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Sunday, July 28, 2019

Posted at : Sunday, July 28, 2019

credit: Ken Settle
Detroit's smaller newspaper, The Oakland Press, did a very nice write-up of the Queen + Adam Lambert concert at Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit on Saturday, July 27, 2019.  Below you will also find a separate link to The Oakland Press' separate page of dozens upon dozens of photo shots from the concert.  Oddly, the city's big newspaper, The Detroit News, has not published a review; if they do, we certainly will post it. 

"This has been a definitive posthumous (i.e., 'post-Freddie') edition of the band since Lambert sang with May and Taylor during his 2009 "American Idol" runner-up run, and it just keeps getting better."

"...the not-so-secret weapon remains Lambert, who has the pipes to pull off the material and, just as importantly, a winking, self-aware sense of campy theatricality that pays homage to Mercury's spirit while still showcasing Lambert's own style. ...  (and he looked) perfectly natural straddling a motorcyle..."


Dee R Gee said...

Great reviews! I think the reviews on this tour have been very good so far. A few notable inane exception, LOL. But overall, the reviewers are seeing the shows exactly like the fans are seeing it. Fantastic!

Patria said...

Wow! What a photo spread. Guessing they couldn't decided on just 2 or 3, so they gave them all up.

I definitely agree with Gary Graff here (and have always thought this)
"The late Freddie Mercury himself declared "The Show Must Go On" back in 1991, just months before his death. So it's fair to say he'd be the last person to have a problem with Queen continuing 28 years later..."

Nanbert said...

Re: the photo spread. Has anyone noticed that usually photo spreads often only have photos from one section of a concert---mostly the beginning. Unfortunately, they miss all the glorious outfits Adam wore during the entire program...what a shame!

I suspect the photographers are told to come back with such and such number of photos, so that's what they do, and then stop shooting...or even leave.

Consequently, seeing all these reviews from different papers, readers would probably assume that Adam wore the same outfit during the entire concert.

That certainly has to be frustrating to Adam! It is to me!

Patria said...

Nanbert, Professional photographers are only allowed to take their photo's during the first 3 songs of the concert.

Nanbert said...

Patria....Really? Why? At least that explains why we only see one outfit. That's a dumb rule, IMO. But thanks for the info. If you know WHY, please tell us.

Rosemary White said...

Great review and photos .... Brian's patch pants!! :-)

Patria said...

I don't know the real reason why. I can just guess it's because they will get in the way of the performance and block the fans view. Media gets very exuberant when doing their job so I just accept that's considered a compromise. Free rein for 3 songs then they must be done. Let the performers concentrate on pleasing their audience.

I'm old enough to remember when no pictures by fans were allowed. We all snuck cameras into the venue and depending on the act could get away with sneaking a few precious shots. Most times security stopped it. When I went to an Il Divo concert in Mexico City I tried to sneak one in but they caught me at the door. They pulled me aside and insisted I take it back to my hotel or turn it over to them. I insisted I wasn't going to do either. Finally they gave in and let me keep it on the promise I wouldn't take pics. I had a 3rd row front and center seat. I didn't take any pics but was upset because the people around me were getting in sneak pics. btw Il Divo was good with fan pictures, it was more a venue policy than entertainers policy.

Putting cameras on cell phones was a huge game changer.

Nanbert said...

Patria... I bet that WAS a game changer! Never thought of it before.

Rosemary White...haha....I bet Brian's patch pants are Adam's influence! I notice he wore those, or a similar pair, at their Academy Awards performance as well.