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Adam Lambert Cast As One Of Three Celebrity Judges On New E! Series, Clash Of The Cover Bands

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, May 17, 2021

Posted at : Monday, May 17, 2021


From Deadline:
"Clash of the Cover Bands (wt*), from executive producer Jimmy Fallon, is set to premiere later this year and will feature the Ellen DeGeneres talk show DJ Stephen 'tWitch' Boss as host. Celebrity judges include Meghan Trainor, Adam Lambert and Ester Dean. In each episode, two bands of similar musical genre (e.g. Pop Divas, Boy Bands, Heavy Metal, etc) will go head-to-head over the course of two rounds to see which band has the most entertaining cover performance, with a chance to win a cash prize and bragging rights."
*"wt" = working title.  So this may not be the final name of the show.

YouTube of Deadline article from Gelly:


Patria said...

We got official confirmation!! WEEEEE! No Kelly though, Meghan
All I care is that Adam is involved so YAYAYAYAYA!

Patria said...

Brody - LUV!!! the picture you put up of Adam. Attitude.

Dee R Gee said...

Been hearing a bit about this! It sounds very fun and it's something that Adam does so well. Judging really brings out his fabulous personality. Nice to hear that Jimmy Fallon is producing it. He's a big name and hopefully that will help with the show's success.

Great news! Fingers crossed.

Dee R Gee said...

And another thing. This show is in the US! So there will be better US exposure for the show and for Adam. It's great that he's done some shows in other countries, but it's about time we saw him on a US series. Yay!

broddybounce said...

Thank you so much, Patria — I appreciate your support! 😁


Sue Smith said...

Thanks, Patria thank you! So happy Adam every week. 🥰👌

Angeladam said...

Great news for Adam !!

Nanbert said...

Wonderful to see Adam in such demand....and we'll get to see him on a U.S.TV show...weekly... this time! Hurray!

Hope the show gets good ratings. And Adam certainly knows what a band should sound like, doesn't he?...he'll have perfectly tuned ears for it.

Whoa! One possible problem....I reread the announcement above, and it says Adam will be a "guest judge". Does that mean a "visiting judge" rather than a permanent one? Maybe he'll only be on one time? Any clarification?

broddybounce said...

Nanbert! Great catch! My BAD!! I am so used to writing of Adam as a "guest judge" that's what I put in the headline — force of habit! — but, no, it looks like he is a regular judge or, as they put it in the article, "celebrity judge." I have changed the headline ... because of YOU! Thank you.

Oh, yes, Adam being the lead in Queen for 8 years now and all his other experience in music ... my word, he's an expert, probably more than the other two judges. I was SO delighted that Jimmy Fallon, whose project this is, was impressed enough with Adam to give him a slot. Great eye & ear you have, Jimmy!

Nanbert said...

Nevermind....the announcing article named Adam as a full time judge. I was just thrown off by the "Guest Judge" written at the top of this column. Whew!

Nanbert said...

broddybounce...looks like our last two comments crossed. No problem. I'm just thrilled that Adam will be a full-time judge....on every week!

And, btw, does anyone remember the moderator... tWich ...from "So You Think You Can Dance" a few years ago....he was a fabulous dancer! I think he won that year. I guess he's branched out these days.