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Adam Lambert 24/7 News Co-Admin Goes To See Adam Lambert in Las Vegas!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Saturday, November 27, 2021

Posted at : Saturday, November 27, 2021

I have been promising to create a post on my experience seeing Adam Lambert at his mini-residency at The Venetian in Las Vegas on October 27, 2021 — life got in the way and I was only able to get to it now.  Thank you to our loyal reader Nanbert for being my cheerleader and providing the encouragement to get this accomplished!

I went to the concert with my friend Ellen — an old pal of mine from Los Angeles who now lives in Vegas.  We went together to see Queen + Adam Lambert at their mini-residency at the Park MGM back in September 2018, their Crown Jewels engagement, and we had a blast.  So, of course, had to see Adam at his own mini-residency together.

When we got to our seats, Center Orchestra, back near the audio booth, I was very happy.  This is what it looked like pre-show...

It was a packed house and everyone couldn't wait for the show to start — which did so around 8:20pm.  Lights went down, and Adam just walked out from the back of the stage down center and the crowd went wild.  And the location of the seats almost didn't matter — most everyone stood up throughout most of the show.

Adam looked great, sounded magnificent, the band was superb and, although the set design was a wee bit simplistic for a Vegas show, the video in the background added a lot of color and drama and excitement.  
Here are several photos I took during the two-hour set. I have to apologize, however — sadly, my smartphone camera, which usually takes spectacular photos, somehow didn't have the proper lighting, or perhaps the zoom lens degraded the quality, or maybe I needed to set a different exposure, but they didn't come out nearly as good as they should have.  And even though I used some software to try and get them as clean & clear as possible, I could only do so much.  But, you'll at least get a good semblance of what I saw.  
I can't recall which photos went with which songs; however, they are in the correct chronological order.

The best part of the whole thing is that Adam's voice was simply incredible, out of this world, and I was amazed how, no matter that he's gotten older, his voice has just gotten better and better.  I feel like the best is yet to come from Adam insofar as his vocals!!  And he hit some of those amazing glory notes that sent electricity throughout my entire body.  If I can recall, in both "Night" songs — "Evil In The Night" and "Marry The Night" — he really let loose with those high highs!  

He absolutely delighted me with the medley of "Runnin'" and "Chokehold," two of my favorite tracks in Adam's entire repertoire, finishing the medley with a stunning "Sleepwalker."  "Black Hole Sun" was magnificent.  And, of course, capping the show off with a wonderful performance of WWFM.

Ok, kids, so if I have to submit one massive disappointment: when I saw he performed "Can't Let You Go" in the first two shows I was so excited — it's my very, very, very favorite Adam track of all.  I couldn't believe it he was performing that live onstage.  Alas, for the 3rd, 4th (mine) and 5th shows, for whatever reason, he decided to leave it out, bringing it back only for the final show.  I was gutted.  I know, I get it, it is an extremely difficult song to sing — it really gives his vocal cords a workout.  Actually, I thought maybe he felt he just needed to give that a rest and save it for the big Friday livestream — oddly, he left it out for that, too, bringing it back only for his final show.  It's just one of those things and at least we do have video of it from those three shows.

But, overall, just a wonderful evening, and I am really glad I decided to take the plunge and go.  And, given Adam's ever-evolving vocal genius, that makes me excited for what we can expect next summer with the Q+AL tour and videos we will undoubtedly get to watch.  And, I am hoping upon hope, that maybe, just maybe, they'll extend the tour and go to other parts of the world ... like perhaps somewhere in the Western Hemisphere..?!!



Patria said...

Excellent, Broddy! That's a great report. Thank you for the pics. They look fine to me.

Nanbert said...

Yes...thanks so much, broddy. I especially liked your photos of the flowing and changing colors on the background screen. It reminded me again of how effective that background was during Adam's performance at the Avicii Tribute concert, which I thought was very attractive, too. I'm glad the venue was packed---and hope it was for every night. Yes, the stage was kept very plain...I noticed that, too...but quickly forgot it when Adam started singing. I'm glad you were pleased with his continually impressive voice.

Sorry you didn't get to experience "Can't Let You Go"...I missed hearing it on the Streaming concert, too...but that song is a voice-shredder, and Adam probably felt he was better off without it. At least he kept "Underneath"...another voice-shredder! Also, those two songs together are VERY emotionally draining. But, yeah, CLYG's my favorite, too.

Looks like you got good seats, too. How do you think the concert ranked in relation to other Vegas shows? Should it have had more piz-zazz in the stage decor?...dancers?...etc?
Do you think the concert was Vegas standards? Were the attendees mostly Glamberts? What was the crowd's reaction afterwards? Since you've had so much experience in and around the entertainment world, I felt you'd have some good insight.

Wish I'd been there! But the streaming concert was great, too.

Dee R Gee said...

