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Adam Lambert to Mom: "You are my favorite goddess" (IG)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, March 9, 2020

Posted at : Monday, March 09, 2020

In celebration of International Women's Day, Adam Lambert posted on his IG a photo taken with his Mom, Leila, with text, as follows:
"To the woman who bore me- but who’s never boring. Thank you for nurturing this unicorn and supporting an early rejection of toxic masculinity. You are my favorite goddess. Love you mom! #internationalwomensday"

And a flashback to last year's International Women's Day where Adam did a piece for the UK's Marie Claire magazine titled "The Women Who Shaped Me," a post created by glitzylady:


Dee R Gee said...

Adam has a lovely mom who's been so supportive. They are very close. And he has a dad who is funny and smart and especially helpful as a dog-sitter. He's lucky to have such a good family.
Looking forward to a busy March and April for Adam. Hope all his events wind up happening. Promo is so important!

Angeladam said...

awh that's so lovely what he said about her, she's certainly (along of course with his dad) been his constant rock.

Nanbert said...

I'm happy for him that he has such lovely and supportive women in his life, who will help him stay even-keeled and feel valued for himself. Like his dear Mom, I'm sure the other women are also strong enough, and CLOSE enough to him, to "tell it like it is"....and also nurture him when he needs it.

Certainly his father and brother's warm closeness and understanding add to that support list.

It's a credit to Adam that he has so many LONG-TERM close friends...both male and female.... besides his family....friends that go back to long BEFORE he became famous. That's the best gauge by which to judge what type of person he actually is!

Mi Re La said...

Adam Lambert's Stunning New Look Is Turning Heads

Dee R Gee said...

Thanks Mi Re La! Love that vid about Adam's ever-changing fashion. He's never timid, that's for sure, even though he might have regrets afterwards. I love all his looks. And right now he's as gorgeous as ever! (Don't worry, the sides always grow out.)

And Nanbert, you are so right. One thing that drew me quickly to Adam was the fact that he had lots of friends and he KEPT them even after his sudden fame. He is loyal to his friends and they seem likewise. He's just a naturally likable person. It's a gift.

Sue Smith said...

Sounds like Adam sold his house. He has had several offers after getting a new real estate agency. He has had several viable offers. They said until the ink drys on the contract I guess they made change who they sale the house to. Of course he will take the highest offer.
The difference was how this real estate agent did the video of this lovely house.
It showed the old and the newer video that were shot at night with wonderful lihting both out side and inside. It really made a big difference showing the living room with a beautiful view of the out side pool type area. There may have already had the article here. I am just glad looks like he gonna sale the house soon.
Yes Adam has a very supportive good family he lucky he does. He seem to treat his parents with respect and love as well.