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Sad News To Report About A Long-time & Dedicated Adam Lambert Fan: Theresa M. Dailey aka @LAMBERTOutlaw

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, April 6, 2020

Posted at : Monday, April 06, 2020

Sad News To Report About A Long-time & Dedicated Adam Lambert Fan: Theresa M. Dailey aka "LAMBERT Outlaw"

It's come to our attention here at Adam Lambert 24/7 News blog that a very good friend of ours, a frequent commenter here, and a very dedicated and passionate fan of Adam Lambert, has passed away.

She lived in New York state and loved keeping up with Adam throughout the years. She was a loyal fan and in addition to coming here to share her thoughts on the blog, she commented on news articles, concert & music reviews, Adam's various social media, and on Twitter.

Another of our loyal Adam fan commenters, @Nanbert, emailed me (@glitzylady) to report that it had been noticed here that LAMBERT Outlaw had not commented since right after Christmas 2019. I checked her Twitter page, which she had not posted on since the end of November.

With more research, Nanbert found this Obituary. She passed on March 20, 2020. She was the mom to 5 children, 9 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. Our many thanks to Nanbert for bringing this to our attention. And our deepest sympathy to Theresa's family.

LINK To LAMBERT Outlaw's Obituary

Theresa M. Dailey aka @LAMBERTOutlaw was a long time loyal fan of Adam Lambert

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


broddybounce said...

Beautifully written, glitzylady. So sad, I always enjoyed her contributions to our comments. My heart goes out to her family, and may she now rest in peace.

Jean Renard said...

Wow, did she ever love Adam! She was on 24/7 for years with all of her comments - a true piece of the backbone of this site. I wondered what happened to her and also, I still worry about LAM-MY. Thank you, Detective Nanbert, for letting us know about LAMBERTOutlaw. I always just loved the name she chose to represent herself here. I wonder if her family knew about her love for Adam and how active she was on this site? Probably not, because they would have possibly written a little message to us. Rest In Peace LAMBERTOutlaw - you were a beautiful Glambert! Jean Renard

Dee R Gee said...

Such sad news! Thank you, glitzy, for letting us know. And thank you to Nanbert finding out the details. Outlaw was such a dedicated fan, and she expressed herself so well. Nice to know she had a large family. We are a close family here, too, although we really know very little about each other. Our common bond is Adam, a person who has drawn us together to share the love. We'll miss you, Outlaw.

Nanbert said...

Thank you glitzylady. It seems fitting that we should be able to mourn here for Lambert Outlaw.

I felt I knew her. Certainly I loved her bright, feisty dedication to Adam. I knew that wild horses wouldn't keep her away from Adam....unless something dreadful had happened.

From conversations here, I had learned that she was homebound in very bad health, in her 80's, with 5 great-grandchildren....and her "saintly" husband was still living. She had mentioned living in a N.Y. town beginning with an "L"(I had forgotten the name)...she was also called Tess.

On the internet, I recognized her as tatubert82 in comments on Adam videos (in which she also identified herself as Lambert Outlaw)...and she appeared in comments below the Global Fashion polls where she was dedicated to voting for Adam and commenting as Theresa Dailey.

The final sad step was to google "Obituary - Theresa Dailey"...and all the information in the obituary agreed with what I already knew about Lambert Outlaw....and then I KNEW. Glitzylady was able to confirm my findings.

On this website, I scrolled back to discover Lambert Outlaw's last comments here were made in the evening of December 26th. So she would have had one last Christmas with her family...and the following day would have found her spending one more day here with Adam. She must have fallen ill right after that, since she never returned here again.

I've always been convinced that Lambert Outlaw was a very kind, intelligent and special person, and I considered her a dear friend, even though we never met. Adam has never had a more dedicated fan!

RIP...Theresa M. Dailey,Lambert Outlaw, tatubert82, Tess......we'll miss you.

Arthas said...

Such sad news...
May her journey be filled with light
and the hearts of loved ones be in peace.

Thanks for informing us ladies.
@Nanbert - beautiful writing, thank you.


Mi Re La said...

What a sad news. I can't believe LAMBERT OUTLAW passed away on the day Adam released the album "Velvet". I noticed that he had not posted on this blog for a long time, and nor on Youtube.I hoped he had problems with the computer because he said he had a very old one.


Nanbert said...