Thank you, broddy! We were waiting for your comments on the show. Everyone who has reviewed it has agreed that Adam's vocals are as stellar as ever. He just nails it every song. I agree with you that the staging was rather sparse for a Vegas show. I was assuming, and hoping, that it would have that over-the-top glitz that makes a show so Vegas-y. I think it would have given the show more visual excitement. But Adam himself was magnificent, even with his penchant for long coats. LOL He just can't be beat as a master singer. Glad you liked the show!

Angeladam said...

Looks like Adam back in US out and about with Oliver

Dee R Gee said...

Yes, they were out and about last night. Adam was wearing a very autumn-themed outfit with big flowery pants. Great jacket and shirt. VERY high ands stylish Rick Owens boots, too. Oliver had on his usual little shorts and jacket and tie boots. Very cute knees on that guy.

Nanbert said...

hahahahaha - "cute knees" just broke me up, Dee R Gee!

Mi Re La said...

Thank you so much Broddy for sharing your Las Vegas experience with us.

Patria said...

Kelly Clarkson Show with Adam and Darren is scheduled for Nov 30.
Here in Iowa it comes on at 12:37 am (which is actually Dec 01). I'll be waiting for the video.

Dee R Gee said...

I'll be watching KC today, too. The photos look really good! Adam and Darren are singing together.

That photo out there of Adam and Oliver walking in Runyon Canyon with Pharaoh is so sweet. Oliver is pretty tall!

Patria said...

It is a really nice pic of Adam and Oliver. It probably puts heights in perspective better when Adam isn't wearing 2/4 inch stacked shoes. I wonder who took the shot.

Dee R Gee said...

Apparently there was a friend or two with them.

Patria said...

For all who can watch Clash of the Cover Bands, remember a new one is on for tomorrow.

A teaser from Darren

Here is a direct link for the preview video tweeted from Darren YAYY!!

Sunflower said...

Awww thank you Broddy for sharing your story on Adam's LV Residency show! I've only seen Adam as solo only once but I pray I will see him again someday at another solo show. Your pictures are great!😀

broddybounce said...

Thank you Patria, Nanbert, Dee, Mi Re La, and Sunflower — really appreciate all your comments, and glad the photos were acceptable to y'all. Sorry took me so long to reply, I am back working again and busier than busy.

Nanbert, to answer your questions:

>>>How do you think the concert ranked in relation to other Vegas shows? Should it have had more piz-zazz in the stage decor?...dancers?...etc?

It might not be fair of me to compare it to other Vegas concert shows because most have longer runs and bigger budgets. I do feel that, besides the video, it could have had just a wee bit more production design — I mean, it's Adam, and it was Halloween Week! — and I wish Adam had more outfits ... although he may have been under a time constraint with Venetian management who want folks to be in and out of the theatre in 90mins and back to the slot machines and gaming tables, and costume changes do take up time.

But even without more production design, dancers would have been nice ... BUT ... the most important thing I feel was missing was the presence of at least ONE background singer. He shoulda brought Allison. And it woulda been nice for them to have performed "Slow Ride."

But it feels like there definitely was a budget concern and he couldn't be quite as ambitious as he wanted to — except it did cost a pretty penny for the backscreen videos as well as for the live stream video crew and the company that streamed it. I wonder if Adam put up all of his own money. ??? Or did he contribute along with his record company?

Not so much Vegas shows but I could compare it to his other solo concerts and by no means did it compare to Glamnation which had set design, multiple costumes, four dancers and two backing vocalists (he's had three also before, right?). But that was then. I am hoping upon hope that his next album produces a huge hit single and then there will be plenty of budget to really do it up.

>>>Do you think the concert was Vegas standards? Were the attendees mostly Glamberts? What was the crowd's reaction afterwards?

I do think it was very successful because I went on Wednesday and it was absolutely packed. That's how you'd gauge success. I have no doubt every show was full like that.

No, it wasn't all Glamberts. It definitely was a mix of people, including tourists, so that was great. No children, of course.

Oh, the crowd was ecstatic all the way through. Lots of cheering and applaussee. Also, many folks standing up during the show, oftentimes the entire orchestra section. I do think Adam can be very proud and happy with how it went.

Nanbert said...

Thanks, Broddy. Great to read all this good stuff from you. So happy for Adam that the audience was very active and appreciative. I hope it was all Adam had hoped for. Once he starts singing, who needs stage "frou-frou"? Besides, the backgrounds of flowing colors is always attractive...and can even be controlled and mixed to coordinate with the music and the mood..... a bit like the "dancing fountains" in Disney...and in Vegas, and elsewhere.

Do you...or anyone, have any information about how many "streaming concerts" were sold....worldwide? I love seeing comments from all over the world....GLAMBERTS for ADAM!

Your remark about Allison is a great idea! Although, I was quite fond of the couple with Terrance and...his great female partner....oops!. whose name just FLEW out of my mind...sorry!