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This is very interesting!  An interview with Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Director Kelli Finglass on her experience working with the Queen + Adam Lambert production team to put together that monumental moment of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders performing with Queen + Adam Lambert on the song "Fat Bottomed Girls" at the American Airlines Center in Dallas on July 23, 2019.  Although no specific interactions with Adam himself are mentioned in the two-part interview ⁠— with the exception, visually, of the above photo ⁠— it is still a very interesting piece on how a dream becomes a reality.


Nanbert said...

It's amusing that the writer's description of Adam was that he's "theatrical".....shades of Simon Cowell! Is that a "code word" for queer in certain circles?

I must say, those cheerleaders ARE lovely....I think!...there weren't many face shots! Ah-h-h-h, to be young and nubile again!....or, at least, more flexible! haha

I was a cheerleader in Junior High....but we wore CLOTHING back in those days (heavy monogramed wool sweaters and just-below-knee-cap length pleated wool skirts)! And saddleshoes!...remember them? Roasted in the warm weather, froze in the cold weather! Ah-h-h, youth!

Most Junior High girls thought the biggest "perk" about being a cheerleader was getting to ride with the Football Team to and from the games. Not true! We 6 cheerleaders sat in the front of the bus...and the worst thing that could happen would be to have to visit the toilet in the back of the bus...passing through that mass of hormone-addled beef! We cheerleaders called it "running the gauntlet". AFTER the game was even worse! Win or lose, they were ALL demented! It was always strange to encounter any of them in the school halls on a regular school day...they always seemed surprisingly normal when not travelling in a "pack"...wearing shoulderpads. Ah-h-h, youth!

By the time I got to High School, I had finally gotten smart enough NOT to try out for the cheerleading squad! of my better life choices! The school paper was more fun and interesting... had a better climate...I could wear what I wanted...and my "personal space" was not in weekly danger of being invaded! Ah-h-h, youth!

Angeladam said...

Nanbert have to say (even though, I know you're not a fan of mine, ) have to say your memories of being a cheerleader did make me giggle over my coffee , so thank you for that !! Never seen cheerleaders before this QAL tour, tbh wasn't sure if they were needed, but obviously Dallas was the place to add them, read their s Roy of how it came to be, but have to say, can imagine QAL at the Super Bowl half time, wowing the crowd with similar imput ?

Sunflower said...

So that's how it happened? Hmmm for me I never was a fan of cheerleaders, never was one but I always felt that only the pretty girls were chosen and they were popular with the boys. When in high school attending Basketball games and those cheerleaders did their routine, I was like "whatever"! As an adult I'm still not interested but in Queens case I'll make an exception. Rah Rah Rah!

Nanbert said...

Angeladam...I'm glad you got a giggle. And, yes, actually they AREN'T needed. They're just an excuse for some T & A that their costumes are drastically reduced.

Sunflower...agreed....surprisingly, that was another reason I never went out for cheerleading in High School...because I came to feel that it was kind of a dumb thing to do...still do! It's kind of a feminist feeling, I guess.

However, those Dallas cheerleaders were pretty good with QAL...and I could see them in a bit of the Superbowl Half-Time Show, since they're sort of "appropriately football-ish". And most of those half-time shows throw in everything but the kitchen sink anyway!

Patria said...

I was glad to hear how the Dallas Cheerleaders came to be part of QAL concert, too. Now I want to know about the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders.

As for an opinion on cheerleaders, I think they probably originally were needed to get the attendees to express support for their team and motivate them. To invent cheers that would keep the team and fan loyalty going week in and week out. That said I agree with Nanbert that it has become mostly about T & A. I can only guess at their motives for making cheerleading a profession. The pay is notoriously inadequate.

Nanbert said...

PatriaI... had no thoughts at all about the pay. What is it?

But on thinking about it, I realize it is only a part-time sort of games during the some practices here and there. They probably all have full-time jobs besides.
Maybe they're dancers or in entertainment, and this is just another "gig".

Patria said...

I googled these 2 articles and they are representative of the kind I occasionally run across

Nanbert said...

Thanks for the information, Patria.