Mi Re La...yes, I thought the same thing. Too bad Lambert Outlaw missed enjoying Velvet...she was certainly looking forward to it. And yes, I also was hoping that it was just a computer problem causing her absence. But the more time passed, the more I realized she would have had enough time for a computer repair...and it was time to consider other "possibilities".

In any case, although I had searched before, with no results... I suddenly felt compelled to search again...even though I was never certain about her real name. And, strangely, it turned out that she had only died two days before my final search! Even then, I was still hoping I was wrong about her name being Theresa Dailey...until Glitzy Lady confirmed it was her.

She'll be missed....but a least we KNOW...there is closure. Unusual in a world of anonymous voices!

Rosemary White said...

So very sad. I’ve been worried about her since she hasn't posted here this year. I’ve never “met” anyone who voted for Adam as much as Lambert Outlaw did – she made it her life’s work. She was so loyal, so devoted. Thanks for letting us know, Nanbert and Glitzylady.

Angeladam said...

So sad to hear this news about Lambert Outlaw, thank you Glitzylady.

Mi Re La said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mi Re La said...

This is Lambert Outlaw (Theresa Dailey) facebook. Last updated Dec 27, 2019

In the profile picture you can see her when she was a child with her father, mother and brother


Nanbert said...

Thanks for the facebook link, Mi Re La. She certainly was an Adam and Elvis fan!

Sue Smith said...

I am so sorry for the passing of this beautiful soul Lambert Outlaw. I have missed her very much and will always miss her on this site. She was a spirited defender of Adam. She loved him so. Maybe I should not say that but she did plain and simple.
No we did not know her physical self but we did know her. We knew her enough to know how much she enjoyed and cared for Adam. How loyal and spirited she was.
Oh, her voting on Adam polls were not surpassed by very many if any.
God bless you sweet one Lambert Outlaw may you be a happy Glambert in the world beyond. You are sorely missed in this Glambert world. You may be gone off this very flawed earth but not forgotten by this Glambert site. Bless you dear friend!

Sue Smith said...

Thank you to all here who found out about Lambert Outlaw. I hope her husband and family are doing ok. Special thanks to Nanbert

Sunflower said...

Been gone a few days only to come back and find out one of our own Glamsister Theresa M. Dailey passed. She had mentioned about her health issues and how she was confined to a wheelchair/bed and not being able to walk from pain in her legs. I shall miss her too, her comments, her loyal support for Adam, her stories of her youth, how Elvis Pressley and Adam were her favorite artists! Having to remind us to vote for Adam in all these Polls and even posted links from YouTube. I remember her saying her fingers real hurted and it was becoming difficult to type and was typing with one hand.
NANBERT, Theresa had yet 1 more name!!! She was known as PLANET FIERCE in the streaming circle! Every Adam and Queen/Adam concert stream she was there. I was at those same streams and she was a delight over there as well. She was always at the chat room before the concert began and I'd be there early as well and we all would say our hellos to everyone there! She posted her comments and got along with all. She always would tell us, "I'm chair dancing"! Lol. There was always a Glambert with some "Adult rated humor" if you know what I mean and she would add her own Adult remarks. Lol. She was funny! The last time she was at these streams was 2018-2019, would tell us her fingers hurt and might not be able to type anymore. She did leave the chat room before the concert ended from being tired.

Sunflower said...

Continuation; like all of us she hoped for some good videos. So I haven't heard of her since those QAL streams from 2018-2019! Thank you Nanbert and Glitzylady for sharing this info. My condolences to her husband and extended family members. Her voice of sound opinion will sorely be missed. She can meet her idol Elvis in heaven and also Freddie where they both can talk about Adam! "Eternal Rest Grant Unto Her oh Lord", she is now among the Angels and is no longer sick! ➕ 😇 🌹❤️

Nanbert said...

How nice, Sunflower! Being a Glambert seemed to give her a lot of pleasure and surcease from her constantly painful and restrictive condition. She was still young at heart...and mind.

Nanbert said...

"Planet Fierce"too? appears our dear Lambert Outlaw had very active and lively secret life! Good for her! It proves you can't keep a good woman down! I wonder how much her family knew about it.

I think she would be pleased that we are remembering her so fondly.

Sunflower said...

Nanbert...I agree she kept on going and not even sickness stopped her!