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From Idolator: "Adam Lambert Delivers Sublime Live Version Of “Closer To You”"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, October 16, 2019

From Idolator: "Adam Lambert Delivers Sublime Live Version Of “Closer To You”"

"As good as the studio version is, the live version is even better. The 37-year-old just blessed Glamberts with a black-and-white live video that captures his golden pipes in all their glory..."

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Adam Lambert’s recently-released VELVET: Side A is a textbook case of all killer, no filler. There isn’t a bad (or even an average) song on the 6-track collection, but “Closer To You” still manages to stand out thanks to its sheer vulnerability. “I’ve been feeling faded, disconnected lately, missing what money can’t buy,” the Glamorous One belts on the retro rock ballad. “All I wanna do is be brand new, I swear I’d give it all up just for you.” He continues to lay his heart on the line on the lighters-in-the-air chorus.

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Adam Lambert Delivers Sublime Live Version Of “Closer To You”

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Sunflower said...

I love each song on Velvet Side A period! Having said this I personally choose Loverboy as my #1 favorite followed so closely by Stranger You Are. Now Closer To You is a song I feel can be classic, where I see other artists recording it ( would be a switch for all the cover songs Adam has ever sang)! This live version of Closer To You is an example of what non-Adam fans can always expect to hear in concert! He is just the ultimate performer, what in my eyes I don't see nowadays as far as Male artists are concerned. He has and still gives his all and it's a sight and sound to behold! Glamberts and fans (those who don't call themselves Glamberts) are the most fortunate Fandom to support such a remarkable human being! I love this man to the ends of this Earth and beyond! This live studio version is absolutely gorgeous with his usual stunning vocals! I can't listen to this song without shedding a tear. Many of Adams past songs have made me cry and Closer To You is another one.

Nanbert said...

Idolator got it right....Adam took this song up to the next level.... just brilliant! Chills!!!!

Angeladam said...

Love this song, best one on side A ( IMO )!

Sue Smith said...

The song is wonderful period. But with Adam's live vocals it is Heaven on earth. As Brian said Adam's vocals are tremendous not another voice on the planet could compare to it.He said that on the Queen Adam Lambert story.
Rodger said no one is going to out sing Adam Lambert.
Both of these comments were on the Queen Adam Lambert story. Yes Adam took the song to the highest level you can take any song. I love all the songs on this album. However I simply fell in
Love with this song Absolutely brilliant sung live. Sunflower I love all the songs. However I do love Strangers You Are, alot as well. I loved the brilliantly sung recorded
Version. this live version of Closer to you made me love all my goose bumps I got listening to this song.

cleopatra said...

One of the best releases, I'm obsessed Whith this vocal gymnastic live....

Sue Smith said...

Sorry about the sentence splitting.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Closer to You Live seems to be the favorite of the critics .. ADAM has captured them once again with his other-worldly vocals on the LIVE sessions video!! I watch it as often as I can .. never get enough of the way ADAM delivers the lyrics ... BB looks like he's really hurtin'!! Makes me cry when he wails .. "Baby!! Baby! Believe me!!" Chills & tears .. just can't hold back!! The video has almost 200K views in just a short time .. I hope it hits millions like Superpower is doing .. maybe a couple more LIVE sessions vids on the other songs would help to boost their views too!! Oh!! It'll happen .. I'm such a "mother hen"!! Well .. back to the Grammy poll to Vote some more while I stream the songs .. gettin' late .. my eyes want to close but my mind wants to keep going as long as I can!! But I usually lose the battle & zonk out!! lol Nite night All!!

Light, Love & Prayers Glam Sisters!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)